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Its time for some marshmallow mayhem!!

I decide to stuff myself silly with some giant marshmallows, i add some chocolate spread to them to give them a fatty better taste, these are delicious and I cant help but make noise as I'm shoving them in my mouth..im starting to get really full and bloated but wanna carry on stuffing, these are too delicious to stop now so I take it to next level and pick these marshmallows up with just my mouth.. I manage to gobble a few more of these before I start to feel extra full and bloated..


After my stuffing I decide to sit, bounce and roll around on some balloons.. showing off my new fat,love handles and cellulite I talk a about where its all forming most on my body and show you a close up. I get every angle I possibly can and talk some more about how chubby I really am getting..


**I popped over 8 balloons making this clip and couldn't help but add some uncut scenes of this**



Gs X x 





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