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    Going through old photosets & thinking about what I should create for my first video?
    (No eating on camera unfortunately, I'm embracing my active lifestyle and don't want to feel overly full haha)

  3. Hayley Mcqueen

    imagine her in this dress again...
  4. Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Lucy....7 minutes ago
  5. Balloon Booty Popping!

    By all means record and squish them with your nice and big gorgeous body! Let that inner looner loose and of course have fun doing so ;p
  6. Hayley Mcqueen

    Just a heads up - Hayley is hosting the PPMA awards tonight, she was also the host last year: Keep your eyes peeled over the next few hours/days for some candids of Hayley McQueen as they get uploaded online from the PPMA.
  7. Farrah Abraham

    Is it me or did she grow some weight for her curves to appear less fake?
  8. Mood Change with Weight Gain

    It is important to be sure one is in good mental and physical health. Maybe a checkup would be helpful. You don't want to miss something that may be going on in the body. That being said, if you're lucky enough to have a girl who loves to eat, as she grows her appetite will be stronger just to maintain. Tempting a girl with treats may be optional, but making them wait for food when they are hungry is cruel and they will become angry and agitated. That is my experience. For smooth sailing you must make sure they have food when they need it.
  9. go watch me eat cheeseburgers! 


  10. Balloon Booty Popping!

    Thanks you guys! It was way much more fun than I anticipated. I still have balloons left! I need to squash them. Hahaha.
  11. Laura Brioschi

  12. Today
  13. Has anyone else experienced this. My gf used to be very fit and trim. She worked out 5 times per week. A few things happened in the last year two years and her diet dramatically changed. None of this was my doing. That being said, she has put on over 60 pounds. I like it but have noticed her having severe mood swings. She gets extremely angry when hungry and is hungry a lot of the times. She actually eats about 4 regular meals a day now because of this. Anyway, the gain is great but the mood swings are confusing. Is this normal with weight gain?
  14. Sophie Turner


    Love you new hair style🖤
  16. Farrah Abraham

  17. Hayley Mcqueen

    Cheers Zachi, nice to see that TX Zeitgeist is back uploading videos - I'd save it if I were you before it's gone!
  18. I love my fat gf (80LB+ weight gain and counting)

    Breaking news...can you believe we broke the bed?! There was some fun action being had and CRACK! She didn't blame herself of course. But just shows the progress being made in the slow gain strategy. She's accepted that she is THICK now and sometimes says FAT, wants to lose a bit but won't do it bc she asks me to buy her a big mac meal and mcflurry like..RIGHT NOW. At this rate, how much do you think she will weigh by 2020?
  19. Hayley Mcqueen

    better quality
  20. SHE JUST KEEPS GETTING BIGGER: https://files.fm/u/bxwbnbjx
  21. keep up the good work 

  22. 😚


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    2. clint02


      wow ! i was thinking it was a morph but u are fat now @Goddess shar ! u are gaining more than we were expecting and i will not complain about it, just ask u more pics like this, please !!!

    3. jonkroll


      Funny thing is that your before picture wasn't even a before picture. U look so plump now. No one would call u thin anymore.

    4. JustDoIt


      You are now really fat girl , but most beautiful fat girl, I mean you lost control with no way back ,but keep gaining every pound on you looks nice :wub:

  23. London Andrews

  24. He Said I Should Join The Gym

    I'm sorry he said those things to you. I know it's part of the territory of this fetish, but it still hurts.
  25. Hello guys! Sorry for not posting. Really haven’t any time because of my studing 😭

    But I miss you so much!



    1. Serjvega


      How much do you eat?:)

    2. regbill


      That belly of yours look absolutely gorgeous.:)

    3. mishka


      I’ve ate only 3 buns :(((


  26. London Andrews

    Amazing as always
  27. Can't wait for dinner at Texas Roadhouse tonight! 

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