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About This File

You are Laura’s boyfriend and you has been making that she gain weight as crazy, but in secret and now she is a big fat pork. This time you convinced Laura  that you have a “remedy’”...  a proteins shake to lose weight!!, but you know that she will only gain more and more lbs.

Laura is ready to follow your advice and drink the proteins. She started showing you how big is her body. Is notorious that her belly is immense and her jeans are super tight...

you are front of Laura and you are encouraging  she to end a bottle of protein and then another one. Her clothes are tighter so, she put out her jeans and shirt, and stay on her sexy tight underwear. You can’t believe how a pig is she and how hot she looks when she massage her belly with oil...

Laura, after a month of been drinking the proteins, she is ready to check how much weight she lost... the true is that she is bigger than ever, but does she suspected about your plan, or not? 

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