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Filmed in portrait!!! Priced lower!!!

Shar did something terrible.. she slept with her friends boyfriend a while back. And, ever since.. Shar's friend has been trying to get payback on her! Shar has decided to lock herself in the bathroom so she can eat her cupcakes in peace..She's starts to gobble all her cupcakes.. but something happens.. she instantly starts to notice her clothes getting tighter.. she continues to gobble more of her cupcakes.. but then suddenly starts to notice her belly and boobs rapidly growing.. her bra starts to really dig into her and she starts to moan.. but, Shar continues to gobble more cupcakes.. until suddenly.. she's fully BLOWS UP!! Shar doesn't know what is happening and starts to question whether her friend has put something in her cupcakes to make her blow up like that.. but would her friend be that evil?


GS X x

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