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Getting Fat for my Lesbian Coworker


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Monday night... I can't stop thinking about getting fat for Vicki... we work in the office together, she's shorter and slimmer than me and recently she's taken an interest in me, or shall I say my ballooning waistline. It all started with a little flirtation, dropping off snacks at my cubicle. Then suddenly she confessed that she's in love with my body and wants me to get fatter for her! I was always attracted to her and I can't resist, getting fat for Vicki has become an obsession that drives me to stuff my face every chance I get! As I binge, letting my belly hang out of my tight jeans I tell you ALL about my steamy office romance and confess my darkest desires. I stuff my face with candy bars, donuts and soda~

Tuesday morning... The next morning, I can't squeeze into my work pants! She's really doing this to me, and I love it.. I POP THE BUTTON off my favorite work pants and my belly explodes out.. I don't have time to change again before work, so I'm just going to roll my busted pants up under my belly and hope nobody but Vicki notices. She'll think it's so hot, especially because my favorite button down shirt is straining around my belly and little slivers of soft skin can be seen peeking out from between the buttons. Time for more donuts and Doritos before work to hold me over.. 

Tuesday night... Today was the worst! My boss made me change out of my work pants, thankfully Vicki had some extra leggings I could wear. She must be a sadist, because when I put on the leggings they were stretched SEE THROUGH over my fat ass and everyone could see my panties. Like that's more appropriate than ripped pants, right? But secretly I was so turned on my everyone noticing my abundance of chub underneath my tight top and leggings, it just makes me want to eat even more! I stuff myself in Vicki's leggings, she wishes she could be here right now and see how big of a piggie I'm acting, eating so much for her to squeeze and squish my hot potbelly. 

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