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  1. $4.99

    Balloon Booty Popping!

    It's my first time trying this out, but it was a lot of fun, to say the least. There were a couple balloons that popped so suddenly under my weight that I wasn't prepared. I hope you enjoy watching me bounce around on them, because I had a lot of fun doing it. I pop four balloons in total, and I might just do another video of this soon!
    Note: Yes, I am chewing bubble gum.

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  2. $5.99

    Sushi Stuffing Part 2

    If you liked Part one, you'll LOVE Part two! Watch an my gut swells up, expanding with every bite. I want to stop, but I am a greedy pig after all. 

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  3. $5.00

    Playing With My Belly in Tight Shorts

    All of my clothes have been getting tighter and tighter !
       I can't stop eating and its great :3
    I decided to make a short belly play video and show off my jiggly tummy~
    The shorts have gotten crazy tight, I last wore them in the weight and measurements video earlier, I could barely take them off  

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  4. $10.00

    Weighing and Measuring My Curves - First Video

    This is my very first weighing and measuring video. I apologize about the screen shift towards the end, I learned how to fix that a bit too late and I couldn't just do another video as I felt this one had some great footage :3 
    I start by measuring my chubby tummy, and comparing how much bigger I've gotten since joining the site (...a week prior!) then I jiggle my belly and check all the other measurements  
    Stay tuned for the grand total starting point as I start my journey to 180lbs.

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  5. $3.00

    Bathing in a blue bikini

    Here is a short little clip of me hopping into the shower with my tiny blue bikini and getting all soaped up while I jiggle my belly and all of my wobbly bits! 

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