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  3. Natalia Lorenzo

    Very nice!
  4. Female wrestlers

    I'd be happy with Rachael Ellering. Her starter belly is filled with promise and Tim Hortons, according to her social media. I often wonder what's keeping her from "catching up" to Kassius Ohno, her boyfriend. I see her with him and often think she's an FFA. I feel like those chicks have a weight gain trigger on themselves that they neglect for far too long.
  5. Looking for this old (at least 5 years) video that used to be on youtube of a weight loss show that had a brunette who used to be a rockette-type dancer and was now about 200 pounds (maybe british?).
  6. Old thread section

    That's Tiana, right? I seem to recall that she had some issues with her material being posted for the same reasons why the "cute little belly" girl did.
  7. Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    She's saying she's and other women are objectified in the industry which they are. If you want to post a little sexy picture from time to time that doesn't mean you dont wanted to be treated like a serious actor. Imagine if you just like to got out a bit on the weekend have a beer or too; but because of that, despite how well you preform at your job your coworkers clients and bosses just treat you like a dumb moron who just likes to get turned 24/7. She can act in seasons of a critically acclaimed show and gets little recognition but posts one sexy pic on Instagram and gets like 5 articles written about it. Im just trying to white knight her, I dont like her show, I dont know how she is as a person and is just decent fap material but there isn't a reason to post rude shit
  8. Just another tuesday ..




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      Woah. Incomparable, Tay Tay.

    3. bellymon


      Gods name you fat as hell now

    4. bellymon


      I meant to say "goddamn" but it autocorrected to "gods name" I think it's better that way tho lol

  9. Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    Hey dont look at my boobs....here's my boobs!!! Whatever
  10. Brianna Keilar from CNN

  11. Amber Dawn

    Definitely her genetic gaining surface and that fat soft belly
  12. Tess Munster

    It's kinda easy to tell she's gained weight because her tattoos are slightly stretched in comparison to her older photos.
  13. melissa debling

    By the end of 2017, as these pics from her end of year photo shoots attest, Melissa's hard body again got soft, her flat stomach and trace of abs got buried and Melissa was again getting a soft belly and her bottom half blew out. Happy new year Melissa.
  14. Latecia Thomas

    Is it just me or does she look a tad bit bigger that black dress? Especially her face?
  15. Maggie's Epiphany

    Chapter Six – Making Sizeable Choices Maggie arose Thursday ready to prepare a savory breakfast. She looked forward with anticipation to matching a turkey sausage burrito from Whole Foods with and an over sized blueberry muffin. With butter, the combo easily exceeded 700 calories. Of course, she never looked such information up. Instead she elected, as had become as usual, to simply please her palette. She was thinking of Johnny and her prospective role as family breakfast chef. She entertained little thought about her three friends and their situations, but would likely have been surprised. Christine Overton earlier in the week had spoken with Sawyer Evans. She’d acknowledged that she too had noticed Maggie and Savannah’s gain. But to her it wasn’t anything serious. She dismissively minimized it by noting that she’d “added a few” herself. It was also Chris who was second only to Maggie in enjoying Savannah’s breakfast surprise – and it had also been her idea to have the ladies’ choice dinner. Had Sawyer not been so fixated on the change in Maggie she might have noticed the full reason for Chris’s statement - Chris and Savannah Maxwell were, to differing degrees, in denial. They had similarly become larger – Chris not as much as Savannah, but both definitely a few pounds bigger. Like Maggie they no longer felt as conscribed by the constant reminders from their former school cheerleading coach and neither had parents hung up on their eating habits. Chris was the more disingenuous of the pair in talking with Sawyer. She was actually fully aware of the amount of her own gain, but simply presented a public posture of complete denial. Chris and Savannah were best friends, making Chris privy to Savannah’s sweet tooth and penchant for snack foods and pastries. Since their cheerleading days were over both Savannah and Chris had relaxed their eating discipline. Chris knew that Savannah had herself even occasionally home-baked brownies and turnovers, even though they’d been made mainly for her somewhat husky boyfriend Jim Roberts. Jim loved the treats, which after Savannah’s cheerleading career began to be supplemented by two other calorie rich sources. The first was Savannah’s own more relaxed attitude towards both breakfast and the family’s evening family style meals. This actually was a positive for Mrs. Maxwell, a lifelong BBW who had at times once wondered if her then cheerleader daughter might be borderline anorexic. She said nothing as Savannah now joined her chubby younger sister, Annette, in having pastries rather than just cereal and eggs for breakfast or having seconds and larger portions in the evening. Mrs. Maxwell also made sure that store-bought temptations, such as bakery tarts, bear claws or boxes of mini-donuts were frequently available. She knew Annette couldn’t resist such treats, especially Little Debbie oatmeal crème cookies, but would always try sharing with her older sister. The indulgent mom soon learned that the mere availability of such treats virtually guaranteed that they would easily disappear. This over fifteen months has triggered a twenty-five-pound gain compared to Chris’s mere fourteen. Savannah wasn’t oblivious to the gain. Squeezing into pants especially became difficult and to button them she had to hold her breath, then endure a constricted feeling after exhaling. The result was a noticeable lower nelly filling out her jeans below the beltline while a bulging generous upper belly cascaded over the beltline. This led her to replace them with stretchy leggings as summer ended and school began, a remedy which worked but with nascent love handles. It was about this time, about half way into the gain noted, as she was forced to take notice of her softening belly and thighs when she found that her slacks just wouldn’t fit, that she had had a revealing conversation with her stouter younger sister. “Like it or not, I’m going to have to start dieting – Mom would probably freak out if she had to buy me a whole new wardrobe,” she lamented aloud in Annette’s hearing. “Ummm – don’t think so. You’re nowhere near as big as me,” her sister interrupted, “and when I last needed new clothes all I got was a story about Aunt Julie and her and the choices people need to make – no diet lecture –t hen we went to the mall. You’re home free” “How do you mean?” replied Savannah. “Both mom and Julie were big girls in high school,” replied Annette. “Julie was really big. Its in our genes – grandma was over 300 lbs until about sixty or so and she’s no size 14 even now. “ “And so?” Savannah said, prompting her sister to continue. “Mom warned me that I had a choice of continuing to gain now, then learning discipline when I get older and find that I’ve become big enough that my size begins to bother me (notice that I didn’t say bothering others!). Of course, she told me, I have another option. I can try conforming to what everyone expects and feel deprived all time f I want to starve myself. That’s the choice she and Aunt Julie faced.” Annette said with a disgusted look. She had no inclination to try really depriving her palate. “So, since you’re free to choose being fat, I am too. Got it.” Savannah replied. “Here’s the problem,” continued Annette. “Mom warned be that if I took the first route and gained too much things might get awkward. I could wind up not fitting in the class desks. That would mean having to sit on a bench seat in the back of the room like her sister did. She left it to be my decision – but she thought I should know. Being a fat girl in a thin world makes you stand out.” Savannah nodded. “I didn’t know you’d discussed all that – but I’ve not seen you dieting.” “No,” Annette declared. “For now at least I’ve decided to just eat as I feel like it and try not to gain too much. Frankly I don’t mind being the family fat girl, just hope I’m not too much over 200 for my high school prom. What you had to go through to be a cheerleader just isn’t for me.”. Savannah recalled those days, surprised that Annette, who was still in elementary school then, had even noticed. Like Maggie she’d had to lose several pounds to qualify for the team, and it hadn’t been easy. Now her once round belly was returning and she was privately enjoying caressing her new chub as well as more fleshy thighs. Shortly afterwards she first talked with Jim, who assured her that whatever she’d gained was fine by him, and then with her mom. Mrs. Maxwell reaffirmed what Annette had said. Like Savanah’s boyfriend, Mrs. Maxwell denied that her older daughter was anywhere near being seriously overweight. But she did offer to help Savannah with wardrobe advice including buying clothes for school. The fact was that Jim thoroughly enjoyed eating at the Maxwell house. He also appreciated the fact that his own well-rounded body was apparently favored by Savannah’s mom, who commented one evening that it was “better to be husky than hungry.” Chris and Savannah, it should be noted, were both a few inches shorter than Maggie, and Sawyer was tallest of the four. Their new weight was for the most part focused on their bellies, which were becoming become noticeably softer, but their legs and bust were growing as well Savannah was a paradox when it came to her wardrobe. After the conversation triggered by Annette her mom kept her word. In addition to back to school clothes they began periodically visited the mall together to select dresses that fit her figure. This meant favoring empire cut solid color or floral pattern garments with short sleeves. They were comfortable to wear, but also gave room for her growing butt cheeks and belly. Legwear, on the other hand, was another matter. Her mom favored wide legged gaucho pants in several colors rather than leggings. Savannah agreed and they became personal favorites. But she also had jeans that she didn’t want to give up as long as she could get them to fit over her thighs and hips. The result was a generous muffin top overflow which she called her “pizza belly” after eating a large meal. When seated her entire abdomen began forming into two tire-like rolls through her undersized clothing. Her arms were becoming softer as well. Jim didn’t mind this a bit and so Savannah went on acting as though she hadn’t really gained much at all. Privately she knew otherwise, finding squeezing, stroking and caressing her added pounds to be auto-erotic. Chris was much more realistic, acknowledging her changes while at the same time discounting them. She knew the first of her extra pounds had come slowly but more were being hastened by an eventful discussion with her mom the week before. “Chris, we need to talk," her mom had declared in a serious tone that immediately caught her daughter’s attention. "I've got a problem and you I hope can help me." Chris had taken a deep breath and then relaxed, "What's wrong, mom?" "You mentioned Maggie helping with Mrs, Swanson’s career move, right?” began Mrs. Maxwell. “Yes,” her daughter responded. “Well, I’m in much the same situation. I’m being given a nice promotion with a big raise. That part is great, but it’s going to mean longer hours. I'm going to have delegate - and that could include your following your friends steps by helping in cooking around here,” her mom had declared, “but you can be rewarded.” “How?“ asked her daughter. “What all is involved?” “You'll get to plan our meals, shop for the food, and then cook some of them,” her mom answered. “It will teach you a lot and, since it’s such a responsibility I'll be giving you $100 per week - half of which you can spend and the other half you can put in a savings account. The alternatives are to hire someone or order out. I'd rather not do either. Do you think you can help me?" Chris’s quick mind had raced. She’d prepared her own breakfast scores of times and helped with dinner – she knew she could do it. But this would mean full responsibility for her siblings as well. But $50 extra per week plus a savings account? She loved her mom and dad, knew they needed the added income and felt up to the challenge. In cooking for five Chris had consciously tried not to overeat, but it seemed a pound or so had shown up each month anyway. Fortunately, her boyfriend, Roger Stoneman, was supportive rather than critical - even helping with shopping and angling to be invited over (which occurred about once a week). It was much the same attitude as Jim Roberts had towards Savannah. Jim and Roger were on Thursday morning at Savannah’s along with Chris as the two couples were planning to attend a matinee. Around noon Annette announced that she was making hot dogs to go with some potato salad in the refrigerator for lunch; she offered to make extra ones for her former cheerleader sister plus her one-time teammate and boyfriends. “Sure,” chirped Savannah. “We’re not leaving for at least an hour or so.” Thirty minutes later both Chris and Savannah, along with Jim and Roger, had two loaded hot dogs apiece plus a generous serving of potato salad and a large handful of chips. Annette went back to her room with a similar meal which she would eat while on line. Chris appreciated the hospitality but couldn’t help but note that, although Annette was three years younger, she appeared to already be heavier than either herself or her older sister. “Yes,” Savannah acknowledged, as she took a bite of her own dog. “She’s got an appetite and grazes a lot. She really doesn’t care about the size of her belly or how wide her hips look. Mom isn’t exactly small either you know – and our Dad seems to like it. I’m not bothered about it either – who knows, I could get really bigger someday too.” Chris shrugged, noting Savannah’s apparent denial of her own already large current reality, and quietly ate her own lunch. But she wasn’t surprised when about an hour later Annette emerged from her room again and offered to get them ice cream for dessert. Both couples turned down the invitation, noting that it was time to head for the movie. As they were leaving she noticed Annette in the kitchen opening the refrigerator freezer door. The truth of Savannah’s statement was apparent. It was Sawyer’s semi-steady date, Charles Harris, who felt differently. He’d been the one to first point out Maggie’s gain to Sawyer – and also the one who’d commented on Savannah. The lanky former cheerleader, tallest of the quartet, was already a tad fat phobic because of her mom’s remarks and attitude. Although Sawyer hadn’t gained a pound herself, Charles still made it clear that he felt the need to echo her mom and remind her to be careful. Sawyer in principle agreed somewhat with her boyfriend’s concern due to her mom’s attitude; she accordingly made allowance for his somewhat controlling attitude. At one level she actually shared his analysis (witness what was happening with her former teammates). But she inwardly also resented the pressure from others. They seemed to demand and expect conformity to their societal standards rather than allowing people to make choices for themselves. That’s why she’d joined in with the others in “letting loose” once a month. As Maggie Swanson finished her breakfast she was of course oblivious to all of the weight related drama in her friends’ lives. She only knew that she was now becoming comfortable in her own new body, had Johnny in her corner and probably her dad as well. She knew she would probably have to deal with her sister, and to a lesser degree her mom, on their return. But for today that evening was going to be time for she and Johnny to prepare lasagna and dessert for eight people. Maggie had a different mental image of her figure from that of her sister Kathy, who was at her younger age becoming a total pear from her waist down but smaller on top. Maggie knew her own figure had a well-developed bust line and upper torso. Her belly, although increasingly thicker and noticeable, didn’t lie in her lap when sitting. Neither did it extend beyond her breasts when standing (as she’d observed to be the case with some girls at school). Nor did she have significant back fat that rippled when she reached over her head. And, although they had grown, neither her thighs or hips had the jiggling like that of some of her classmates whom she had noticed. She’d gained some, sure, but it had been for a purpose – just as when she’d lost. She didn’t think of herself as truly fat – and, technically, she wasn’t. Not really. Not yet.
  16. Ms. Taylor

    any updates!?
  17. melissa debling

    But in true Melissa Debling form, you knew that slim, hard body wasn't going to last long
  18. melissa debling

    By mid 2017 I'd given up on Melissa Debling, she stripped off the excess weight, and was unfortunately looking quite fit. A flat stomach and even a hint of abs. In the last 2 pics in a group shoot, Melissa was again the model with the slimmest waistline, and the fittest hard body of the group. And in many people's minds outside of this site and most likely Melissa's mind also, the hottest model at the shoot
  19. Tess Munster

    Wow. Has she been gaining more weight?
  20. Ashley Jenkins

    I know right, I had a few pics of her on my old phone might go Uploud them
  21. Ashley Jenkins

    i can't believe that there is no forum for Chelsea Harfoush. She is hella thick. Plus look at those arms!
  22. Latecia Thomas

  23. Nice Thick Ass on the Train

    Wide hips, bet that booty is garbage w/out the jeans imo
  24. Encouragement/Teasing?

    *bump* i really need this... so bad
  25. Temple of Elemental Fatness

    Chapter 2: The Sorceress' Sweet Tooth Nalara went happily from the barbarian, walking invisibly through the woods. Not only had the wanton gluttony of the savage woman restored every bit of divine weight the Goddess had burned for the miracle, but Shega’s faith in her was a constant trickle of power. It was nothing compared to the constant flood her once millions of worshipers had given her, but after a thousand years of starvation it was something. Thus, Nalara went with a full bust, round hips and the start of a belly to secure a second worshiper. Being slim was a disturbing feeling to the goddess. It reminded her of unpleasant times, when she’d been changing from a powerful angel into a true goddess. Vague sensations of armor that was suddenly too tight came to mind, as did memories of weakening limbs, slowing reflexes and wings that had to beat harder and harder to keep an increasing weight above ground level. ‘What happened to my wings?’ the curvaceous goddess asked herself, feeling her smooth back, ‘I may as well use them for now. Shega won’t be moving quickly, but I'll need time to convert her friends." With a thought, they unfurled from her back and she flew easily over the tree tops. An old thrill rose within her, of righteous might and zealous speed. A stitch rose in her side too, the Goddess had slept for a millennium and had been in horrible shape before hand. She was panting a bit when she landed at the adventurer’s camp, bent over with a small roll on her waist. ‘Best enjoy that while I can,’ she smiled, dissipating the wings, ‘Won’t be able to fly long at this rate. Now, Shega was easy. Who will worship me next? Nalara touched the three dreaming minds around her. Two were in one tent, wrapped in each other’s arms and dozing peacefully. Both had strong wills, a small sniff told Nalara that the women were divine casters of no little faith and great experience. One was a sworn paladin, a type of worshiper that Nalara for all her vast beneficence had never attracted, with less fat on her than a vegetable patch. The other was generously curvaceous, in fact she was a bit plump, but was not only sworn to another goddess as a cleric but was a fae being as well. They would have to wait for later, so she turned her mind towards the last woman. This woman slept alone and fitfully in a silk tent. Nalara almost recoiled touching her soul, finding this woman greedy, vain, spoiled and self centered beyond reason. She wasn’t truly evil, but was almost totally selfish despite a touch of the divine somewhere in her bloodline. But the Goddess pressed on, for this woman, little more than a girl, already possessed an ogre-like appetite. That she could work with and if she could make this woman a bit of a better person in the mean time all the better. Nalara padded into the tent, finding it enchanted to be much larger on the inside. Near a dozen dressers and wardrobes lined the walls, filled with hundreds of outfits and a thousand pairs of dainty shoes. Each piece of furniture had a full length mirror worth as much as a village, even Nalara who had once had a thousand worshipers do nothing but carve increasingly rotund idols in her name found that vain. Ten magical devices were in the room too, wands and shoes and jewels aiding a sorcerer in combat mostly, but three of them were small machines that summoned food from the aether. ‘Ah, someone has a sweet tooth,’ Nalara mused, helping herself to one of a dozen chocolate truffles that popped out of one never ending box, ‘let’s see how its treating her.’ The Sorceress dozed in a huge four poster bed in the room’s center, next to a gigantic marble bath tub. Nalara peered through the curtains, finding a young woman wrapped in the covers. She was barely twenty, barely over five feet and weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet. All of that was due to her metabolism, there were tell tale chocolate stains at the corner’s of her plump red lips and the transparent nighty showed a belly bulging with a midnight snack. ‘Someone’s going to get fat once that metabolism goes,’ Nalara said, running a divine finger over the food baby, ‘and it’ll be going soon, probably she’s already at her peak metabolic rate. I’ll just make sure she enjoys it.’ The Goddess leaned in close to the sleeping sorceress and whispered her name… ‘Nalara,’ Jayli muttered to herself, sitting up sleepily. The Sorceress was groggy, as she was at any point when awakened before noon. She sat up, lifting her sleep mask and blinked blearily. Her tent looked different and she wasn’t exactly sure why. Everything was in its right place but… ‘Why am I back in my rooms?’ Jayli asked, realizing she was in her mother’s palace. Before she could get up, the doors swung open. A maid hurried in with a covered tray, a pale blonde girl who’s size eight body was squeezed into a size four outfit. Jayli’s curiosity was immediately replaced with a superior sneer at the low class girl’s puffiness. Only a servant would let herself grow too fat for her clothes. ‘Breakfast milady?’ asked the maid, laying the tray before the awakening magician, ‘the tailor’s coming soon to have you fitted for your dress.’ ‘What dress?’ Jayli demanded, starting on a high stack of pancakes that were drowning in butter and syrup. ‘For the royal ball, being held in honor of your engagement to the prince!’ the maid curtsied, a small rip sounding as her plump legs ripped her too small stockings a bit, ‘We need to make sure you are at your best!’ ‘You must be new,’ the sorceress laughed to herself, ‘I’m always at my best.’ She posed herself, utterly sure of her looks. Jayli was a dazzling beauty, provided you like women short, thin and mean. Her hair had never been cut and hung in a raven black braid down to her ankles, gleaming with expensive oils and perfumes, while her nut brown skin was without blemish. Her legs were very slim, a prominent gap was between her thighs, and although her hips were wide there wasn’t the slightest hint of excess either there or on her heart shaped bottom. Despite usually eating three thousand calories a day her stomach was concave, although it was also soft and untoned. Her breasts were big for her tiny frame, perfect tear drop Cs that were the result of her own magical enhancements. Her arms were stick thin and graceful, just like her fingers, while her neck was slim as a swans. Jayli’s face was a perfect heart, tan skin complimenting her opal eyes. Or at least, that’s how she thought she looked as she finished the pancakes and started on the heavy side of bacon, the plate of biscuits, the half a dozen sausages and three glasses of sugary coffee almost white with cream. ‘Clear this away,’ Jayli said a moment later, daintily wiping her lips with a napkin, ‘and then run a tub. I’ll need to bathe first.’ The sorceress slid off the side of her bed, finding her limbs strangely sluggish. She put it down to being tired from adventuring, when had that ended by the way?, and lifted her arms up to be undressed. Her lingerie pinched, the bra cut into her tender breasts and her lacey underwear was giving Jayli’s heart shaped buns a wicked wedgie. ‘And you’ve let my negligee shrink in the wash,’ she said as the maid began to undress her, ‘whip yourself later for it.’ The maid nodded in agreement and began undressing her mistress and Jayli realized the woman was heavier than she thought. Her soft thighs brushed, mushrooming over her stockings and her big bust was pouring out over her neckline. The bottom of her shirt didn’t quite meet the top of her short skirt, giving her a puffy muffin top. Jayli sneered again, this woman looking so plump was punishment enough. ‘Or not, I’ll be merciful,’ the noble and now naked magician sighed, walking towards the big tub which was already filled almost to the brim with water, putting the slight offness in her step down to be tired. She lowered herself in, water rising over herself and let herself float in the hot water. Glancing down she grinned at her gorgeous body, it was distorted by bubbles and water but she knew she was perfect. Her adventuring companions had each been pretty, but none could rival her. Shega was muscled too much like a man and Calla the paladin was flat as a boy uptop. The nymph Ayla was of course perfectly womanly, but she was a little too plump in Jayli’s opinion, especially in fall when she swelled up for the change in seasons. ‘Would mistress like a snack?’ the maid asked, proferring a tray just as large as the first, but covered in chocolate truffles. ‘I can’t, I’ve already eaten as much as a family would,’ Jayli yawned, turning over and feeling her full belly bump the bottom of the tub, ‘I don’t want to throw the measurements of my dress.’ The Maid smiled, ‘If you don’t mind me saying milady, you look a bit thin from all of that hero work and you know how men like a robust woman.’ ‘Hmmm,’ Jayli thought, mind a bit muggy from being full and idly took one. There were many portraits in the young woman’s room, all of them beautiful women. They were also all rather plump, with delicate second chins under their soft smiles, full bosoms hanging over gently rounded bellies and soft arms reaching for treats. They were the same portraits as in Jaylis real room, give or take forty pounds per model. ‘The prince especially likes his girls plump so they say,’ the maid offered, putting a second tray down. Jayli thought of the prince, the most handsome man in her home city of Caligar. Tall and broad shouldered, a gallant cavalier with an angels face. She’d known him of course and in the dream vision memories of walking together in the park were replaced with ones of him hand feeding her. She felt a flush start between her legs and reach her face. ‘Of course,’ the Sorceress said, ‘I’ve wasted away to practically nothing out in the wilds and must look my best. Get another tray. When am I to be married?’ ‘Tomorrow in the Grand Temple of Narala,’ the maid said, her figure growing plusher with every morsel Jayli ate, ‘as soon as you clear it out.’ ‘Who’s Narala?’ asked Jayli through a mouthful of chocolate as water started to pour over the lip of the tub, ‘And why is her temple need cleared?’ ‘Narala is the prince’s favored goddess, a great and beneficient goddess of love, peace and the harvest,’ the maid explained as the sides of her shirt started ripping under the pressure of her growing gut, ‘and cruel dark elves have seized her temple. None can use it until then!’ ‘I’ll clear them out myself then, if they’re between me and getting laid!’ Jayli yelled, raising a soft fist out of the water and hitting the edge of the tub, ‘Towel me off and get my fighting clothes!’ She stood, her arms and legs slow to react. Usually she rose easily, but her legs threatened to buckle ad she had to use her arms. The water pulled at her as she stood up and Jayli felt slightly dizzy as it splashed off of her. Raising her leg to step out of the tub was harder than it should have been, as was raising her arms up for the maid to dry her off. As the soft towel rubbed over her, she felt her body strangely jiggle back and forth. The maid was breathing heavily, as she drew away Jayli saw she was very plump indeed, the too small maid’s garment ripping with every moment on her overfed curves. ‘Get my fighting clothes and then take the rest of the day off,’ she said to her, ‘you’re working yourself too hard.’ As the maid walked, with a slight waddle, to obey, Jayli considered that she’d been a bit easy on the plump girl. But it was clear she’d outgrown the garment and she of all people knew how hard some physical labor could be when you’ve put on a few. The last thought felt odd as the maid brought her underwear, the thong, bra, stockings and garter belt looking very large. When they went on they pinched, especially around her waist but she swallowed another reprimand while adjusting the panties over the silky black pubic hair. ‘And the robe,’ she ordered, seeing that her magiced fighting silks also looked like a tent, probably a trick of the early morning light. The pink and gold kaftan slid over her shoulders, its fur lined silk instantly warming her. Jayli wanted to look at it in the mirror, to see how the slit up the hip showed off her slim legs and how the navel low neckline displayed her perfect breasts and flat belly but all of her mirrors seemed to have vanished. A soft gut poked into her lower back as the chubby maid went to belt her, soft arms enwrapping her waist to tie the enchanted belt on. The heavy girl struggled to get the pearl studded belt on for a moment, long enough for Jayli’s arms to get tired and grab the ends of the belt. She tied it off, the knot pinching against her waist. ‘Did you shrink my belt too?’ she demanded, tugging at the knot, ‘If one of the pearls of power sewn into it was damaged I’ll be cross.’ ‘I’ll let it out for you milady,’ the maid said, touching the belt which instantly loosened its grip to sit rakishly across Jayli’s broad hips, ‘now step into your shoes.’ A pair of red stiletto boots worth a town was placed on the floor. Their toes and heels were solid mithral and had runes carved into them. Jayli would recognize all her shoes but didn’t know this one. ‘Is this a gift from the prince?’ she asked, stepping into them, frowning as she failed to see her feet, something soft and covered in pink fabric getting in the way. ‘No, from me,’ the maid said, finishing the straps and standing up, the maid uniform falling away, ‘Do you swear to clear Narala’s temple?’ Jayli felt the power off her, realizing that this was no maid at all but something grander, but kept her response disrespectful ‘If it’ll get the prince’s face between my legs of course.’ ‘All men will find you desirable, by my status as goddess I do swear,’ the plump, naked woman promised, ‘and gift you these shoes, which will allow you to soar no matter how heavy you grow.’ ‘How heavy?’ asked Jayli but suddenly she found herself back in her dark tent. Alarmed, she let a light and saw a very plump young woman standing in front of her, wearing Jayli’s caftan. The garment looked ridiculous on her, showing off her heavy gut kept from resting on her chubby thighs only by a broad fabric belt. Fat legs led down to a pair of very expensive red boots, Jayli frowned to see them and the apple shaped girl in the mirror frowned too. Realizing that she gazed upon herself in one of the many mirrors she owned, Jayli fainted backwards onto her bed, the seventy pounds she hadn’t gone to bed with wobbling as she collapsed.
  26. Jennifer Lopez

    Oohhh, she’s closing in on Kim K. territory! Wow!
  27. Tess Munster

    Some Tess content that hasn't made its way here yet. Shame in the vid she's covered by subtitles
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