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  2. hgee

    Beach Babes

    Love all these women choosing bikinis even though they're chubby.
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  4. Thank you! I’m very short, 5’1 ft
  5. Haha try to find my college and you’ll find me 😉
  6. I have two new belly youtube videos :D 







  7. For personal reasons.
  8. beetlebum762

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    4.01, 17.35, 34.46, 51.10
  9. zachi

    Jennifer Lopez

  10. Fatist

    Looking for an old post--Asian with big belly

    While we may very much appreciate her, my guess is that she may not appreciate us so much; these photos are 15+ years old...
  11. jenna weinier

    good bbw dating website

    https://www.bbwdatingwebsites.org/ Best BBW Dating Sites Reviews
  12. PhatCat

    High-waisted vs low bikinis

    Thanks for the advice. I get what you're saying about how grouping the belly with the parts below it making the belly a sacred sexual part of the body too, but I've always found bikini bottoms that sit very low by far the sexiest. I think the look of an elongated torso is sexiest (and longer often looks slimmer too). Seeing a belly button (especially a deep one) really does it for me. And having the vagina just below the top of the bikini bottoms is highly sexual. On a date I went some years ago, the girl wore low-rise yoga pants, under her soft round belly. She taught me why low-rise is so sexy. She would never have been able to put my hand where she wanted it with high-rise pants. Low rise is such an invitation, while high-rise just seems so closed off, but not like a one-piece. At least with high-rise pants you can unbutton and unzip them. With a high-rise bikini it's just so closed off.
  13. aspartamedoublesgains

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    I follow this thread a lot too and find your stories and observations quite fascinating. Yes; please keep us updated. : D
  14. aspartamedoublesgains

    High-waisted vs low bikinis

    If it's a confidence issue, you should definitely convince her to go with the regular bikini. Maybe: 1. Ask her why she's changing preferences now all of a sudden, which could lead to a conversation about weight (if you think that would work out well) 2. Reminder her that you always thought she looked stunning in a bikini and couldn't get enough 3. See if you can get her to try on both, and let her know that the regular bikini looks much better (without reference to weight). In cases where it is not a confidence issue, however, I think high-waisted bikinis/underwear can be quite attractive. I like larger bellies, so a bright high-waisted bottom emphasizes how large the belly is relative to the butt (even if it doesn't show the entire belly). By grouping the belly with the parts immediately below it, it also (in a subtle, psychological way) sexualizes the belly. I can't say the same for one-pieces though... Never my thing...
  15. Anyone want to chat? Bored and can’t sleep lol 

  16. vilecoyote

    Ashley Graham

    Photoshoot for Swimsuits For All with Tara Lynn
  17. high

    Is the President a (Secret) Feeder?

    Wisdom from people who know him so well...
  18. high

    Chubby Indian Plus Model Weight Gain

    Elizabeth Warren, or Bollywood?
  19. Qedrian41

    Kelly Osbourne

    Big jackets can disguise, but tight jeans don’t lie. Kelly has put on a few.
  20. tom tomson

    Help - Who is this??

    Ashley Alexiss
  21. bbybb

    Old Youtube video "Getting Fat"

    Any progress??
  22. A Saucerful Of Harry

    Is the President a (Secret) Feeder?

    You're probably right, Trump has always been attention whore after all, it doesn't change the fact that he still did the cheapest thing he could though and it's not like he doesn't have his own personal chef, I highly doubt this guy would know how to boil a pot of water, so yeah he could and should have done more but didn't because he's cheap.
  23. Gabbo

    Noora Louhimo

    She would make a good chubby Targaryen or Emma Frost.
  24. Hey I’d like this old duplicated thread delete since it has my face in it thank you
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