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Cream and the Aftermath 1.0.0


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My first whipped cream video yay!! I chug two cans while i play with my expanding belly the whole time! I really love how this stuff makes my gut grow as i guzzle it =]! After i am done with both cans, i give you a "pillow talk" style close up of just how bloated and perfect i have become! enjoy!!

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OK, So the premise of this video is: Watch me guzzle down 2 cans, 1,110 calories and 74 grams of fat in one sitting, while I caress my belly in ecstasy and rotate my growing body on my swivel chair while you ogle at my gorgeously plump belly and thighs from every angle.

Then, follow me to my chambre, where I give you an up close and personal look at my softest bits, including all my new stretch marks. You explore with me every fold, crease and roll, before my ‘down there’ cam beckons you to please me in the most intimate of ways.

Ultimately satisfied, I begin to sign off, but realise as I’m looking at the camera screen how damn hot I’m looking and can’t help but keep the camera rolling an additional 2 minutes, when I instruct you to ‘calm down’ as I can see you’re getting a little over excited. I then nod off to sleep in the most beautiful of ways, while all those calories work their magic.

Not too bad a premise, hey?

Honestly, what else is there to say about this girl? How can she just keep getting better and better?
I am just so overwhelmed by her dedication and commitment, which is playing off so wonderfully.
Her belly is no longer perfectly smooth, but rippled and undulating as new stretchies form and the skin struggles to keep up as more cellulite is deposited beneath. It really is a delight to behold and is without doubt the most beautiful belly creation I have ever seen.

As I’ve said before, her legs and arms are becoming quite beautifully plump now. My God they are gorgeous. Check out her left forearm and the left knee dimple in my attached pics. They are fatter than ever.

As always, I look for special little bits in Tay's vids. Bit's that she's not even aware that she's doing. And sometimes, they're my fave bits of all. Check out my attached pics. When she heaves herself up to get her drink, she gives us a stunning front on view of her thighs and hanging belly. So enticing..... Then, as she walks over to the window, a rear shot of her bum and then hips as she moves further away. Just so, so, so, so, so good.

In bed, I've also included some of my favourite angles, ones that not only showcase her wonderfull recent gain, but make it feel like you are actually there in bed with Taytay. Does it get better than that?

I think I'd better sign off now before I get too carried away.

I almost forgot the dress. I love this new dress. I love the pattern and cut. I adore how it's loose, but still reveals the feminine form beneath. And the black is in such fitting contrast to Tay's alabaster skin.

She says in the next vid she'll suck down 3 cans. But this one and make it happen, people.

50,000 stars. 


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