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Its Saturday evening and I'm in such a happy giddy mood.. I'd usually be out on the town with the girls but I took a pass on it! I knew I had ASDA delivering my food shopping at 10am the following the day and that's way more important right now!! I get all my food shopping delivered to my door now its great! 


I cook a gigantic rack of BBQ ribs and a whole heap of seasoned French fries.. I scoff these effortlessly.. I mean I scoff the whole lot and actually want more!!! My appetite is rapidly growing and food just seems to be constantly on my mind! These BBQ ribs are like sex I honestly cant get enough of them! I start to get a lil hot and sweaty and I can feel my arse cheeks heating up.. FFS I'm actually sweating up like I'm running a marathon as I'm eating these..is this even normal ?! What the fuck is this?!  Fuk it! I'm enjoying these way to much to even care and carry on scoffing my face! 


I show you my poochy tummy in high waist leggings from all angles.


GS x X




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