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July 15, 2014, 12:33:49 PM by mickloud
Views: 419 | Comments: 10

Has anyone here ever felt a need to tell their friends about their fetish or preference?

I recently told a friend of mine about my stuffing fetish.  It was mostly due to the fact that we often discuss women and dating.  I rarely have anything to say, and since I have been considering more and more that I should try to meet someone in this "community," I just felt like getting it off my chest.  He was pretty accepting of it, and was mostly just curious how the activity of stuffing plays into sexuality in general. 

Come to think of it, I've been pretty open about my fetish.  At least two of my other male friends know about it, as were all of my previous girlfriends.  My best friend (a girl I dated briefly in college) is well aware of it because we often share the hardships in our sex lives.

Just curious if anyone else has ever felt the need to open up about this stuff to their platonic friends. If so, how did it go?  Were they confused, judgmental, or generally accepting, even curious?
July 13, 2014, 02:44:30 PM by dp117
Views: 181 | Comments: 5

idk if this the thread to put this but i just want to know how it is has anyone used it yet and is it the only dating site with an ad here ???
Major Minus
July 12, 2014, 10:22:02 AM by Major Minus
Views: 833 | Comments: 22

In which one of our more popular gainer's pictures are posted on /r/wtf. Apparently we're all mentally ill psychopaths, because of course we're all in complete control of what gets our dicks hard, as all other humans are, obviously.

I could say how "oh, I don't like SUPER OBESE girls. Just chubby ones! No more than 200 lbs." which is only partly true. I do like chubby girls. But I also like just plain fat girls. I'm not going to apoligize for it. That being said, I'm not so consumed by my preferences that I would never date someone who isn't chubby or fat. I'm sick and tired of being bullied by society into being ashamed of having feelings for fat girls, as so many others are, to the point that they can't stand being seen in public with one. Fuck all that. I like what I like, and although I definitely have limits on that, very much including the health repercussions, I am not sick for liking what I like. Being obese is NOT the same as being a drug addict, and you are NOT destined for an early grave just because you're overweight.

Most of the people in the comments are uninformed, overly judgmental, and talking out of their asses. But hey, /r/wtf is one of the subreddits dedicated to judging and bullying, so why am I really surprised?

Today at 12:12:03 PM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 46 | Comments: 1

BBB Big Booty Tease
Want to see my barely-concealed rump wobbling and rolling like an ocean of cellulite and over-fed booty meat? I'll only show you a little, because that's all you deserve. :P You've contributed soo much money to buying me all the food that has created this gigantic, barely-mobile body, but you never take any time to appreciate me. So now I'm going to put on a little show for you, to try and see if I can still get you interested in *all* that I have to offer. ;)
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