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    • slugowl

      Doctor appointment yesterday. She's setting me  up with a gastrointestinal doctor so they can prod around in my insides and see what's up. Stupid organs doing stupid things. Come on now, really. 

      I feel better than usual the last two days aside from a lingering cough (I was sick for about a week but all better now!). Hoping to do some new photos soon. <3 Swimming on Sunday! (:

    • 26149  »  engineermeister

      Good day to you.  Curvage won't let me send you messages but hello!

    • ihatemagic

      my community reputation says I'm "alright" .... Thanks curvage... Yall pretty fucking alright too 

    • bigbeautifulmommy

      Had been wanting to lose weight last time I was here, and now I'm dancing around 300 pounds. So much for that! Guess it's time to just embrace it and work with the beautiful body I've been given. :)

    • ihatemagic

      Now that I'm on the verge of 30, I realize that I'll never truly be able to relate to kids these days in their 20s... Back in my day, we didn't have fancy social networking sites and apps like fb, twitter, or Instagram, we had this little ditty called MySpace and this guy Tom was FRIENDS with everybody. When you went to another person's "my space", it would play one of their favorite songs, people customized the layouts of their profile page. There were no candy crush notifications, no political status updates, no George Takei, and worst of all no hashtags . . . It was a freaking nightmare.... ‪#‎myspace‬ ‪#‎nightmare‬ ‪#‎yolo‬

    • {}{}{}  »  CurvyByNature

      Would love to hear you talk about a recent day enjoying delicious food (I hope there are many to choose from)! ^_^