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October 29, 2014, 07:51:33 PM by cutebelly99 | Views: 68 | Comments: 2

Question my wife was curvy when we dated the whole time and now that we got married she lost weight and is skinny. I told her I like her curvy better and wanted her to be curvy again, but she says she wants too be skinny and won't change. What should I do? Im not attracted too her now that she isn't chubby . And I hate it because I really do love her
October 29, 2014, 05:41:53 AM by brandnew | Views: 130 | Comments: 2

Are there any sites for feeders to meet feedees? Like a dating site? Just curious.
October 28, 2014, 08:53:51 AM by bangs15 | Views: 547 | Comments: 2

Lets get some online posts you've come across of girls who've gained weight in here. I made sure all the self posts were in the context of women.

300+ lbs
I began dating an old friend around age 22 and we'd go on the most unhealthy dates ever. We'd have pizza and cheesecake and watch movies or play video games. I can't remember one single date where we ate healthy food or did something active. My weight ballooned while I was with him. After ending that relationship I was quite down for a while and my weight climbed even more.


My girlfriend (A Japanese foreign exchange student) Came to america for one year. While she was here she gained 40 pounds thanks to the families fast food habits


We've had a 16 yr. old Type 1 living with us for almost 6 months so far. She's a foreign exchange student from Germany and I'm beginning to suspect an eating disorder but I'm not a doctor so....just don't know.

She loves to eat any and everything. She eats massive amounts of food. For example: She will eat two big plates of food and then instead of having a slice of pie for dessert, she will have 3 pieces of pie. Instead of eating a pkg. of poptarts, she will eat the entire box. She's a tall girl 5'10'' and looked very healthy (not skinny) when she arrived. She gained 22 pounds within the first 6 weeks of being here and has probably gained as much as 50lbs. to date.


With my wife she is much happier and loving since she got fat. I think she loves me more for letting her eat as much as she wants. We have sex as much as before (probably more). If we have a very big meal, we almost always have sex later that night. My only problem is will I still be attracted to her if she gets even fatter? She's pretty close to what I think her maximum weight should be. But will she be able to control her weight after not having to for several years?


My teenage son came to me for advice regarding his newly overweight girlfriend. With school now back in session, she gained enough weight over the summer that it became a major topic of conversation at school. She is aware of the gain but has not taken action or is overly concerned. (There are no medical problems.) She asked my son if he thought she was fat and he avoided answering for not wanting to hurt her feelings.


 One of my girlfriends when I was younger started our relationship off at 130, and when we broke up she weighed more than me... so yes, I've nailed a fat chick. 
Yea, I've fucked a few fat girls.


What bothers me most, though, isn't the appearance - it's how being fat feels. Doing minor tasks like going up the stairs at a decent pace gets my heart rate up. I sweat so fucking much because I get hot so easily now. My joints ache and burn. Any time I try to be active, my fat fucking jiggles and gets in the way and it is all so uncomfortable. I feel awful, physically, because I'm so out of shape.
OH MY GOD I know this feeling. I was less than 120 lbs when i graduated high school, but have since gained just over 100 lbs. right now, i'm about 235lbs and a size 14/16. It makes me feel worse to remember that i thought i was fat when I was a 2/4 at 118lbs. I hate my clothing options, I look terrible in everything and my arms are jiggly. MY ARMS!! ARE JIGGLY!! A combination of antidepressants and a suddenly sedentary lifestyle have not been kind to me. I try to take the stairs at work, and then i hold my breath all the way to my desk because I don't want anyone to hear the huffing and puffing that i end up doing after one flight of stairs. I wear Spanx when I work out so i don't jiggle. My knees crunch when I walk up stairs -- i can HEAR them.
I don't feel like i look too terrible, i have great boobs (always have) and a really nice face, but i feel like i'm unrecognizable compared to my old self.


For my whole life I was very skinny without even trying. I ate what I wanted, and never even had to utter the word diet much less be on one. Then at 18 I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE), and put on high doses of steroids for close to 2 years. In 8 months I gained 140lbs. It came on so fast it was like I blinked and BAM! I was morbidly obese. So I went from the easiness of being a skinny girl to being a not even human in the the eyes of others fat girl. I not only had to deal with being extremely ill, but I had to face the world as a fat person. When I was skinny people went out of their way to talk to me and be friendly. Now a lot of people would rather just avoid me.


College and MMORPGs. I realize how pathetic that sounds. I went from 120 at my lowest to 235.


I didn't used to be fat. I used to be really skinny. And I started dating this guy who was secretly into fat women. And when he told me he was attracted to bigger girls, I agreed to gain some weight for him. And that was two years ago.

Now, I'm pretty fat. And I like it. I like it when other people call me fat or tell me to lose weight. My boyfriend sometimes has me put on my clothes from when I was skinny so that my fat bursts out of them, and this is a huge turn on.
Not only do you take up more physical space, you take up more metaphorical space.
When I was thin, I felt I was always pushed around or overlooked or ignored because I was a ďcute little girl.Ē Yes, at 20, one could describe me as that. As a fat woman now, this is no longer true. People pay attention to me, what I say has weight to it. It was a really wonderful feeling to realize that I ďmatterĒ now that Iím fat.


(Non-FA Site)
Fat is fun to play with, I like to slap my own thighs and watch the ripple. And yeah, even the most demure dress ends up with a lot of vavoom once it gets over the curves.


(Non-FA Site)
When sitting, I can use the space between my belly and thigh like an extra hand. Items I tuck there stay put; I just have to remove them before I stand up!
And another thing that i LOVEÖbeing fat keeps you warm. I hate it when I got into the pool and after 10 minutes I was freezing to death. Now itís much better!


(Non-FA Site)
Iíve found that not only does playing with my fat feel good to me ó it feels good when OTHER people do it (well, when my guy does it anyway). It feels like a massage! Iíll be sitting on the bed with my guy and heíll poke it/grab it, whatever. It used to make me self-conscious, like he was non-verbally hinting for me to lose weight. But then it felt good, so I stopped feeling that way.


I had definitely enjoyed having my wife on top but we hadn't done it that way in years. My wife is 5'0" and currently about 300 pounds, her belly has gotten much bigger and rounder in recent years which would probably make that position more difficult or impossible. The last time we did that position she was only about 265 pounds. I would really like to do that position again though


I fell in love for the first time when I was fifteen, I never stopped loving him but we went our separate ways because we were both young an dumb, and a year and a half later we both started dating other people and rarely talked. Two years later, which was a few months ago, we got back in touch. He's in the military and so he's not around here except a few times a year when he comes down to visit. But we both admitted that we were still in love with each other and wanted to get back together, and I know he really does love me but the problem is I've gained about eighty pounds since I last saw him. I thought I could go on some crazy diet and he'd never know that I got so heavy but I only have nineteen days until he gets back here so it's unrealistic. How do I go about telling him before I go to pick him up from the airport? I'm so bloody nervous and I'm afraid that he won't love me once he sees what I weigh. :/


Yes, I was ALWAYS skinny then, and completely oblivous to it, although people liked to bring it up, and I never understood why. I honestly didnít think about my body at all. It was a minimal part of who I was. Iíve always been ďin my headĒ, then and now. Now that Iím fat, I find it harder to navigate certain spaces as I just donít fit in places I used to, and that bums me out sometimes. I donít hate myself, but Iím aware that Iím fat, Iím aware that I live in a fat phobic world and I donít honestly like being this size, but I do accept it and refuse to hate it. I think thatís honestly more boob-related than anything else, though. I donít mind my ginormous waist and I donít mind my butt or belly too much. Itís the boobs that a neverending annoyance.


When I was skinny:

1. I actually owned a pair of size zero jeans.
2. If any of my clothes were a size 4 or above - it was to achieve that baggy boho look.
3. I couldn't give blood.
4. I never wore a bra.
5. I drank Dr Pepper all day long and never felt guilty about it
6. My bathing suit was a bikini
7. I ran track and cross country (badly, but still)
8. I never wore bracelets because they always fell off.
9. I wasn't ashamed to be seen naked.
10. I knew I would never be fat.

Now that I'm fat:

1. It's kind of hard to put on socks.
2. Old ladies hold open doors for me because I look pregnant.
3. I don't recognize my face and its chins in the mirror.
4. Extra large doesn't cut it anymore, and in some stores, not even XXL.
5. Chafing. I can't say more.
6. My bras are from Just My Size. But I'm still barely a B cup.
7. I'm actually a healthier eater than I was then, but it still adds up to fat
8. There are no decent looking clothes that fit this shape body. I wear t-shirts and elastic-waist, knit pants.
9. Shit. I dropped my cookie...
10. I've lost two pounds. For whatever that is worth.


Yes me LOL I went from about 140 to 210 when the doctor put me on Paxil.
People were really surprised to see me so big because I'd always been healthy and fit-- not skinny but very fit for my height.


there is a me deep inside who wants to ski, run with my daughter and play without struggling for breath. there is a me who wants to be healthy, slim and happy without worrying about the size of a dress or a pair of jeans. and i want that particular ME to come out and kick the other "me's" booties!!!

jennelle, i understand. i do. some days the thought of a tape does nothing but lead me to anger and self hatred. i think "what's the point! i am a fat girl now. i might as well accept it."


 I've become a "fat chick with a pretty face."  Since turning 18 (and that's been a year or two ago) I've weighed as little as 115lbs and as much as 175lbs and just about everything in between.


I told my trainer that I was sweating more since I gained weight. He pointed out that my muscle was better 'insulated' by the fat, and it made sense that I would sweat more. I liked that answer and was hoping that I would sweat less as I lose weight.


I moved to the suburbs.
After college, I moved in with my then boyfriend. Away from a city center, where I was obligated to walk or take the subway everywhere. To a suburb, where you pretty much have to drive or not get there. I didn't decrease my eating to match my lessened exercise. Also, my boyfriend had shitty eating habits which I adopted.
I gained, seriously, nearly 100 lbs. in a year or two. Never came off (permanently), although I'm exercising and trying to eat healthier.

October 29, 2014, 04:21:26 PM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 241 | Comments: 1

BBB Trapped in My Fat
If you've ever wondered what keeps most fat girls fat, it's the well...the fat. Simply bouncing causes a sea of fat ripples for me so imagine if I attempted to actually run to try to get in shape. I'm sure that would be a major fail. In this clip i demonstrate just how much fat can make things impossible. I jump and bounce showing off my hundreds of pounds of fatty flesh bouncing and jiggling right in front of you. My belly slaps my lap, my thighs clap together, even my hips jiggle and bounce against my legs. Looks like it's forever fat for me.
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