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Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

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Hard to believe that Sara said that she once used to feel so insecure about about her small natural b cup tits that she had when she was crowned playboy playmate of the year. 

Because of her insecurites Sara got a boob job increasing her breast size to a C cup post op.

Those huge growing tits of Sara's are looking a lot bigger than a C cup these days. 

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15 hours ago, dianalorelei said:

She's wider than ever, hotter than ever, and looking happy. I like to think that she's finding herself comfortable with the changes in her body and getting used to it 😊

You might be right about Sara getting comfortable or at least she's accepting the changes in her body.

Her last 2 times that Sara has  experienced a little weight gain it was met with drastic, quick fix measure's. 

The first time Sara gained weight was on a holiday. In Sara's word's at the time "I've put on more than a few pounds" (likely it was as little as 5-10 pounds). This gain was met on her return with her going nuts on weight loss products (for which she was being paid to endorse, but didn't need). Sara got great results, she rapidly lost those extra pounds and then continued using the products and her body was perhaps looking hotter and fitter than ever, her body certainly looking stronger and more ripped than ever.

Over use of diet products comes at a price though because it can damage a persons natural metabolism. This seems to have happened to Sara. Always so skinny, since (over) using all those diet products Sara has struggled with her weight ever since.

Less than 12 months after dropping the holiday weight, Sara's body was looking chubby for the first time in her life. Again, Sara went the for a quick result fix and checked herself in and out of health resorts for six weeks.

Sara got her results, she was looking slim and toned again and was back showing off her abs to the camera. Outside the environment of a health resort though the extra pounds have slowly made their way back onto Sara's body.

Sara's body is getting chubby again, but to date with this third weight gain Sara hasnt made any obvious attempts at rapidly shedding the weight. Maybe Sara is starting to accept her new body or perhaps is now after a few failed attempts is now just resigned to accepting gaining weight whether she likes it or not.

I hope it's the latter.

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