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October 23, 2014, 02:36:12 PM by enyawllub | Views: 210 | Comments: 3

Hello everyone,

Wow a lot has changed on this website! It has been the best part of a year since I have visited (Which has been incredibly hard believe me I love this place!!). I use to contribute to the site with my ex-girlfriend and I am just making a post because I am getting a lot of in-boxes about her. That relationship is over now so please stop asking me about her – it is over for reasons separate to this site and FA/ Feeding etc.

This post is not about that at all though.

I want people to heed my advice. I have nothing against FA’s, Feeders or anything like that as I admit I am an FA and have been a power user of this website since I was about 11/12 years old and I am now 27 years old.. Loading multi-tabs viewing daily sometimes for hours and hours and the activities that may come with that. It was named Fat Celebs when I found it. I feel with prolonged viewing and use of this and similar sites I conditioned myself to an ‘exclusive fetish’. Now don’t shoot me for saying that as I believe in my case that is true. If you are keeping this just to a preference then that is fine! I just believe that it is healthy to have a range of desires and tastes to choose from on your palette when it comes to the opposite sex.

I say that I have a fetish because this stuff has built up to the point that mostly what gets me aroused is the mental thought and stimulation of girls gaining weight and loving their growing curves. Now that’s amazing yes but in reality that is a very rare thing to find in the real world and you will have difficulty getting even a curvier girl to think that way. I do have limits though like I don’t think I have personally ever liked 400lbs plus girls but I have always liked Plump Princess no matter what size as an exception.

I also know now you should not be trying to get any girl to think that way either at all because it is your kink not theirs, if they happen to share the kink then great! I did not force this on my ex either by the way she went along with it all the way - like I said that is extremely rare to seldom going to happen! I know that now.

Too late in my life I have found myself realising that I should not have thought of women as objects or developed my preference into a fetish. I have multiple cute pretty girls with amazing personalities showing interest in me quite a lot but I now find they do nothing for me (literally). I wish a valued a girls face and personality above the shape and size of her belly.

I have stayed away from this site in a hope to tame my tastes for the fantasy/feeder side of this stuff which being honest has had minimal to limited success. I just wanted to warn people here especially younger people to try and keep this as a preference and don’t let it get out of hand.

Otherwise you might end up like me and actually act on this fetish feed a girl up and when that ends where do you go from there? What are you options? I am alone and lonely.

Please remember I have not come here for an argument with anyone and also please remember contributions I have made in the past I don’t know if they are all still viewable my post count looks to have gone down for some reason - I don’t want to check back too many memories but I have a great fondness for all the things you guys love too on this website.

Also if anyone has any advice for me then great I am open to that. There’s a girl I really like and have a romantic and emotional connection with but she is slim! Now that is what is causing me turmoil right now as she is perfect and her smile touches my heart with excitement.

I'd love to discuss.
October 21, 2014, 04:44:45 AM by Vernon682
Views: 552 | Comments: 35

I'm writing this here to avoid crucifixion. KFD might, but... I dunno. Here goes. I don't think the E-type is the best looking car in the world. The hood is the length of another car, it has an awkward backend in coupe form, the rear lights are awkward and tacked on. And the whole thing just looks too goddamn long.

I am publicly stating that I don't like the E-Type online. I'm gonna get crucified!!!
October 20, 2014, 12:30:25 PM by lordingersoll | Views: 407 | Comments: 4

So my new GF and I are both virgins and we are starting to get into the more physical aspects of the relationship. The thing is, she believes in Communication so shes told me that shes really turned into bondage (lighter stuff) and she likes to sort of be dominated and not be in control. So my first question is, whats some tricks and stuff I could try out when we decide to start acting on her kink. Like I have a few ideas but ive never really even thought abount bondage until now and i really wanna rock her friggen world.

Then, I admitted that i wasnt ready yet to share my fetish with her (slight weight gain, duuh) and i was just wondering, should i bring it up as casually as how she brought up her kink? just like oh cool well im into weight gain. How should i do that, or should i just wait cuz ive already noticed since we've started dating she's put on a lil bit of weight. How do i talk to her about that cuz frankly shes really open but we all know how weird our kink sounds to other people.

October 22, 2014, 08:07:25 PM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 350 | Comments: 2

BBB Your Fantasy Come True :) (Fatty in your bed)
You walk in your bedroom to find me
on your bed. A beautifully fat fatty,
all sprawled out just inches from
you. What do you touch first? My
 growing belly? My wide, fleshy hips?
 Or maybe my big butt? It's hard to
decide, there's so much of me to take
 in. You just want it all and this is your chance...
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