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    • PennyPlush

      Good Morning! Hope Everyone has a beautiful day! :wub: 


    • sweetheartlou

      Oof, I ate taco bell and tons of chips and then made potato parsnip soup and now I'm going to POP.

    • rambler

      With some color corrections (as usual) :) enjoy!


    • Janno Jones

      My new story -- The Company

      Here is a new story I wrote. I'm going to post installments here.

      Albert Branson was in love with his new bride Liana. He loved her chestnut brown hair, her milky skin, her full lips, her shy smile. Most of all, however, he loved her trim little figure. She was a very shy, modest girl who never wore anything more revealing than a long skirt and a sweater, and she herself often described herself as "mousy". She was a librarian in their town of Oneida, New York, and she loved books and crossword puzzles and did not like taking risks in any way. She had such a quiet voice that Albert often had to strain to hear her. It was true, there were times when he wished she would be a little more extroverted, but that did not change the fact that he loved her deeply. 
      They had only been married two years when a large food processing conglomerate named ALGRO bought out Albert's small company, that had been manufacturing pork products for 100 years. The week after the buyout a few top executives from ALGRO hosted a cocktail reception for the employees and their families, just to get to know everyone, and then a week after that Albert was called into his boss's office and told he was being offered a new position.
      "They want you to go to their main plant, in Nebraska," his boss said. "They were impressed by you and your wife when they met you last week."
      "My wife?" Albert said. "Why would they care about her? She's not an employee."
      "Oh, I don't know," the boss said. "I guess they have a certain image they like to maintain out there. They're the largest employer in the state, and they like their employees and their wives to fit a certain mold."
      "But Liana is very quiet," Albert said. "She's shy, and she doesn't fit the mold of a corporate wife."
      The boss smiled. "They must see some potential in her."
      The transfer involved a considerable pay raise, enough to convince Albert he should at least try out the new job. Even if Liana hated Nebraska, he could get some good job experience and make some extra money to put in his savings account before they moved back. 
      So, they moved to Nebraska. Liana was not thrilled about the move, because she had to give up her librarian job, and of course the move involved uprooting herself from her comfortable small town and going somewhere totally new and strange. But, she decided that if Albert wanted this, she'd at least have to try it out. 
      And at first it seemed like a dream come true. The company set them up in a house that it owned, for one thing, so they had no mortgage or rent to pay. The house was in a neighborhood of similar houses, all owned by the company. They were two-bedroom bungalows, on small, well-kept lots, with white picket fences and flower pots on all the windowsills. They were like perfect little doll houses, with only one thing that didn't seem to fit -- the kitchens all had huge, restaurant-sized refrigerators, triple the size of a normal refrigerator. 
      "Why are the refrigerators so big?" Albert asked his boss the first day on the job. 
      The boss was a pencil-thin man named Mr. Benson, and he smiled, showing a row of perfect white teeth. "The women in our area are proud of their cooking skills," he said. "They love to cook, and they love to eat. The company decided that we'd indulge that little hobby by giving them super size refrigerators."
      "Well, my wife may not fit in well around here then," Albert said. "She's not big on cooking. She's very health conscious, actually. She counts her calories every day, and she never overeats."
      "That so?" Mr. Benson said, smiling again. "Well, she might just change her mind once she tastes some of the delicious food our women make out here."
      Albert didn't think much about that comment for the rest of the day. He was too busy getting a tour of the meat processing plant, settling in to his office, and meeting all his coworkers. It did seem a little strange to him that all the men he met were just as thin as Mr. Benson, and the few women he saw in the office were definitely not thin. In fact, they were all at least 50 pounds overweight. He put the thought out of his mind, though, because there were so many new things to learn about. 
      The meat processing plant was a modern, high-tech affair, with robots arms doing some of the work on a vast conveyor belt that carried cuts of pork along to be processed and packaged. Mr. Benson beamed with pride when he showed it to Albert. "Pretty futuristic, eh?" he said. "This is the future of pork, Albert, and we're on the cutting edge of it here. I'm sure you'll enjoy working here, son. This is a place with a future for you and your pretty wife."
      Albert thought it was strange that Mr. Benson brought up his wife again, but he shrugged it off. 
      When he got home he was exhausted from his long day, but strangely, he was not very hungry. He'd only had an appetite for salad when he ate lunch at the company cafeteria, but he noticed the female employees had trays that were piled high with all sorts of fattening foods -- hamburgers, pizza, french fries, macaroni and cheese, and two or three desserts. They'd sit down at a long table and commence eating with great gusto, talking and laughing raucously, their large bodies shaking with laughter, their cheeks quivering with glee. 
      He opened the front door of his cute little house and was amazed to see his cute, mousy little wife sitting at the kitchen table wiping crumbs from her lips, with an empty pie plate in front of her. She had a dreamy expression on her face, and when she saw him, she smiled and gave a demure little burp.

    • KyraKane

      Been filming!





    • corpulent.lady

      Happy Saturday all you chubby people and chubby lovers. Bisou! 


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