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    Sorry I never showed you guys how I looked at my highest weight gain, I was a little bit conflicted with my new body and that’s when I decide to start losing all that weight. I hope at least you get to enjoy it.... soon that same video clip!
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    Good Afternoon My Curvage Family. Just organizing my phone photos and I have a crazy ridiculous amount of fat pictures....I mean, every picture is kinda a fat picture. 🤣🐷🤣
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    Good Morning My Curvage Family! I am wondering what makes you guys want to engage in a post?
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    I’m hungry and want attention. (insert pouty face here) better cover your eyes if you don’t like bratty attention seeking goddesses 😈
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    I’ve been stuffing myself all day
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    The holidays were gooooood to me 👀
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    Just because I can.

    Just because I can.
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    Heeey... good night!!! . . .me after a good Mexican dinner 😘💋✨
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    Going on another vacation 🏖 Lets see how much bigger I’ve gotten when I return? 🐷 I’ll be back the 22nd. In the mean time please remember to vote for me everyday till the 25th! https://avn.com/awards/voting/favorite-bbw-performer This was last nights bedtime snack 🐽
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    I can Wait til i get Bigger so i can Post more