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Cutting The Red Ribbon.

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|                You are the wolf and I am the moon, and in the endless sky we are but one. We are alive. in my dreams, wolf & I           |

Hello everyone. I'm Saphaera and I'm new on curvage. I figured now was as good a time as any to make my very first introduction. First and foremost, I'm a gamer. I custom built my own PC and spend most of my time when I'm not nibbling on something sweet or working in the big big world playing RPGs, Simulators, FPS, or MOBAs. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction literature and tv shows, as well as comic books and anime. I have five tattoos ranging from sailor moon, DBZ, Pokemon, and Hello Kitty, to the harley quinn diamonds on my chest. I am an eccentric being. I enjoy many things, and I am incredibly talented in alot of ways as well. Including graphic design, cooking and writing. (** I published a book of prose poetry at 22 and still write on a page elsewhere. **). Music is my pleasure. I enjoy folk, indie, indie rock, hardcore, rap, hip hop, trance, electro and trap. The only genre of music I would probably never listen to is country.  I am currently obsessing over: Highly Suspect, While She Sleeps, Northlane, Kaleo, Marshmello, Porter Robinson, and 6lack. Kudos if you check them out. 


👑 What made me join curvage? 👑

I decided to join curvage because from what i've seen it seems to be a place that truly values thicker women. I'm not really trying to gain. If anything, I want to maintain where I am. A Beautiful, Gorgeous Size 16.

I'm a size 16 female who shot up to this weight within the past year. I believe the last time I stepped on the scale I was just over 200 lbs. For the longest time I lingered around the 150-165 bracket until out of nowhere after being that weight since I was 16, my body just decided it was time to fill out more. I went from a 36C to a 40D out of no where. Now it's just working what i've got, and loving myself a little more each day. 


For those that check this out. I hope that you are intrigued and want to get to know me better! I'm one big box of silly, and I think we could be great friends!

xoxo 💋💋





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