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April 18, 2015, 02:07:41 PM by matad0r | Views: 168 | Comments: 6

I'm only attracted to fat girls/women.  I'm not into thin women at all.  But being fat is bad for your entire body.  Does anybody have any thoughts on this?  How can you be attracted to something like obesity without feeling like a total scumbag?

April 18, 2015, 02:15:07 AM by rftb | Views: 359 | Comments: 5

I'm typing this post laying next to a girl I met from Tinder. She's snoring so I can't sleep very well, and I thought I'd make this post in the meantime.

She's the classic "fat girl that used to be thin and is trying to play it off."  She's busting out of size medium panties and her 36D bra. Her thighs are covered in cellulite and I noticed earlier that her belly jiggles considerably when she walks. I date a lot of thinner women but I also delve into the chubbers. This girl is probably a feeders dream. I don't know her well(tobight was our second date), but she can't seem to resist goodies and drinks a lot. She used to be thin, she's really chubby now, and despite her talk of eating healthy, I imagine her weight will continue to climb.

The problem is that she is a total princess. She doesn't work and daddy takes care of her partying lifestyle.  I don't mind this on its own, but she got super drunk tonight and made an ass of herself in front of some friends. We didn't sleep together since she's so drunk, but I'm really curious to experience her fatness in its whole...but is it worth annoying behavior? 

This post may not have made a ton of sense since it's after 4 in the morning and I'm kind of drunk. I'll look it over tomorrow and add any necessary details. In the meantime, I'd like to hear opinions.
April 17, 2015, 10:02:33 PM by lurkrul | Views: 100 | Comments: 1

So I was watching TV the other day and ESPN was showing women's collegiate bowling.  How did I miss this? The women wear modestly short skirts and v neck shirts.  Quite a few are built like, well, bowlers, a sport where one only has to move about 15 feet or so other than  walking 50' to the snack bar.  If I was a better Curvage member I would have youtube links and screenshots etc.  There was one women with an adorable double chin that if you found her picture  on youtube and posted the link you would be a hero around here.

April 17, 2015, 08:41:33 PM by BigBootyBeautyXXL
Views: 404 | Comments: 3

BBB My Weight Gain is Contagious!
The world is getting fatter, and you'd never guess why! Scientists have discovered that weight gain is contagious... Our ideas about what is passably fat and what is ginormously fat are set by the fattest people we see walking around... the standard for what is "passably" fat is therefore based on the newest, biggest fat asses we see walking around. The modest paunch that was considered to be corpulent in the 90s is now worn by nearly two thirds of Americans... and it's all because of unsatiable growth of gainers like me, who distort the norms of what it is to actually be "too fat." This is my ultimate "fuck you" to skinny girls everywhere, who grow chubbier and chubbier every year, because their DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) grows fatter, because I grow fatter... making sure that they'll never be the fattest friend in the room!
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