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Today at 06:23:33 AM by pulpsticks
Views: 43 | Comments: 0

Yes, it's another one of those "oh, woe is me" threads, but this is really weighing heavily on my mind recently, so I have to get it out somehow.

After giving birth to our second child last year, my wife got sick with dizzy spells and then later, towards the end of the year, with severe stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.. The doctors prescribed medication that masked the symptoms, but there was nothing obviously, medically wrong with her. She even got a colonoscopy recently, and everything looked just fine.

During this time, I guess she couldn't properly process what she was eating, and she dropped about 20lbs in a short timespan. This was pretty devastating for me, but after the colonoscopy came up clean, she said she'd probably just gain the weight back anyways.

As much as a relief it was that there was nothing physically wrong with her insides, she continued having dizzy spells and the rest of her symptoms. About a week ago her acupuncturist suggested she go for three weeks without gluten, dairy or sugar. She told me that she started crying at this point, because she loves to eat, and restricting herself like that is hard work. However, she resolved to give it a shot.

It's now almost a week later, and apart from the occasional slight dizzy spell, she's been feeling 90% better. She doesn't wake up dizzy anymore and things appear to be functioning the way they should. We think it was the gluten, and it appears to be the case, as she ate a piece of bread one morning and started feeling dizzy about an hour later. In fact, she had been suffering from some sort of symptom or another for pretty much her entire life and has had diarrhea every day for several years now. "Just one of my things," she thought, but since going gluten-free: no more diarrhea.

Either way, we're both really happy that she's feeling better, and we both hope that we're on the right track with the whole gluten thing. Why it took a quack acupuncturist to nail the diagnosis and not the dozens of doctors she's seen, we'll never know. She hopes the diet is only temporary, but I'm less optimistic. Solely based on the fact that years-long symptoms have suddenly vanished indicates to me that if she doesn't straight-up have Celiac's disease (tests for which came back negative), then she's highly sensitive to gluten.

Either way, because she's been avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar, she's dropping even more weight. It's totally painful watching her once beautiful curves vanish before my eyes. She wants to start with dairy and sugar again, and hopefully that works.

And I'm stuck. I can't say anything to her, because it always turns weird and has historically always turned into a fight. And rightfully so, as I would at least have some kind of high ground to stand on were I to say "I liked you better when you were thinner," but because heavier is less desirable in almost all cases, I'm in the wrong. She likes to eat, and she was at least somewhat comfortable at her highest weight, but she would certainly prefer to be thin, even though she knows of my preferences.

So I guess I have to sit back, keep my trap shut and watch her waste away. I only hope that this is a temporary thing and that she can at least go back to dairy and sugar soon. Then, hopefully, there will be some kind of bounce-back effect.
Today at 01:00:03 AM by cjk05 | Views: 88 | Comments: 4

I feel like if I acknowledge my desire to be with a curvier woman to my friend base I would be ridiculed. (Sophomore in college btw.) I don't know how I can just go and pursue larger women without being judged by my friends, and it sucks.(Save the you need better friends stuff please.) Has anyone else gone through this that can give out some pointers? Like how to make the people around accept and understand it more easily, or just how to do it with out really making it knowledge for other people? Thanks I'd appreciate it! :)
March 28, 2015, 06:43:00 PM by AngelicDarkness
Views: 224 | Comments: 10

I'm in an "open" relationship currently. I only have my primary and I am his secondary. This is still very new for me even though it has been almost two years. Mainly because outside of his primary I have been the only one he has been intimate with. I want to be ok with the fact that there are times when he will be with another woman other than his primary and me. I just don't know how to get there. I have never been anything but monogamous or unattached before.  My first gut reaction is not "oh have fun" or "alright thanks for letting me know"'s instant anxiety and physical pain. I start crying and find it hard to breathe, then anger then slowly numbness creeps in. I know he loves me and I trust him. I just don't know how to change this reaction. This is my first time actually dealing with the fact that he is going to go there with someone else. Will it just take time to curb the initial shock? Do I just have to power through the stress until I can manage it?

If any one has any tips on how to reprogram what my normal reactions are I would appreciate the insight.

Today at 08:27:11 AM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 46 | Comments: 1

BBB Greedy Fatty Gets Stuck
I was just about to commence my couch potato ways when my cookies fell behind my recliner.
 The lazy girl in me wanted to go on without them but the fat greedy part of me convinced myself
 to crawl behind the chair to retrieve them. I guess I wasn't really thinking about the difference
in the size of my shoulders vs my butt. Needless to say my butt did not fit and I ended up stuck,
 but within reach of my cookies. As I sat there munching I tried to come up with a plan to escape,
 will I make it out? Or will I be stuck here until someone finds me in this extremely vulnerable situation? :)
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