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Ashley Graham

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Guest PhillyCheeseSteakFanatic

when are these pics from?

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Guest dayman

I'm willing to bet most of the athletes that have appeared in SI would chose her over the majority of the other swimsuit models.

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It's kinda sad that it's so "historic" for a magazine to run a photo of such a beautiful woman.

What's even more sad is that Sports Illustrated isn't actually featuring her, but merely printing an advertisement with her photo.  When the SI Swimsuit Edition does finally feature Ashley Graham as one of their swimsuit models (maybe even their cover model  :o), that will be the day to sing with praise and glory.

Actually, what's more historically impressive here is that the company "Swimsuits for All" has come, in just a few years, from selling floral print swim-dresses that you'd probably only ever see your mother wear, to putting out sexy bikinis that big girls everywhere are eager to buy.

The fact that "Swimsuits for All" has the money and resources to purchase some much coveted ad space in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue (the most widely read issue) is the real success story here.

I suppose a second positive effect here might be to inspire a few jock-head dolts who would normally bash fat girls just because their friends do to stop and reconsider for a moment.

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