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November 24, 2014, 11:27:34 AM by compboll
Views: 228 | Comments: 9

Anyone else having problems with ? Signed up a couple of weeks ago but now all I'm seeing is a white page and no information on who to contact about it.
November 24, 2014, 05:45:40 AM by lopeasnope | Views: 452 | Comments: 8

So just as a little introduction, before I dated my girl, and in the beginning of our relationship, she was suffering from eating disorders which were brought out by her ex boyfriend. When we started dating, she had already been through counseling and had a set weight she tried to maintain; it was a very low weight. One day, when we were at the mall trying on clothes, she became very upset about how loose everything was fitting, especially around her legs and butt. On the long, tear filled drive home, I sought to console her. I told her that she shouldn't worry so much about her weight and that I wouldn't mind it if she gained some, adding that if she did, her clothes would fit her much better and she wouldn't have to worry about being self conscious about eating.

While I do love bigger girls(much bigger), It's not like I don't find skinny girls attractive, especially this girl who I've fallen in love with. It's a weird line, and im sure many of us have had to cross it.

Anyway, after this talk, she started eating regularly and gaining a little bit of weight. She realized she loves food and eating, especially all the foods that she denied herself of for so long. She started asking me to go out for bar food and to make her hearty breakfasts quite often. She also stated that she wanted to get rid of her thigh gap, and would update me on the status of its closure everyday. I would encourage her and tell her how I'm proud of her and the steps she's taking to become comfortable in her own skin.

She has completely transformed. She went from denying my compliments to complimenting her self and calling her self hot. She tells me to slap her butt and make it jiggle. She's happy with how big her thighs are. It's almost like a complete 360 on her view point.

It's almost as if she has no intention to stop gaining ( which I'm very excited about. ) I'd never push her; because I don't want to be like her old ass hole boyfriend who pushed her to change the way she looks. Now, she is constantly eating through out the day, making me go to mcdonalds in the morning for breakfast and Taco Bell at night when we're drunk ( or when we're not.) she orders more than one thing and just eats it in bed. She has probably gained 30+ pounds since the beginning of this story.

This morning, after she made me go buy her a big breakfast with hotcakes and a mcgriddle, and after I hAd sex with her involving a lot of belly grabbing and squeezing, she was showing off her body to me and telling me she's happy with how big everything has gotten. She pointed to each part and basically had me cheer her on for the weight she's gained. She pointed to her stomach, and when I said something about it, she got mad and very self conscious. I was very surprised how quickly her mood flipped.  I reassured her that I love every part of her and That I thought she looked amazing, but she still seems pretty upset.

So what I'm getting at is I don't know whether or not to tell her that I like the weight she's gained and I really would love it if she kept going, because I don't want to pressure her to change her body for me. I doubt she's going to stop eating two dinners and snacking throughout the day because she is aware of the pleasure, but I don't want to push her away by saying anything.

This is my first post on any 'FA' board even though I have probably been lurking all of these sites since I became aware of my sexuality.

Please give me some advice. I'm not ashamed to say my preference to her, but I am ashamed of hurting her feelings.

comments and advice appreciated


(Ps I wrote this all while I was driving on my phone, so sorry if it's hard to understand)
November 19, 2014, 07:13:47 PM by lordingersoll | Views: 581 | Comments: 6

So my GF wants a good workout regime for getting a nice, good butt and thatll keep her that sexy athletic look as she starts to put on a gut. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Today at 06:41:20 AM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 142 | Comments: 2

BBB The Hog Roast (Warning: Dark Fantasies Ahead!)
This is my first time ever touching on a fetish that isn't as
 common as the rest I do. This is a fantasy that played out
 in my head and sounded too amazing not to share. Imagine
 700 lb immobile me stuck on my couch as a fire breaks out.
Too fat to move, my body slowly begins to warm up, my fat
melting into a delicious grease to fry the biggest slice of
bacon you've ever seen. The smell is amazing of course
and even if I could save myself I probably wouldn't at this
 point. The firefighters aren't sure if they've arrived to the
 scene of a house fire or a hog roast. ;)
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