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  3. Kristi Coleman

  4. Kristi Coleman

  5. Latecia Thomas

    Damn! That body!
  6. Short skirt, fat thighs

    Does anyone know who that sexy woman is?
  7. Today
  8. Rayanne Bitancourt

    Rayanne wearing the same lingerie and swimwear than other models in the same campaign.
  9. Benefits of being fat

    Some good resources right there
  10. Mindy Kaling

    Here are a couple of new videos...
  11. Eva Longoria

  12. Huuuuge Ssbbw Pear In California

    You asked! Ran into her again yesterday. Took a few screenshots from video I took.
  13. Hm, front or back?🤔


    1. Kenzo998


      Bit of both 😉

  14. I want to gain weight...

    Welcome to Curvage! I moved this post over to a discussion board, to keep things organized. How much of a gain did you have in mind? I know of a couple ex-athletes that gained, it's not unheard of
  15. Just a teaser for a new set of pics!


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  17. I want to gain weight...

    If it’s what you want to do you should do it! You’ll be much happier 😁, also it’s really hot how you are involved in sports and wanting to gain 😮
  18. Latecia Thomas

  19. Sooo for my whole life I’ve had a fascination about being fat. I’m still really young and it isn’t possible at the moment but I just don’t want to wait anymore. I’ve gained some weight here and there just to see how it feels and I loved it. I’m heavily involved with sports but I just want to be lazy and eat all the time. I hope some day I will have a feeder and finally be happy :,(
  20. Middle eastern gf weight gain

    I also uploaded some videos I found of hers from ages ago a while back, enjoy
  21. Karine

    Chapter 3 Karine’s gluttony got the better of her for the next week. She drank her recommended weekly allowance every other day and ate to her heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that once the term started she would be reined in by a stern telling off at her weigh in. It would be embarrassing, certainly, but she needed a kick to keep her from becoming a real fatty. She had binged at every opportunity, at home, restaurants, fast food places, while on the train or the bus, every moment of every day she was either full to bursting or stuffing her face. Or both. The reckless abandon she showed her waistline rubbed off on Rosie. As they shopped together Karine would need creamy iced coffees, thick milkshakes, bottles of soda, muffins, cakes, donuts . . . Rosie ate them all with her, not as much, but almost every time Karine ate, so did Rosie. Every time they ate out Rosie was just as reckless, ordering the most fattening treats she could, having 3 or 4 courses just because Karine did the same. The first day of term and Karine had headed in just to collect her timetables, find her new classes and do all the usual first day stuff. There were no lectures, tests or anything serious, just a few informal meetings and being told what they would accomplish in the year. She was done by 12 and starving hungry so she headed for town before she went home. She’d been shopping since getting back to England, finding that she was now more comfortable in a 14-16 and that her breasts had swollen from a 30B to a 34C. It was no wonder her bras had been so uncomfortable on the way home. However despite this even some of her new clothes, baggy ones included because she’d mostly gone for baggy tops, were beginning to show her expanding curves. She was wearing a pair of size 14 dark purple leggings that were up over her paunch, a La Senza lingerie purple and black push up bra (because she figured she may as well enjoy bigger boobs while she had them), some wicker sandals and a billowy white t-shirt that covered up her shame by hanging down from her boobs, thus rarely exposing the bulge underneath. Her double chin gave away her recent weight gain to anyone who knew her though, and the few spots on her face gave away her poor and greasy diet. And while the t-shirt was loose it was partially opaque, giving an impression of her figure to anyone who cared to look hard enough. She stopped in the high street and looked around. So many choices. She could have gone into the Wetherspoons for a roast, had a Chinese buffet, stopped into the café for whatever they had on special or just go to one of the usual places like Burger King, KFC or Greggs. Her tummy rumbled and she decided her first port of call had to be Starbucks for a creamy iced coffee. As she drank it, the thick cold liquid quenching her thirst and sating her body’s craving for fat and sugar, she sat on the outside seating and looked up at the bright sky with her sunglasses on and smiled. She’d had a wonderful week and was feeling much better about life in general. Rosie had really perked her up and all the drinking out had really done her some good. She felt the waistband of her leggings slightly pinching her flab. She sunk her hand into her new fat and felt disgusted with herself. She hadn’t been binging this past week because of negative feelings, rather just because she could, she found herself eating as a means of enjoyment, a full belly gave her a comforting and calming effect which she enjoyed even as she was partying and knocking back pint after pint of cider. When she finished the coffee she belched gently under her breath, heaved herself to her feet and casually walked into Wetherspoons. She saw a free table number as she walked in, ordered 2 bottles of Magners with one pint glass and the half chicken roast, only with two half chickens. She had asked for it before and the bar maid even knew her face and didn’t have any problem putting her order through the till. Karine took her drink and sat down at her table. It occurred to her that it was a little sad for her to be coming in alone, but she shrugged off the thought and began to drink as she scrolled through facebook on her phone. The meal came quickly, as usual. She dug in eagerly, her stomach rumbling with hunger, having had no solid food so far since a pack of 4 blueberry muffins that she’d eaten for breakfast. She moaned with pleasure as the delicious food slid easily down her throat, lubricated by excessive amounts of fat and gravy, filling her stomach with a portion of food that not long ago would have left her feeling sick, but now felt like an appetiser. She was still hungry. Her plate was all but licked clean and her bottles were empty. She felt her belly under the table, it still felt soft and she barely felt like she had eaten at all. Fuck it, she thought, and decided she was going to get a KFC as well. The queue was long and only made her hunger for more by the time she got to the counter. She ordered a mega box meal with 4 pieces of chicken, fries and gravy, a popcorn chicken and a bbq wrap, washed down with an Oreo krushem and a large cola. The downstairs seating was full and she had to take the stairs up to the next level. Her tray felt heavy, and as she started up the stairs she noticed how badly her legs ached and how her added weight was making it harder for her to walk up stairs. She was panting by the time she got to the top and glad to sit down and start on her meal. She felt ripples of pleasure as the first salty, gravy soaked French fry landed on her tongue. She had intended to eat slowly but soon found herself wolfing her meal down quickly and giving herself indigestion and heartburn. When it was all done she felt more than full, she felt bloated, slightly sick and very, very satisfied. She belched, groaned and squished the sides of her swollen tummy. She hiccupped and moaned as she stood up, clutching her stomach in with one hand because it was too full to suck in anymore. She waddled down the stairs, got outside and gasped for breath. She decided she should head home. As she wandered towards the bus stop she couldn’t help but have her eyes drawn to the window of Greggs. There were so many tasty treats. And they had a special offer on selection boxes. She berated herself for being too full to enjoy anything, but then took a moment and thought she might be able to sneak them home and eat them all alone in her room reading a book. She stared at the cakes in the window, her full belly churning the two lunches and her mind mesmerised by the oral delights that tempted her from the window display. It was no good, she couldn’t resist. She went in. She came out with a tray of 12 cream cakes, a variety of different kinds but each one around 500 calories and loaded with cream. She tried not to think about the fact that she had 6000 calories in her hands or most likely 3000 calories or more in her belly. She tried not to think about the sharp pains and the dull aches in her abdomen from her over indulgence. She tried not to think about the fat cells in her body swelling, her arteries narrowing, her blood pressure rising, her cholesterol skyrocketing, her waistline ballooning and her clothes tightening. She just thought about the taste, the feeling, the relief she was going to have when she’d eaten everything. It was all going to be fine.
  22. Karine

    Chapter 2 Karine’s laboured panting as she waddled up the porch steps as well as her sigh as she dropped her shoulder bag onto the top step was the first thing Rosie heard. She put down her bowl of pasta and got up to help Karine in with her bags. She opened the door just as Karine held her key up to the keyhole. Karine smiled, panting like a dog, sweat all over her face and her hair messy and stuck to her forehead and cheeks. The smell of sweat was overpowering, Karine usually didn’t sweat much but it was hot out and her bags were heavy, so Rosie could excuse her friend’s momentary grossness. “Babe! So glad you’re back!” Rosie leaned over Karine’s suitcase and hugged her tight. “Jesus . . .” She pushed back, held Karine’s shoulders and looked down, “your boobs have gotten huge!” “Um, yeah, hi to you too.” Karine said, they both laughed. Rosie helped Karine in and they both flopped onto the sofa, Karine’s breathing heavy and difficult. As they chatted about her holiday Karine had to keep pulling her top back down as her enlarged torso was making it ride up. Rosie got her a bowl of pasta too since there was plenty left over, with some garlic bread. Karine told her all about how her holiday had been just indulgence after indulgence. When she’d finished eating her bowl of pasta she lifted her shirt to expose her rounded tummy. “My boobs aren’t the only part of me that’s grown.” She said, squishing the sides of her fat making it appear even bigger. “Shit Kay, we need to get you on the scales.” They went up to the bathroom, Karine panting again. She took off her shoes and stood on the electronic scale. She peered over at the dial as it lit up and displayed ‘wait’. “What were you before you left?” Rosie asked her. “I don’t know.” Karine tried to think. “I was 8 stone 1 last time I got on here.” “Oh my . . .” Rosie said, looking at the readout. Karine gasped. “Oh fuuuuck!” 12 stone 5 pounds. “I neeed to go on a diet!” “I would say so, yeah.” Rosie said as Karine stepped off and sat down in the wicker chair in the corner of the room. “That’s it, I start tomorrow, no more junk food!” “Tomorrow is Clem’s birthday, we are going to the Mexican place.” Rosie pointed out. “Oh, well maybe I should start on Monday.” “Yeah but Tuesday we were going to go to that Italian by the cinema.” Karine sighed. “What else are we doing next week?” “Umm, we have drinks and dinner out on Wednesday and Friday with Sarah, and then this weekend we were all going to the west end, so that’s probably not going to do your diet any good either.” “Ok, ok . . .” Karine thought, “The week after, please tell me we don’t have any more plans.” “No that’s the start of term we didn’t make any plans.” “Ok, I am going to join the Slimming World and lose 4 stone by Christmas!” “Sounds like a plan.” Rosie said pointing at Karine’s flab and giggling. Karine’s belly rumbled. “Is there any more pasta?”
  23. Beauty with Wide Thighs

    Hope to see more of her
  24. Female wrestlers

  25. Demi Lovato

    Been looking for a decent YouTube video and this is the best I've found so far..... Those legs & booty
  26. Latecia Thomas

    She's talking about sex in Cosmopolitan magazine: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a18567376/latecia-thomas-talks-about-sex/
  27. Yesterday
  28. I saw those on Twitter - she looks so hawwwwt!
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