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    • rambler

      Anyone knows who she is? Her full name?


    • scissortooth

      It's Fat Thursday, people! Go buy your ladies a donut. Or two. Or fifty :D

    • No Hands

      I recently saw on an episode of Dr. Phil that a girl thought she was pregnant with Jesus's baby, turns out she just gained 22 pounds. I don't have any material, but they did a follow up episode and she had gained some noticeable weight. Maybe someone start a thread? She's pretty cute too.

    • Taytay

      Soft batch, I prefer the other bunch, like we got for lunch
      Chocolate fudge butter crunch

      He don't mess with the Ritz Bits, Wheat Thins, Saltines, or Triscuits
      Matzos, or Cheez-Its
      Catch sugar fits every time that he sees
      Chips Ahoy, double chocolate chunk
      Something with the bubble and the junk in the trunk
      Even the Oreos
      No matter what weather
      Always kept 'em dipped in milk and stuck together
      In the game he's shameless, even uses a code name Famous Amos
      It's cheaper than a short stay at the day's inn and good like 25 cent oatmeal raisin
      Give a hand to who invented the camera
      Never mind the gingerbread man or the Grandma's
      Shh, make sure she don't wake from her dream chill
      Or get caught with a handful of cream fill



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