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    Yogscast Hannah

    Mousie update: daily running and gym sessions will do that.
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  4. Some girls are unbeautiful even if they are thin or fat; but for you it was destiny that you (re)become fat and chubby, only in this way your body could shows his truly beauty.

    Hope to see soon news about you. If you want some support I am your servant.

    P.s. keep to Cram😌

  5. Version 1.0.0

    This clip is very much like Drunken Kebabs..Only I’m fatter! Shar is a fat drunken slut that has left her friends outside as she staggers her way into her apartment. Shar starts to stuff her face with pizza. She picks herself up onto the kitchen worktop and crams slice after slice into her mouth. You can hear Shar’s friends outside..but Shar isn’t acting phased by it as she carries on stuffing her slutty face. She then tells you that guys have been hitting on her and that one called her a ‘fat slut’ whilst out clubbin.. she laughs and tells you it secretly turned her on.. Shar staggers to her bedroom.. she undresses herself and finally crashes out. GS X x


  6. What foods, beverages, or supplements can help slow down a quick metabolism? and what about the opposite, with what food or drink help speed up metabolism?
  7. ninten13

    Tabria Majors

    Is it just me or is she looking bulkier, like not necessarily flabby, just generally wider and thicker lately?
  8. zachi

    Taylor Swift

  9. vilecoyote

    Latecia Thomas

  10. ICU82Much

    Chubby Girls of Brazil

    More chubby ladies... This girl was walking down the street, pants unbuttoned, rubbing her fat aching belly
  11. For all you gamers who love fan-made ROM hacks, love the Princess Peach character form the Mario games, and love BBWs; this Bud's for you! Peach's Adventure is a Super Mario World ROM hack done in the classic SMB1-style graphics, featuring a decidedly more plus-sized Peach. The animation of the Peach sprite is adorable, the way her big booty bounces and jiggles! There aren't enough BBW heroines in video games, aside from maybe Fat Princess. For those of you who are interested in playing as a plumper Peach, a playable demo is available at https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id18434 And here's a YouTube playthrough video:
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    1. padroid77


      Lucky is the one having this view in real life... 

    2. DoctorTaco


      Indeed such a lucky guy 👀

    3. regbill


      Those are beautiful rolls you have there.:wub:

  13. filmis

    Are fit and fat mutually exclusive?

    You just described my gf after running 2K. She did it last weekend. Most of the runners were kids, and she thought that the run will be really easy. But kids were running fast as hell, and she did her best to catch up with them. As the result she still came at the end, tired out, totally out of breath. All the same what you described with her hands on the thighs, panting loudly, not being able to speak for a while.
  14. What sort of clips/ content would you like to see from me next? Needing some fresh inspiration. 

    1. Dr. Feeder

      Dr. Feeder

      A video of you taking the Wall Test would be fun. :)

    2. mattie


      Messy cake, like a good piggy 🐷

  15. weezer1818

    Any more of her?

    Found her in the Before/After thread but I remember seeing an update somewhere else. There are additional pictures on top of these 3.
  16. allgrownup

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    You could have it for recipes https://cooking.nytimes.com/tag/heavy cream Personally I'd go for whipping cream. It's only 5 calories less per tbsp but it makes much more "sense" to have it in the house. Just introduce it as something that tempts you; a bit of cream in your coffee...or a bit of whipped cream on your dessert. Once you do, she'll want some, and then you can scale back your own consumption. By that time it's normal that there's whipping cream in the house, and you can easily add it to recipes.
  17. zachi

    Tabria Majors

  18. frecklefactor

    Amy Schumer

  19. I AM READY FOR THURSDAY!!!!!! 🦃🦃🦃


  20. Kenzo998


    It’s another fantastic video Brooke, it’s fascinating to wonder how big you’ll get in the future, and I can’t wait to see how the changes shape up 👍
  21. JohnSpartan17

    Catherine Li

  22. oatmeal

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Ill do my best. I take care of the groceries so ill try buying more caloric items. If only i could come up with a reason for buying heavy cream.
  23. allgrownup

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Sounds promising. Now just keep playing the long game. There's nowhere for her to go but up in weight. If you want to build on your chances, start cooking more, and do more groceries. Bread's on the list? Check which one has the highest calories. Ice cream? Get high calorie stuff.
  24. ylledeuce

    Soft and Jiggly gaining Admin Lady

    Looks like she's shopping for bigger clothes on ebay....maybe anticipating that her current clothes won't fit after the holidays?? 😍
  25. allgrownup

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    -- update -- HUGE win!! 2.5 years ago during a diet/food disucssion I let her know I prefer her with a "bit" more meat on her. The time before and after has consisted of letting her diet when she wants to, but making sure temptations are around and can be given to her the moment she asks about them. Over that period, from roughly the start of 2016 to now, her weight has crept up. Earlier this year I managed to push her through the mental barrier of 200 lbs and she hasn't been under since. Her last weigh-in, at the doctor, was 212 lbs -- she says. I think it's a bit more. Either way, the reaction was predictable; water and bread, a dry diet. No food. That afternoon in the restaurant (yes, that is how fast these diets can go: I treat them like a temper tantrum and just ignore them) the most amazing thing happened: she haggled about her weight with me!!! She said "I want to be around 170, which is still overweight for me, and you like me above 200 -- how about I would go for 190?" I couldn't believe my ears. 190 is of course way too small for me -- but the fact she was discussing this with me!!! I told her about how good she looks right now, how happy she is, how happy I am. Then the truth came out; she doesn't fit in the NEW christmas dress she ordered. She wants to lose weight to fit in it. "I much rather pay you a new dress than have you diet and lose weight" "That sounds tempting", she answered!!!! I pushed it home a couple of times, bringing her food with a remark like "here -- and none of that foul diet talk again," and she laughed. At night, seeing her naked, I casually said "oh yes, 190 would have been way too little; you look perfect like this" Since then we've gone out eating again, with her picking dessert and also picking dessert to bring home. She still SAYS she doesn't like her belly, doesn't want to HAVE a belly -- but she's always said that. I really think making being fat an option, making it a good and acceptable thing, making it easy to gain and hard(er) to lose, and regularly mentioning how good she looks like this, has normalized the idea of being heavy to be pretty. There is NO WAY any of this could have happened 3 years ago. She doesn't know (yet) that she's still going to be grown. she looks VERY nice and has a very lovely, round belly, but getting her up is fun. That a turning point has been reached, again, is super exciting. Earlier it was the being "at least 200 lbs", and now this. I'm going to continue leaving the scales out of sight. Not going to push food too much but let the holidays do their work. I plan to keep her above 210 and then, steady does it, end next year with a good 220 in place.
  26. Missing summer already. Done with all this snow 



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