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Its 11.30AM and Shar's having breakfast and messing about on her phone, Shar stuffs 2 sausage and bean pasties from the local fresh bakeries! Shar's really enjoying her breakfast but can hear her family quietly talking about her in the next room.. their talking about her lazy ways and sudden love for food.. Shar chooses to ignore what she can hear and carries on stuffing..

Several minutes later Shar's sister walks in and throws her old running medals at her.. 'what you throwing them at me for'? Shar says to her. Shar's sister replies with 'do a workout fatty'

An hour passes and Shar finally gives in and tries a lil workout.. Shar knows her family are in the room next door so she loudly counts out her sit-ups.. but Shar's lying and loudly counts out more sit ups than what she is seen doing.. this isn't going well for Shar as her sister comes back to tell her to stop doing sit ups on her bed and to get ouside and do it the proper way!!


Shar makes her way to the park.. Shar tries to work out the proper way.. but Shar's embarrassed and she knows her evil sister is stood at the top of the hill taking snaps of her as she struggles to carry her fat out of shape body up the hill.. she touches her belly, cheekily smiles, looks up at the top of the hill and instantly starts to star jump.. her motivation to get fit just isn't there for her anymore!! Shar tries but massively fails!!


Shar tiredly makes her way home throwing a bag of nuts in her mouth..


Shar is never gonna try and workout AGAIN!!!!!






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