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  1. Hey! So as you all know I’m actively trying to gain up to 225, but I’m getting tired of heavy cream plain or with syrup, and the fatter I get the more calories go to maintenance. Any smoothie recipes that aren’t too huge but taste good? Any tips or tricks to add some easy calories that I haven’t thought of?? Thought about apetamin but I already eat a lot and I don’t want to mess around with medication yet... thanks!
  2. Hey jenna thanks for sharing first and have you ever thought about becoming a curvage model ? You're already a top on this community so I think you could have a complete success ^^



    1. JennaP


      Hey!! Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it!! And I’ve thought about it... I’ll talk to my boyfriend about it! I’m kinda shy with videos, maybe I’ll start with some Gifs on here😘

  3. This is my favorite thread on curvage 😊

    1. JennaP


      Thank you so much!!!

    2. mrfatfatfatlover


      I been here for years now and I must say that it's true for me as well !

  4. JennaP

    Treadmill videos?

    Anyone know of any videos of some chubby women working themselves on a treadmill? Thanks in advance!
  5. JennaP

    fat backsides and bellies

    My girlfriend said this is the ideal body type! Got anymore pics of this girl?
  6. When I first met my girlfriend, she was a slim fit 125 pounds at 5’6”. Increasing portions and my constant spoiling her with candy and treats led her to blow up to 190 pounds over a year and 2 months. When I confessed my preference, she’s purposely gained around 15 pounds and working her way to a goal weight of 210. She is incredibly attractive, I am in love with her swelling breasts and huge belly, but now that she’s so close to her goal I feel myself pining for just a little more. I’m so in love with her growing body, and the thrill of the gain. She’s put on 80 pounds now and I certainly love it, I just want a little more. Is that wrong? She’s been lectured by doctors, family and friends but she doesn’t seem to mind. I spoil her with clothes and gifts, and food, and she said as long as she has new clothes that fit she doesn’t mind the weight. Any advice to keep her gaining? Lots of liquid calories now helping her along, I just want her to feel comfortable with her increasing weight.
  7. JennaP

    Feedee’s health

    They gave us a little home blood sugar monitor, and so far she hasn’t had any high readings since, definitely not into prediabetes at all so we’re thankful for that. I still want her to cut back on sweets a little but so far that’s not working for her lol. She is talking a 15 minute walk daily, and plans to slowly up it.
  8. JennaP

    Feedee’s health

    For those of you in a feeder/feedee relationship, what are your thoughts of your feedee as her weight increases? My girlfriend is starting to get incredibly out of shape, a single flight of stairs is enough to leave her breathing heavily for a couple minutes. She has a hard time holding a conversation on a brisk walk around the block, and definitely doesn’t last long on top during sex. I find her very sexy and like the way the weight has changed her body and lifestyle, but I do worry about long term health. Her vitals came back okay, with blood sugar a little high (probably spiked by a binge at Wendys before the appointment) we are thinking about cutting back on sugar in her diet a bit, which she doesn’t like that idea at all lol. Also working in some light exercise to help increase her stamina a little. She will still be actively gaining, just keeping track of her health a little bit. She’s over 200 pounds at age 21, so she has a lot of life left, and we both ant to spend it together. anybody else have any experience or advice in this?
  9. Feeding this little gut until it can’t hold anymore. Best way to start a morning off 


    1. extra_m13


      to be honest i am a bit jelous, but i am glad that you are sharing ! thank  you 

  10. 2 more days until my girls doctor appointment and she is looking as fat as ever! We went to dinner tonight and she stuffed herself with a huge wrap and fries all dipped into at least a half cup of mayo. Then she insisted on dessert and to stop to get some snacks for tonight. Let’s hope she weighs in at least 200 pounds when she gets in that office!

  11. Even a large can’t contain this body anymore! Day one of the food journal and countdown to her doctors appointment one week from today! Weighing in at 195 today, let’s see if we can make it to 200! She’s pushing her heavy cream intake to 2 full cups a day. Encourage her!


    1. dsadas


      Wow two cups? She will get there, would be amazing to break the 200 lb mark!! next stop the 100 kg mark at 220 lbs?

    2. dsadas


      I also hear melted ice cream is pretty fattening 😉

  12. Quick picture of my beautiful fatty for everyone to see. The weight just keeps piling itself on and the feedings continue. Her panties are slowly disappearing in rolls of fat. She just can’t help herself having “one more cookie” and I’m loving the results. Let us know what you think! That bra is a C cup and she outgrew it around 30 pounds ago. 


  13. Today marks one full week my girls been drinking heavy cream every morning! I know it’s crazy, but I swear she is fatter. She has a double chin coming in, her arms are swelling, and she just looks so fat! Gonna try and get her on the scale at some point today. Last week she weighed in at 190, so let’s see! Today we went out to Wegmans to grab some breakfast and she wore a pretty tight outfit. She got a number of stares, especially when she ate two donuts and a huge soda. Enjoy the neck rolls she has coming in 😏







    1. Gusto


      Heavy cream is magical:) You can gain 2 lbs a week just by drinking a little over a cup of it each day, without increasing your normal food intake. Pretty amazing stuff! I can't believe she's gaining so fast. I can't wait to see what she weighs!

    2. pepe


      I'm guessing she was more than aware of just how good she was looking in those shorts, knowing that the stares couldn't have come as too much of a surprise :wub:

  14. My girl wants to know:

    how much would you guess she weighs if we didn’t tell you?


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Height would be helpful, but with what we have, is also guess somewhere around 190/200.

    3. Potet


      Im guessing 210 +/- 10lbs depending on height. Hopibg she'll at least double that weight :)

    4. bauman1979


      180, but lack of height does make it difficult.

  15. Captured her moment of defeat when she failed to be able to pull up the only pair of pants she could find at the moment😂 tease away


    1. Gusto


      I sure hope you have $ in the bank because she is going to outgrow her entire wardrobe soon, if she keeps eating the way she has been;-)

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      I can just imagine the heavy breathing and gasping from that out of shape girl finally giving up on those tiny pants. :D