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  1. pillow

    The New Warden and Catwoman

    Hello everyone, I am glad you all like my story so far. Feel free to give advice to help better my writing. I tried to slow the pacing down a bit and went slightly deeper in the details. Let me know if I over did it, thank you.
  2. pillow

    The New Warden and Catwoman

    The Warden alone sat in the room, embracing the sight of her prized test subject on the monitor. The world renowned thief now slept on the couch exposed for her true self. With her clothes thrown to the floor, she wore a black bra overflowing with her flesh and a matching pair of black underwear digging into her flabby body. In Selina's mind she was still the naught little vixen putting of a show for her watchers. In reality she was an out of shape porker pushing the scale into the mid 170s. No longer did she sit on the couch with her catty like pose and crossed legs. Instead, she would meet the couch with a slight thud, and then proceed readjusting her ill fitted underwear. The sandwiches, oatmeals, and chicken dinners were quickly rotated out for meals such as pancakes, pizza and tacos. Selina hardly noticed this as her attention was now glued to the TV all the time. Her eyes wouldn't leave the TV even during her meals, as she just shoveled it in till it was gone. This would always be meet with regret, as she sank into the couch feeling stuffed. That never stopped her from opening a bag of snacks soon after. It almost felt wrong to her if she wasn't eating something while watching TV. She would lay there slouched on the couch as she slowly starts munching away and as the pounds began to pile onto the poker. The Warden eagerly awaited to wake the eating machine she created, but she had to be patience. Four to five hours was the target amount sleep for the subject to function properly but remain vulnerable to the subliminal messages. For today was a special day that the Warden wanted to witness herself. She left a little trigger in the fridge, hoping to see if extending phase 1 by two weeks would pay off. Beeeeeeeeeeeep "Hu h." A slumbering villain awoke with a startle. 'Ugh, I can't believe I feel asleep during the finale.' It took a while before Selina decided to actually get up, obeying the cries from her stomach. But eventually she found herself walking to the newly restocked fridge. Even her posture told the story of her newly acquired lifestyle, as she slouches forward let her stomach spill over her waistband more easily. A slight smile appeared on her face as she opened the fridge. 'Now lets see what do I want toda.....' Her eyes were quickly drawn to the white bakery box with a note on it. 'Oooh, come to mama.' She greedily grabbed the box and placed it on the counter. Here is your cake. -Warden 'Well it is about damn time. I was getting ready to bust out of here any day now.' Within the moment she had a mouth full of the cheesecake, slowly enjoying the taste. It was hard for her to describe the feeling, it just simply satisfied her. It was like she had another stomach in her just for this cake, as she couldn't seem to get enough of it now. She savored the creamy texture in her mouth along with the overwhelming flavor. It seemed to taste even better now than what she remembered. 'You did well little miss warden, I need to find out where you buy these form. I'll be sure to pay you a visit on my way out.' She just stared at the note for a few seconds before it finally hit her. 'Huh, now the I think about I've never actually seen her.' She slowly shoved another fork full into her mouth as she tried to piece together the Warden. 'I wouldn't be surprised if she looked like that nut job Hugo Strange, that guy gave me the creeps.' Just thinking about him gave her the shutters. 'Still, I gotta teach this new girl a lesson for putting me in solitary confinement so soon. I will be sure to make it quick, it is not like she'll put up much of a fight for someone like me.' All of a sudden her heart began to beat faster as the idea of losing entered her head. 'Sure I just lost to that brat Robin, but that is because Nightwing and Batman trained him. Then there is the bitch Tali and even Harley got the best of me a couple of times....' Her confidence began to fade as she continued thinking of her failures. Her shoulders lowered and stance weaken, leaning more and more onto the counter, causing her belly to push against the surface. A sudden wave of heat seem to hit her. Sweat formed on her forehead and body, with heavy breathing right after. Her heart began to beat faster and faster as her doubt began to grow. Facing the Warden suddenly felt like taking on Superman himself. Her image of the Warden transformed into a black shadowy figure lurking over her. Another forkful of cake flew into mouth to try to break the image, but to no avail. Her nerves got to her as she quickly went in for another, stuffing her mouth and cheeks to the brim. She found the sensation of having her mouth full like that giving her great pleasure, letting out a drawn out moan and releasing her from the stress. Her heart began to settle and confidence returning as she headed back to the couch, cheesecake in hand. 'I mean the Warden can't put up a fight if she doesn't see it coming, I hope...' The Warden's excitement grew as she just witnessed Catwoman's little episode. Maybe to anyone else it wouldn't of looked like much from the monitor, but that was because they didn't know what to look for. As it was the fear in Selina's eyes that told the whole story. It was now the Warden's job to continue growing that fear and break Selina's invincible mindset. Soon she wouldn't feel like she is above the law, and discover that the world is a harsh and dangerous place. The once feared villain of Gotham would soon feel her heart sink at just the sight of the Joker on TV. The adrenaline and rush when stealing a crown jewel would soon be a thing of the past. The only adrenaline and rush she would get is from sneaking out a donut or two during her diet, as shame and embarrassment would follow right after. All of this was in the Warden's grasp, she just had to be patience. "One more week..." She mumbled to herself as she got up. "One more week until phase 2."
  3. pillow

    The New Warden and Catwoman

    Feel free to let me know what you think. I wasn't sure if I went over stuff to fast or spent to much time on little details. I will try to take the feed back into the next parts, thanks.
  4. pillow

    The New Warden and Catwoman

    The new warden of Arkham Asylum looked at her new prisoner through the glass mirror. Given the task to turn down the escapes from Arkham was her number one priority. Who more prefect to test the new process on then the master escape artist herself, Catwoman. She then pressed the button as she began to speak into the microphone."Now Miss Kyle, you do know that this place is only for those with a mental illness?" "Oh yes I know that darling. You see, I just have this strange urge to take something to my liking. Wheater it belongs to someone is no concern of mine, I believe my lawyer described me as a kleptomaniac." The tone in Selina's voice caused the warden to snap her pen with frustration. Selina just sat alone in the room grinning at the mirror in front of her as the warden contained herself to finish the interview. "I see." Looking over to the scientist besides her, they seemingly gave her the okay. "Well I hope you enjoy your stay her in arkham and live.... comfortably. "------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------Now dressed in the standard orange uniform, Selina tried to have some fun with the guard. "How long do you think you can keep me locked up this time? A week? A day?" The guard just ignored her taunting and continued walking her downstairs to her personal room. "Don't be like that big guy, I will be sure to say goodbye to you when I escape." They then came to a door that she knew far to well. "Solitary confinement already, booo. At least let me say hello to my dear old Ivy or Harley." Without a response the guard just shoved her into a surprisingly lit room and closed the door. In fact the whole room came to a surprise to Selina. It resembled a studio apartment more than a cell. It had everything; an actually bed, bathroom, couch, fake windows, fridge, TV, all crammed into a 20x20 space."I hope you like the adjustments I made to the solitary confinement cell." Selina looked around and found the Warden's voice coming from the speakers around the room. "I felt like the old one was to barbic for proper rehalibtation. Let us know if anything is not to your liking, we can hear and see you if anything is needed."'Meeeeeow' Selina quickly scooped out the room for any flaws or exploits for her escape and found many. 'This warden must be even more crazy than the rest us.' Extra sheets, bobie pens, easy access to electrical equipment, it was almost like they wanted her to escape. The only annoying part was the constant sound of the elevator like music playing in the room. "You rehalibaation process will begin in two weeks." The voice from the speakers announced. "Until then make yourself at home. You are a patient in my care, not a criminal. I will correct you into the image I see fit for you to adjust into society again."'Will see about that little miss warden.' Wasting no time she then plopped onto the couch and turned on the TV. 'There ain't no rush to leave this time. Might as well enjoy this little vacation I have been given.'Back in the office the Warden began scribbling something in her journal. "Begin phase one of the plan. I want all of you to document all changes that you see through this phase precisely." The Warden then walked out leaving her assistants to monitoring Catwoman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 weeks later"Geesh Debbie how can you be so *munch* dumb. He's clearly the killer." Selina has gotten pretty comfortable in her new living space. Although the idea of watching TV all day sounded horrible to her at first, she quickly came around to it thanks to the music playing in the background. "Don't say I didn't warn you *munch*." In fact this has pretty much became her daily life now, sitting on the couch talking to the TV with a snack in her hand. The Warden watched with pleasure as her first test subject began falling deeper into her plan. More and more often Selina found herself passing out on the couch rather than heading to bed. Mostly thanks to her losing all track of time. The absence of mirrors also made her lose track of her weight. In her mind she was the still the same sly Catwoman that roamed the darker side of Gotham. The music made it so the thought of putting on weight never crossed her mind. Her mindset was to let go and enjoy every bit of this little break. She felt like she could escape at anytime she wanted.*Hmpf* With a little extra effort she got off the couch, leaving a bit of her stomach exposed. She quickly tossed her empty bag aside and headed off to fetch a new snack. No longer was her body that of a criminal able to run circles around the Gotham police force. Now what stood was a body that would jiggle at the slightest jog. Perhaps at one point a lean body of 140 pounds of muscle walked around this room, but now it was replaced with a pudgy body of 160 pounds of jiggle. Almost by second nature she pulled down the orange shirt as it was nearing its limit of containing her expanding belly.The worse of the added weight however was her bottom half. Sitting nearly all day caused her toned ass to turn into a soft cushion one. All over, her body devopled a new layer of fat during her stay. "I'm sorry to inform you Miss Kyle, but we wouldn't be able to begin today after all. There has been an emergency that I must take care of."It came as news to hear that 2 weeks have passed already but she just rolled with it. "Oooh, let me guess. A prison break accord." A sly chuckle came from the newly soften face. "I'm telling you hun, you can't keep us down for long." she then continued to open a bag cookies."*munch* You should just keep us here for a week or whatever makes you feel good about yourself and let us free after *munch*." Selina continued lecturing the camera with one hand digging into her waist and another with a cookie. "Otherwise guards will get hurt and wardens will get fired. Speaking of which, will you be a good little warden and fetch me some more of the cheese cake I had earlier? Otherwise, I will go get it myself and you will have another prison break on your hands *munch*." She then plopped herself on the couch and continued the watch TV."Is she ready for phase 2 yet Warden?" The assistant then flinch as the Warden responded with a snapped pen." No." A long pause filled the air as she muddled with her thoughts. "Keep her on phase one for two more weeks. Add this command with the current list of tracks we have playing for her. She seems to not understand the position I hold over her yet, it is time she realized where she stands."
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    From Madera, I think that is sort of close o,O