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Office bully comeuppance

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Leanne was the bosses daughter, a stunning. 23 years old thin brat who always walked round in short revealing skirts and a terrible attitude. As her father was away for six months she was in charge of the company and she took full advantage of this, she sat in her office all day everyday, having the workers bring her snacks. Natasha was a girl that leanne went to high school with and picked on, and it hadn't stopped since Natasha started working in the office, she was forced to do leanne work as well as her own and go to the food store for her with her other coworkers. One day, a month after leanne father was away, Natalie was sitting with her friends Rachel and Holly, and couple other colleagues as she noticed something for the first time as leanne walked past. "OMG guys, did you see her belly then, it's gone massive", Holly replied "OMG I know, and her ass and thighs", Rachel chipped in "I'm not surprised, the lazy bitch does nothing but eats all day, and it's starting to show". All three girls were delighted with this weight gain and although it wasn't planned, decided to keep feeding leanne and let her get as fat as possible. The weeks went on and leannes slim body transformed into that of a chubby girl, not that she noticed, but the rest of the office did. One morning leanne marched up to Natasha and said "so it's my birthday next Saturday and I want you to plan me a party, you're in charge of everything, the cake my dress, I'm a size 8" Natasha could barely hold in her laughter "yes of course, a size 8, I can tell" as the whole room burst into silent laughter. "good, and I want the whole office there, with gifts, and invite all of daddy's important friends, I want to be the centre of attention, surely you can manage these simple things right natalie",leanne knows Natashas name but couldn't resist having a dig. That afternoon, Natasha texts the entire office to meet her in the pub that night. As the employees arrived, Natasha proudly stated " so as we've all noticed, Little miss perfect has turned into little miss piggy, and has demanded I organise her birthday, and I say that we turn her birthday into her worse nightmare and pay her back for all the fat bitch has done to us" everybody without hesitation agreed. As the days went on, the group planned there revenge ordering cakes and pies and all kinds of stuff to use against leanne on the night, Natasha ordered a size six dress fo leanne, size 8 would of been too small, but size 6 would show of just how fat the office bully had become. Holly spent the week taking pics of leannes much larger body and put them on a file each one next to leannes Facebook pictures before her weight gain. As Saturday came, some of the Co workers got to the hall early, hiding some of the things they were gonna use later, and Holly started download the files. Natasha arrived late to leannes house, leannes answered in her underwear looking huge, Natasha was so happy as leanne has spent years body's having her, but Natasha has lost weight, and has amazing body and was about to get her revenge. Leanne put on the size six dress and her body was pouring out of it, causing Natasha to uncontrollably smile. As they arrived at the party, the office workers were delighted that their boss and bully looked so fat, while her father's friends were in shock "one woman said to her husband and daughter" oh dear, the last few months has no been kind to her body" her husband "you mean food has not been kind to that gut", and their daughter who a year above her and knew what a bitch she was "I am made up, she is such a brat, and now she's fat, karma works". There were many of leannes past victims around, in awe of her chunk body and so excited for what was about to happen. Natasha got up on stage and said "please welcome on stage, the girl tonight is all about, leanne smith" as leanne wobbled on stage, the were giggles spreading around the room."first of all leanne thankyou for coming and happy birthday" "thankyou" smirked leanne. "but that is not why we are All tonight, we are here, because you have bullied and humiliated girls for theit weight for years, and here you are, weighing about 16 stone, trying and failing to pull of a size 6 dress, it's amazing", as leanne tried to run off stage, her employees blocked her exit, as Rachel grabbed her by her hat and dragged her to a chair in the centre of the stage. "I will have you all fired", "no you won't miss piggy " replied Natasha.  

" unless you want this going viral, now shut your double chin, it time for your presents as we play your video", Holly pressed play as the body comparison video, to the song of U. G. L. Y, played. As Natasha grabbed the massive birthday cake in leannes face and Rachel poured a pitcher of wine of her head. One by one the guest used good and drink to cover leannes fat body.the following day leanne phoned her dad and quit her job, she then took a job as a cleaner, and never bullied anyone again

The end 

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