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    • VillenaMacabre

      lazy day...fucking and feeding :) and maybe some reading haha

    • Seleene Curvis

      Hungry for arepas at 5 am..... e_e why? T_T

    • slugowl

      Once upon a time, I went by the nickname Kay. It took seven-ish years, but I finally abandoned it and went back to my birth given name. So it's weird to be called that after such a long time not hearing it. I used to go to high school with this girl (who is also a large beauty). Nice to hear that I'm apparently a much different person than back then. Gives me a little hope that I exude a more confident me. <3


    • Kaybearcutie95

      Hey guys ! Sorry I havnt been on for a while I've had the flu this last week positive note it was my birthday ! I'm officially 

      21 YEARS OLD!!! Yay <3 

      anyways besides that I miss u all u guys ! The only people who really accept me I miss not being this site in a while but I'm checking up hope everyone's having a good night or day 

    • Seleene Curvis

      I'm so very hungry atm UwU I could eat a horse.. if it's really well fried xD

    • Ignoramos2

      This is sweet, I got my first request and my first commission in the same day. Fuckin cool day, my back ain't cool with it though, I've been drawing, literally all day