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    • Taytay

      And I pulled up to that big red house where papa played cards
      Where he'd sing his drunken songs
      Once I came of age, he was gone, baby, gone
      He used to take me to the lake
      When mama was out to church
      He'd say, "Look at all the lovely birds
      The nape, the breast, the flank, the fur"

      So I rapped upon his door, knock, knock, knock! 
      Papa I'm squashed, I got an anvil for a heart
      And enough secrets to fill up Fort Knox
      I got a wise glass full of scottish juice
      I've been known to take a puff or two
      But papa, do I gotta be just like you? 
      All these secrets and lies, it's no way to live
      It's sure as hell no way to die..

    • prupruprandie

      Hey guys, does anyone want to have a fun meet up? I'll make a KIK for you all!

    • Ni Ki

      New Video out Now!!

      Time for new Measurements, well it's been a big change this month, I cant believe the changes!!

      Watch me as I try to measure myself, and believe me I really need another person to help me now,

      It's getting so hard to do it myself. My belly and boobs keep getting in the way,

      I'm always having to remeasure to get it right, and I keep getting out of breath.

      Would you like to help me?

      Please help me.:wub:



    • gg23

      I'm pregnant and so excited! Can't  wait to start showing!

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