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  1. MacChief

    Jenna Coleman Morphs

    I can't recall if these photos were part of the Screencap link in the original post, but here are a few morphs I did of Jenna Coleman.
  2. MacChief

    Local news and weather babes with more padding

    I thought Elisa looked good when she was kinda chubby before she got married.
  3. MacChief

    Meredith Marakovits - MLB Reporter

    I was wondering when someone other then me would notice her. LOL. To me she always seems to get thicker as the season goes on. Also I remember one season, I forget how far back, she ended up having som injury to her leg or foot towards the end of the season.
  4. MacChief

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    It was the Just Shoot Me episode that was posted earlier.
  5. MacChief

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    I was disappointed with the episode as well. I don't remember exactly what the point was but I remember reading something once about this episode somewhere where someone had mentioned that the actress who played Maya had a weight problem when she was younger. Like I said I don't remember exactly if it was a viewer had a problem with it because of that, if maybe the actress herself had a problem with it, or it if that bit of info made the episode more intresting to someone.
  6. MacChief

    Lisa Kelly

    To me one possibility that Lisa is absent is that she went to work with another IRT driver, I don't recall if they were partners, an that driver then died in a Plane crash. So maybe she just didn't want to do it. She did take a break from IRT before if I recall. Sorry if that came off rude.
  7. MacChief

    Emily Deschanel

    She had a second child in 2015, maybe she hasn't lost all the baby weight.
  8. MacChief

    Rachael Ray

    There has been talk for awhile about axing her show, though because viewership is down. Not because of her weight.
  9. MacChief

    Natalie Sawyer

    I thought there was a thread about her already? Though I don't think its been updated in years.
  10. MacChief

    New Site new features!

    Everything looks good. Don't worry about the site not being 100% yet, it better to roll things out then to bombard everyone with everything all at once.
  11. MacChief

    Curvage's most desired celebrity gains?

    Been meaning to post my list for a while. I think my list has a lot of lesser known women then most have posted. Kelly Clarkson Kaley Cuoco Amy Schumer Christina Hendricks Michelle Trachtenberg Anne Hathaway Jenna Coleman Katharine McPhee Emily Deschanel Erin Andrews Haylie Duff Hilary Duff Rachel Ray Shawn Johnson Brooke Baldwin (Reporter) Erin Burnett (Reporter) Julie Banderas (Reporter) Simona De Silvestro (Race car driver) Bridget Moynahan Maggie Lawson Cote De Pablo Stana Katic Alana De La Garza Robin Tunney Lindy Booth Lacey Chabert Marisa Ramirez Vanessa Ray Daniela Ruah Zoe McLellan Emily Wickersham Diane Neal Scottie Thompson A.J. Cook Paget Brewster Melissa Fumero Erin Krakow Alicia Witt Katrina Law Kristy Swanson
  12. MacChief

    Nicole Briscoe (lovely ESPN Sportscenter reporter)

    He's name is Ryan Briscoe use to race in the Indy Car Series full time, with Sportscars on the side, but I believe he is moving full time in to Sports Cars. Nicole use to be apart of the ABC/ESPN's IndyCar coverage then moved to ESPN's Nascar coverage back when ESPN had a contract to air races. Have no idea what ESPN has her doing since they ESPN lost that contract. Just know she was one of the few ESPN kept. Nicole also use to be a cheerleader in High school with Danica Patrick.
  13. MacChief

    Milana V ... aka the AT&T girl

    I was wondering when someone would post something about that commercial after I found this the other day.
  14. MacChief

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    I think that was a few weeks ago, I'm not 100% sure. I wasn't trying to sound like she couldn't still look the way she did in the episodes, I mean she could, I was just pointing out that the episodes were filmed a few months ago and that it could be possible that she has lost weight, since to me everyone's reactions to the episode updates makes me think that they believe they had been filmed recently.
  15. MacChief

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Everyone is aware that even though these episodes are just airing, they were filmed back in mid-late July/early August right? Chances are, and I hate being the messenger, is that she could have started losing weight by now.