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  1. $5.50

    Fat Babygirl

    One of my favorite nocturnal rituals is to take a shower, put on my little nightgown (which almost does not even cover my huge butt) and warm up some milk in my pink bottle. I thought it would be great to share this moment! I feel particularly adorable with two little ponytails, my bottle of milk and my pink pajamas. I enjoy like a baby filling myself with milk just before I go to sleep, so I feel my stomach swollen and warm to rest even better. Besides, I feel particularly adorable, showing me that I'm vague and gluttonous!
    I thought you would like to see my weight gain process and keep in track on my increasingly larger curves. 
    XOXO, Amanda 

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  2. $3.00

    Big things come with BBW Jayde SensualPlus

    This is me in all my glory...big, beautiful and bold. You like them big? Well I won’t disappoint xx Everything I have is extra big for extra fun and I’d love to have you horny over me.
    I take all my own photos using my iPhone 8.
    No filters or photoshop applied. 

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