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Today at 11:15:38 AM by osaka7 | Views: 200 | Comments: 3

The I love my gf threads are dead. But this is not just a new chapter but a new story.

Me and my gf have been going through issues since I moved far away. She is now my ex but not for long.

Starting over and hoping we can become better together again with the goal of her moving in with me in the future months. No timeline set.

Through the heartache and issues, i assume she has lost a few lbs maybe 10. But she hasnt become a motivated gym rat like many girls who come out of long relationships. We still talk and she was happy to have a pizza sent to her job from me. Better than flowers yes. I hope to get her back to the 200 mark and she might still be there but I wont ask.

This is just an update to why I have been mia. But in the future you will see her back in her plumpest form.
August 03, 2015, 09:08:04 AM by rftb | Views: 363 | Comments: 3

OK, this is a complicated and fairly long post.

So I first was enticed by this concept as a teenager browsing newsgroups in the mid-90s.  I found something called and was interested, so I started looking.  My burgeoning libido was able to SLOWLY download photos of girls is various states of chubbiness and I was interested in it.  Fast forward and most of the adult material I view online is of this nature.  Which also means it fuels a substantial portion of what we will call my "alone time."

At any rate, I find that in the real world, while I will check out girls that would probably considered chubby, I far more often check out girls that are of average size.  I am rarely attracted to girls that would be consider "fat," especially by the standards of this board.  To date, the biggest girl that I have ever dated was 5'2 and 200, but I'm usually far under that.

I've been single for all of 2015 to this point, and have slept with five girls in that time.  One thin, three on the average/slightly chubby side, and one that I would consider fat, although she'd just be called chubby here.  I enjoyed having sex with the biggest one the least.  I am currently pursuing a girl who is very short and in very good shape (flat stomach and whatnot). 

As I final aside, I was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party recently. As you can imagine is often the case, we ended up at a strip club one of the nights.  I got a lap dance from a girl who I would consider to be borderline tiny and enjoyed it.

The reason I'm mentioning these things is because much of my real life sexual attraction does not seem to lie with girls that are slightly chubby or thinner, yet when I go online, I am looking at girls that are slightly chubbier or BIGGER.  This doesn't seem to be what I like in real life, so why do I do it?  Anyone else in a similar situation?
August 02, 2015, 06:27:31 PM by im1gr8gy | Views: 57 | Comments: 0

Greetings to all, new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'll be filling out my profile with everything you need to know about me. For now, I'm interested in a feedism relationship, mutual gaining has been a desire for many years. Hope to talk with some of you soon. Thanks for having me.

August 03, 2015, 12:04:20 AM by Elizaallure | Views: 453 | Comments: 0

I am doing a whole series of videos where I am fucking my fans.

5 lucky guys met me this weekend. The videos are up now :) enjoy! More to come. If you are in vegas and want to shoot with me message me.

Here is one preview

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