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Laura’s feeder has  the best surprise for Laura... a forced stuffing. And as I said, is a surprise. 

She wakes up with a band covering her eyes and completely moored. She don’t know what is going on but then he’s feeder start to play with her belly and showing how big is his pork, for sure,  you are part of this and he knows... that’s why he shows you  how round and soft is Laura’s belly.

Then, her feeder star to feed Laura, a huge container of pasta and 4 cans of beer are the feast.   But Laura don’t want to eat, because she knows that is going to be until she can’t any more... well, she is a pig and she needs to eat as a pig so, her feeder continues with more and more pasta, more beers and more belly play.

Once that Laura ends all the food and beers, the feeder allows Laura to be free of play with her immense belly and her huge body and as a good pork, after that feast, she goes to take a nap... fortunately, her feeder is there to show you how her delicious body looks during her nap. 


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