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    CH. 5 Running late, as usual, I waddled my way down the sidewalk to the office suite. My damned car had broken down. I silently wished that Mike were still there to fix it up. Lining up with my luck as of late, the elevator was out of order. Cursing under my breath, still hot and tired from the bus and walk, I reluctantly hiked my fat ass up the two flights to Dr. Adams' office. Arriving exasperated, fanning my reddened face with a pudgy hand. The front desk lady gave me a hard time again. Sitting in the waiting room, I perused a Reader's Digest from 1987. When that fucking bitch Rachel walked in, I froze. She was chatting with another nurse, before noticing me. With a cunty little smirk, she whispered some bullshit to her equally lithe companion. Both laughing, I burned through their faces with my death glare. "Marisol Arroyo?" chimed a perky, care-free voice. "I can't believe she has the nerve to pretend not to recognize me!" I thought intently, as I followed Rachel's tight little white ass down the narrow door-lined corridor. "Here we are. Now, we've got to get your weight, ok?" Rachel gestured to the sinister looking medical implement. Silently cursing, I stepped on reluctantly. That bitch-ass nurse began eagerly to balance the slide, anxious to mark the damage, of course. Her nasty pleasure in seeing me even fatter than last time was clearly apparent to me. "There it is, 217.6." Looking on in horror, beside the obvious embarrassment, I just couldn't believe it had gotten this bad. It only made sense though, with the way I been making such a pig of myself for over a year now. In the examination room, I gave myself a quick exam of my own, waiting for doc Adams to make his appearance. It wasn't like I didn't already know it was bad, but let's be real, there was still a fair amount of denial at play here, as ridiculous as that sounds. I looked down to see my my big fat gut, with plenty of of stretch marks, poking out over the waistband of my panties. It was beginning to be an apron slipping down over my privates. My ass and legs had kept up as well, jiggly arms, fat face. Yeah, it was bad. A quick tap tap on the door and then the stately, grey Dr. Adams slid into the room, transitioning quickly into a dour and serious demeanor. "Ms. Arroyo, I see you have not taken heed of my advice, and have continued to put on weight at an alarming rate." My heart clutched in my chest, my worst nightmare, this was the embarrassment apocalypse of my life. The doctor continued, "In just over two years, you have quite astoundingly managed to put on over one hundred pounds! Or is it not so astounding, considering what I surmise your diet must consist of?" My face blanched. "So what do you have to say for yourself Ms. Arroyo?" The weathered blue eyes searched condescendingly for an answer they would not find, but already knew. I gulped before attempting a reply.

    CH. 4 Clothes shopping was constant, as seams split, zippers broke, and unwanted attributes began to further protrude. Elastic was my friend. In dressing rooms, I had plenty of time to examine the increasing poundage. My poor belly was starting double along my deep navel, pushing out farther, but there was nothing I could do. I just ate and ate, with my dimpled thighs rubbing near my knees. Whataburger's liberal employee meal privileges did not help my nearly nonexistent effort to trim down. I always made sure to stuff my fat face while on the clock. With Mike out of the picture, we hadn't spoken since the night of our fight, I now had absolutely no reason to worry about maintaining any sort of sex appeal. I felt bitter and angry with men in general. "They're so superficial!" I thought. "Mike doesn't deserve me," I would say to Tina as we sat in the Whataburger parking lot, drinking milkshakes and shoving down the last burgers of the day. Tina agreed, not having much luck with men either these days after her own substantial weight gain. "Men these days don't know how to handle a real woman!" she said gesturing to her overflowing figure. Tina's weight seemed to be plateauing a bit, as I rapidly caught up with her. We looked like two typical Puerto Rican chicas in their 20's, round and getting rounder each day. In accordance with our similar genetics, we both packed it on mainly in the stomach area, sporting matching belt busting guts that lapped down onto chunky thunder thighs. I was a hypnotized cog in the fast food clockwork, a loyal member of the team, just as addicted to the grease and fructose as our countless patrons. Being at the source had its own sinister benefits. Morning shifts began with a breakfast platter along with cream and sugar with a splash of coffee. Rinse and repeat until we closed the breakfast menu at 11. Then I would begin thinking about lunch, usually either two, or three patty melts, or as many cheeseburgers that I could shove down without being sick. Did I mention the endless fries? You could say I was mainlining milkshakes. Even Tina couldn't keep up with my ambitious gluttony. "Damn, sis! A lo loco! Slow it down. Miércoles! You look like you're about to pop!" This is not something I wanted to hear. "Shut up, you really are one to talk. Eres la chica gorda!" I shrieked in retort, retreating to the walk-in to suck down my constant milkshake. Before I could take three waddling steps, Mr. Rizzoti called out "Arroyo, get over here." I reluctantly shuffled over to the boss, dreading what I predicted he would say. "Time for physicals again, damn expensive insurance." Rizzoti proceeded to glance me up and down, "I suppose they'll need to adjust some figures." In return, I flashed him a glare, muttering "gilipollas" under my breath. "What was that, Arroyo?" The sweaty man snarled. "Never mind, just get it done, ok?" There was no choice for me. "Yeah, ok, fine, whatever." I sighed, returning to my patty melt and strawberry milkshake. "I'm on my break."

    Back after a long intermission... my apologies ------------------------------------------- CH. 3 Well, tracking calories didn't last long for me. Trying to keep myself under 1500 was simply impossible. I was hungry, bored, and uncomfortable. soon I was back to constantly grazing. I ate and ate for no reason, until I felt sick and then some more. I craved the comfort, and I'd rather not think about the obvious results of this behavior. Ignorance is bliss they say. Still I continued to feel ashamed of my burgeoning weight problem. I drowned out the little voice in my head with food and now alcohol too. Mike and I would hit up the bars nightly. Both working and living with our parents, we had money to burn. Mike loved the Jameson. I have always been a beer girl, so I threw back the cold ones one after another and stuffed my face with wings, nachos, pizza, late night tacos. Needless to say, this did not have a slimming effect my waistline. I remember one time, on shift at the restaurant, just as I was beginning to ignore some minor wardrobe malfunctions, Tina just had to prod me into reality. "Hola, chicharron!" She exclaimed pinching my undeniable love handles with her pudgy claws. I spun around, blushing, from my work loading the fry baskets. "Looks like you need a bigger shirt, sis," Tina remarked, slapping my plush gut, which I then noticed was peeking out slightly from below the hem of my uniform shirt. "Shut up! Perra puta!," I shot back. It was true, though. I was fat. Mike noticed too. We had less sex. I suspected he resented me for letting myself go like this, though he never said as much at first. Then one night, after another night of happy hour overindulgence, we were in Mike's room in the basement of his parents' ranch style rambler. I was feeling horny as we lay in bed watching MTV. Mike was zoned out on a Blur music video. We had just smoked some pot. "Come here, baby," I slurred in a wannabe sultry voice. I cuddled up next to him, running my hand down to his crotch. He didn't shrug me off, but made a conscience effort not to reciprocate. "Yeah, just a sec babe." My eyes were boring into the side of his head. I squeezed my hand. "Ok, ok Mari," Mike whined, pulling his undershirt over his head. I sat up as well, slipping off my old PE shirt I sometimes used to sleep in. Once oversized, this was getting real snug too. Throwing the t shirt at the hamper, I turned back to look at Mike, surprised to find him studying my body with a critical expression. "Marisol, I'm disappointed. I mean, I'm sorry, but look at you." He moved toward me on the bed, pinching a generous portion of my wide stretch marked hips. "What is this, I love you, but I barely recognize you!" I cringed, suddenly self conscious, folding my arms in vain, to cover my bulging paunch. "Just how could you get so fat, Mari? You're ruined!" I died. "You need to get the fuck out, Mike!" I screamed, lurching clumsily off the bed, jiggling all over, to hurriedly reapply the too-small PE shirt.
  7. Female wrestlers

    She is beautiful !
  8. Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    This whole thread has turned a bit weird....
  9. Female wrestlers

    Looking good
  10. Sophie Hall

    If Charlotte Flair ate Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Flair?) and it went mostly to her ass, you'd likely end up with her:
  11. Kelly Brook

    Our dream, her nightmare.
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  13. Oof, I ate taco bell and tons of chips and then made potato parsnip soup and now I'm going to POP.

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      Update: I finished a bag of cream cheese & chive chips and ate a whole chocolate orange!

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  15. Bevy Smith

  16. Female wrestlers

    Asuka Arms for @SapphicCurves
  17. Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    What's sad is the morons sending those texts. Lucy you are gorgeous at any weight ! It's so sad that people have to be hurtful and disrespectful to others.
  18. Maxey Greene

    Damn ! She's a hottie...
  19. Version 1.0.0

    Custom: "High Heels, walking up and down a hallway long enough to see you. If you want to add jumping jacks. Thats it. Have fun I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  20. So I am officially a curvage model! Woo-Hoo! I am excited to be part of the Fam and can't wait to make excellent quality clips for you guys! Please leave feedback so I know what you like, and feel free to send me ideas and requests for what you'd like to see next from your's truly! I love being a BBW model and hope to be around for a long while to come!
  21. Female wrestlers

    Noelle Foley
  22. I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    Not sure about that but she wants more fat days whenever we do the upcoming one
  23. With some color corrections (as usual) :) enjoy!


  24. My new story -- The Company

    Here is a new story I wrote. I'm going to post installments here.

    Albert Branson was in love with his new bride Liana. He loved her chestnut brown hair, her milky skin, her full lips, her shy smile. Most of all, however, he loved her trim little figure. She was a very shy, modest girl who never wore anything more revealing than a long skirt and a sweater, and she herself often described herself as "mousy". She was a librarian in their town of Oneida, New York, and she loved books and crossword puzzles and did not like taking risks in any way. She had such a quiet voice that Albert often had to strain to hear her. It was true, there were times when he wished she would be a little more extroverted, but that did not change the fact that he loved her deeply. 
    They had only been married two years when a large food processing conglomerate named ALGRO bought out Albert's small company, that had been manufacturing pork products for 100 years. The week after the buyout a few top executives from ALGRO hosted a cocktail reception for the employees and their families, just to get to know everyone, and then a week after that Albert was called into his boss's office and told he was being offered a new position.
    "They want you to go to their main plant, in Nebraska," his boss said. "They were impressed by you and your wife when they met you last week."
    "My wife?" Albert said. "Why would they care about her? She's not an employee."
    "Oh, I don't know," the boss said. "I guess they have a certain image they like to maintain out there. They're the largest employer in the state, and they like their employees and their wives to fit a certain mold."
    "But Liana is very quiet," Albert said. "She's shy, and she doesn't fit the mold of a corporate wife."
    The boss smiled. "They must see some potential in her."
    The transfer involved a considerable pay raise, enough to convince Albert he should at least try out the new job. Even if Liana hated Nebraska, he could get some good job experience and make some extra money to put in his savings account before they moved back. 
    So, they moved to Nebraska. Liana was not thrilled about the move, because she had to give up her librarian job, and of course the move involved uprooting herself from her comfortable small town and going somewhere totally new and strange. But, she decided that if Albert wanted this, she'd at least have to try it out. 
    And at first it seemed like a dream come true. The company set them up in a house that it owned, for one thing, so they had no mortgage or rent to pay. The house was in a neighborhood of similar houses, all owned by the company. They were two-bedroom bungalows, on small, well-kept lots, with white picket fences and flower pots on all the windowsills. They were like perfect little doll houses, with only one thing that didn't seem to fit -- the kitchens all had huge, restaurant-sized refrigerators, triple the size of a normal refrigerator. 
    "Why are the refrigerators so big?" Albert asked his boss the first day on the job. 
    The boss was a pencil-thin man named Mr. Benson, and he smiled, showing a row of perfect white teeth. "The women in our area are proud of their cooking skills," he said. "They love to cook, and they love to eat. The company decided that we'd indulge that little hobby by giving them super size refrigerators."
    "Well, my wife may not fit in well around here then," Albert said. "She's not big on cooking. She's very health conscious, actually. She counts her calories every day, and she never overeats."
    "That so?" Mr. Benson said, smiling again. "Well, she might just change her mind once she tastes some of the delicious food our women make out here."
    Albert didn't think much about that comment for the rest of the day. He was too busy getting a tour of the meat processing plant, settling in to his office, and meeting all his coworkers. It did seem a little strange to him that all the men he met were just as thin as Mr. Benson, and the few women he saw in the office were definitely not thin. In fact, they were all at least 50 pounds overweight. He put the thought out of his mind, though, because there were so many new things to learn about. 
    The meat processing plant was a modern, high-tech affair, with robots arms doing some of the work on a vast conveyor belt that carried cuts of pork along to be processed and packaged. Mr. Benson beamed with pride when he showed it to Albert. "Pretty futuristic, eh?" he said. "This is the future of pork, Albert, and we're on the cutting edge of it here. I'm sure you'll enjoy working here, son. This is a place with a future for you and your pretty wife."
    Albert thought it was strange that Mr. Benson brought up his wife again, but he shrugged it off. 
    When he got home he was exhausted from his long day, but strangely, he was not very hungry. He'd only had an appetite for salad when he ate lunch at the company cafeteria, but he noticed the female employees had trays that were piled high with all sorts of fattening foods -- hamburgers, pizza, french fries, macaroni and cheese, and two or three desserts. They'd sit down at a long table and commence eating with great gusto, talking and laughing raucously, their large bodies shaking with laughter, their cheeks quivering with glee. 
    He opened the front door of his cute little house and was amazed to see his cute, mousy little wife sitting at the kitchen table wiping crumbs from her lips, with an empty pie plate in front of her. She had a dreamy expression on her face, and when she saw him, she smiled and gave a demure little burp.

    1. StuffitInn


      Love it! I am getting involved in the story already. Gotta write more soon! Can not wait to see what happens next!

  25. Ex Boyfriend Got Chubby

    i can be your boy friend and feed you
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    with this ?
  27. Kelly Brook

    She's fighting it.
  28. Been filming!





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