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  2. Residentsteven

    Pasta Thursday

    Another 5 star vid from shar, amazing how much you can eat now that was a lot of pasta dishes. Its great to see your double chin getting so big. Love the Betty boop underwear too, it's mostly covered by your belly now 😍. Plus when you are side on to the camera I can't believe how far you tummy sticks out now and your arm fat is growing too definitely something I didn't notice before.
  3. This User is Generic

    Voice actresses

    Oh man, you don't know the half of it! I made a post about her exclusively in Lauren Landa's thread, though it wasn't that great of a showcase, but here's a smaller, much more simple example, 90s to early 2000s: Later 2000s: and then 2016, looking...notably larger:
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  5. 15316847376331016113212461538865.thumb.jpg.24d3ca1f782b086af527a99c61add20b.jpg15316847855946771024647914973806.thumb.jpg.2e93e3ecc48b212b77758b0562df63a4.jpghappy Sunday peoples good check out my new sexy videos and tell me how your days been lovelys 


  6. pummpumm

    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    She has her own thread now 🙃
  7. Paunchybellyman

    Bianca Rothier.

  8. Paunchybellyman

    Bianca Rothier.

  9. https://www.instagram.com/usa_maria/?hl=ja
  10. Paunchybellyman

    Bianca Rothier.

  11. Want to watch me jiggle my belly, tits, and ass in slow motion? I thought you might 😉 

    Check it out!

    😘 Ember 



  12. Paunchybellyman

    Bianca Rothier.

  13. Paunchybellyman

    Bianca Rothier.

  14. incognitoman15

    Bebe Rexha

    And even if she does lose a small amount of weight it is likely she'd gain it back and more
  15. Long time lurker. I need some advice, been with my wife girlfriend for about 10 years. She's always been overweight, 5'4 and about 180. Always been self conscious about her weight. She went on a crazy diet about 2 years ago. Dropped to about 145. Stop dieting...Put about 40 on in a year. Now has easily gained another 50 to 75 in the last year. Biggest she's ever been and keeps getting fatter. I love it. However she hates it but really doesn't do anything about it. I've told her multiple times i love her at this weight and i love touching her belly. But she hates it. Any advice for encouraging a girl who has hated her weight for years but loves eating but anytime i try to incorporate her belly into sex she freaks out? I think if she embraced the gain, she'd be so much happier because i would spoil her with snacks and fold all the time, but i don't want to encourage her to get bigger cause she freaks out when weight is brought up.
  16. MadDog

    Tabria Majors

    She's in Paris right now, which means a lot of rich delicious food, which she might overindulge in. 😋 I see a lot of sweet beignets and crullers being eaten in her future! HAHA!!
  17. sgusarm

    Demi Lovato

    this woman is majestic!
  18. extra_m13

    The truth is out there (in Google and porn)

    for me, i don't think i am in the closet. my last girlfriends have been on the chubby side, and to be honest there not many ssbbw going around here so that is the fattest i could find and i also encouraged them to gain a few and then some more. then my wife, being really short at probably 5'1 and weighing 128 when we met was a bit chubby, has blossomed into a very nice 190 pounds and that is for now making me happy, i keep defending her from any fat shaming and hopefully she is comfortable enough to at least maintain the weight and with the years some more will probably come. as for the article and book, super interesting information, hopefully society will gradually wake up and just be honest about our preferences i think that would be positive for the whole of us. no need to hide anything really...
  19. extra_m13

    Favorite Chubby Gal Picture Pose

    that is actually one good question and one that has more than one answer because it is impossible to appreciate all of a ladies figure from one angle. so it depends what do you wanna see. and also, depending on the lady, there are more attractive parts to see so... when there are small tits there is no point really on focusing on that, and when that happens it usually means a big and nice ass so... let's focus on what the lady has to offer and show it off. personally i like pics with natural light that show the cellulite just as it is, fat ladies need no photoshop, show the rolls as the come and the dimples and stretchmarks. bellies overflowing jeans, resting on the lap, permanent backrolls are also a win. so much joy in watching a nice pic.
  20. So love you taytay so beautiful you like my queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope you been eating well to 😏 belly look like it 😛.....very beautiful 

  21. S77

    Paypal Integration

    Just to manage expectations we will not be using paypal for the purchase of clips. I understand the need for convenience and as we find workable solutions we will incorporate. Thank you for the feedback.
  22. extra_m13

    Wanda Nara

    first i see her and i like what i see, softness and cellulite, very welcome and refreshing look, thanks for posting
  23. ap88

    Bianca Rothier.

  24. kirsch

    Demi Lovato

    To me she looks very content with her life, smiling and moving like knows she's sexy with tree-trunk thighs. I don't foresee a meltdown, md2069. But it's an interesting consideration, what with all the meltdowns by the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.
  25. Hello ☺️🍔





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      wow! are you single?

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      Super cute, looking like the complete package 😍

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      😍WOW! Welcome Curvage!

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