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  1. Hey jenna thanks for sharing first and have you ever thought about becoming a curvage model ? You're already a top on this community so I think you could have a complete success ^^



    1. JennaP


      Hey!! Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it!! And I’ve thought about it... I’ll talk to my boyfriend about it! I’m kinda shy with videos, maybe I’ll start with some Gifs on here😘

  2. mrfatfatfatlover

    What're you listening to?

  3. mrfatfatfatlover


    You look great as well you know ^^
  4. mrfatfatfatlover

    Wife Gained over 100lbs...

    And lovers gonna fap !
  5. mrfatfatfatlover


    You should make a thread in the women of curvage section to start
  6. mrfatfatfatlover

    Vacation Gain

    Just had the hardest boner in the story of humanity . ❤️
  7. Thanks for all the beautiful women on here who help me with their amazing update everyday, to stay hyped at my job as a salesman. Fat girls, you always bring me up during a long day of work and Im glad for that. But at the same, you girls are way too hot and its kinda hard to stay focus after the delightful time I have when taking a look at your updates for a short brake. 

    Cheers ^^

  8. mrfatfatfatlover

    Why do I think pretty girls still look cute in glasses?

    Glasses are hot ! It Gives that lil something
  9. mrfatfatfatlover

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Just a really beautiful women in my opinion ! Always had a crush on her hahaha we all have our star crush and this one is mine ! Nice mom bods nice ^^
  10. mrfatfatfatlover

    Weight Update 3

    Shar, are you the godness of curves sent on earth to show what divine curves are ? If you say no, I'll doubt! You're amazing just the way you are. From th skinny lil model you were to the amazingly fuller beauty you became. Don't stress with the 200 lbs, you'll hit it for sure and probably above so just enjoy you curves the way they are and the whole ride cause DAMNNNNNN, you are amazing, scandelously gorgeous.
  11. mrfatfatfatlover

    Plus-Size Meteorologist Natasha

    Looks like that having a baby sometimes unleash the fat beast of the hideout. Love it !
  12. mrfatfatfatlover

    Obvious overflow

    Without a doubt, you have the hottest and by far, muffintop ever. It always been your best feature and with the growing and the strechies, lately you have getting even hotter. And no doubt about the fact that its the last time you wear these shorts ;P
  13. is it just me or the section '' general video'' in ''other curvy women'' on the forum have been deleted ?

    1. Lordofall96


      yeah where's it gone? it seems like a lot of the topics within have been scattered about the other categories

    2. S77
    3. krazyk


      I'm sure it just got too "chaotic" and  the administrators had to take it off until they had time to sort through it.

      Relax in sure it will be back or at least a viable replacement.

  14. mrfatfatfatlover

    Breakfast With Dee

    Nice rolls
  15. mrfatfatfatlover

    Brace yourselves: Curvy Buena

    this girl a an aboslute bombshell wow I want to marry that ass !