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  1. extra_m13

    Lauren Mellor

    nice shape, thin and fit... yes... but nice and sexy as well, you have to recognize that
  2. extra_m13

    Faith Mullen

    this in an interesting situation. i mean... yes, too much of everything on the face. but regarding the curves... 3 possible ways i see from now on and for the next 5 years or so, depeneding on her overall popularity. one, she suddenly and temporary becomes thinner and a fitness promoter, temporarily because it will be the beginning of a never ending yoyo a la... like a lot of ladies that we have seen around here. another scenario, she really becomes a promoter of curvy woman and makes something of a flag for her, staying chubby. and another one... which looks like a decent possibility right now, she becomes really chubby with age and time. clearly she is not a fan of exercising so those rolls have potential i think. either way, nice to have young ladies flaunting their rolls
  3. extra_m13

    Gorging on Dominos!

    you look so cute, im sure that pizza will do good for you !!! enjoy it my dear
  4. you look absolutely fantastic and it seems to me that you are having a good time eating all the delicious food, can't think of a reasonable reason to stop my dear, thanks for sharing this fantastic journey! never leave us
  5. extra_m13

    Pure Belly Play

    perfect example of the bigger the belly, the more fun ! thanks for sharing, hope you are enjoying the holidays
  6. extra_m13

    Meghan Trainor

    i like her, refreshingly good looking
  7. extra_m13

    Nicki Minaj

    when things look fake... they are not that attractive right?
  8. extra_m13

    Faith Mullen

    19 years? well in that case. i have to say she looks way older in body and face. at this age that face looks like not very promising in 20 years time, too much surgery for my taste, almost fake news. as for the body, yes we always like soft bodies. obviously she has been yoyoing for some time, hopefully she will fill those curves up and be happy, otherwise, it is not going to look pretty
  9. extra_m13

    FA in the Wild, and by wild I mean Starbucks

    the thing i absolutely adore about that scenario is that... yes to starbucks goes every type of lady. there goes the fitness mom who asks for water or some juice and move on but... the young lady who clearly does not exercise and is skinny fat or just plain chubby of simply fat ordering a beverage that is close to 1k calories with excitement and some dessert by the side oh my, that really wins it for me and is the best argument when convincing me of overpaying for a coffee
  10. extra_m13

    Becoming aware of fatter women everywhere. You?

    oh yes, we are all in that mode of looking for fat girls. if not... look for the fat in the girls. sometimes, depending on the body type you can find yes skinny arms, and no boobs but a very acceptable ass or hips and viceversa. usually there is something worth looking at
  11. extra_m13

    Trying on Clothes!

    wow, you are really cute, im looking forward to see a lot more videos from you. fantastic curves,pure joy!!!
  12. extra_m13

    Who is the fattest person you ever knew?

    im sure i haveen seen some really fat people here and there but i am terrible calculating weights... even here that we have barely dressed pics of our beloved models, height can really mess up an estimation so. thanks for sharing, i can only add that yes, anyone over 300-400 pounds must eat an amount of food that it would be difficult for a regular person to match in any given day i think not enough has been said about that
  13. oh yes, that has happened to me and it is absolutely fantastic, you get an automatic turn on wherever you are and your mind goes crazy at the speed of light imagining all sorts of things. judging by the weight of your lady you are having a lot of fun right now, enjoy it man, we all know there may be some bumps ahead, and please keep us updated! im genuily happy for you
  14. extra_m13

    Getting Fat for Christmas

    wow... you look really committed to getting fatter, and more importantly you seem to be enjoying this, you really are a dream come true, thank you for letting us be part of your wonderful journey my dear
  15. extra_m13

    Cake and Oreo Cookies + Coke and Milk

    the world definitely needs more from you, hopefully you are in this for the long haul my dear