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  1. extra_m13

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    I will come in with my 5 cents only because I have been feeling myself a bit guilty lately, if we are not 100% honest here where it absolutely doesn’t matter if we tell truth or lie then what is left. A bit of introduction, an FA fellow, just happy with a wife who has gained some weight, considerable weight to be honest. I’ll try to make this short so I can give you enough preview but go to the point quickly enough. When we started dating she was 125pounds, which was ok for the pettite 5’1 frame, and hope for me was that she has had a big appetite, not just for her size but for any size, on free mode she usually eats at least the same as me, and, me, being over 6ft, well, time should do its job I thought. And it happened just like that. Combining that with the fact that she is not a big fan of exercising, and a pregnancy in between she has now a fairly different figure. Of course during these years, (6 to be precise) there have been several episodes of weight loss attempts, diets, shopping bigger clothes, refusing to throw away the smaller clothes, being really mad at food and then loving it, a bit of everything you can imagine. After the holidays clocking in at barely over 190 pounds she is safely in the obese category. Her beautiful frame has expanded like a work of art, almost evenly giving me a big ass, boobs and a belly to enjoy. With that being said… I have to admit that considering all the gain has been pure fat because she does not exercise, I have to admit that her long term health outlook could be better. The FA in me of course has enjoyed all of it, every failed diet and every pound that has come and for some moments her as well but not truthfully I think. The FA in me would love it if she went all in on gaining for a few months, get her weight to double and live the dream. But the father and husband in me would like her to be able to chase our daughter around and not to be out of breath trying to zip some jeans and her to feel a bit more at peace with her body, that is a never ending quest and I guess I am not the only one with a situation like that.
  2. extra_m13

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    absolutely love when that happens, even if i know she will be with a terrible mood after she realices how much she ate of when the next weigh in comes, those are some of the best moments, when the lady loses control and eats way more than what she should to mantain the weight and even more than her beloved husband, proof of a big appetite, so hot !
  3. so this girl cannot really be thin, she clearly like to eat and since, the physical activity cannot be sustained, the gain will most surely come soon
  4. extra_m13

    Jessica Simpson

    looks like she is almost embracing and going all in on the gain before trying to secure a deal for a reality tv in which she at least tries to lose some of the weight, of course, in the mean time, you go girl
  5. extra_m13

    Stuffing at the restaurant’s pool

    wow... i love the set video of course but, i am most surprised by the context of it. i mean, if you, laura, really liked filming this video, considering all that comes with it, then my sweet laura, you are a true feede and i am guessing that you got a lot of pleasure by filming it and will rejoice on it for many years to come, and will probably gain more than the 15kg i predicted at the beginning of the year, you are absolutely amazing laura, más mexicanas deberían de seguir tus pasos!
  6. extra_m13

    Nicole is raiding the fridge! 2/3

    like? i think it would be fantastic to see that sexy figure of you expand, delightful to witness it and for you pure joy to eat all that the delicious food that goes with it!
  7. extra_m13

    Tabria Majors

    she awakens very strong feelings in me, feeling of desire,
  8. extra_m13

    Nicole is raiding the fridge! 1/3

    like your belly? it is adorable! i love it, thanks for sharing
  9. extra_m13

    Stretch marks

    truth is stretchmarks are part of a notorious gain weight so... good luck
  10. extra_m13

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    if we must... she is skinny so, yes i guess she could gain some but, dangerous road to pick skinny public figure and see if they gain, better to pick out the ones that are actually gaining some
  11. extra_m13

    Ashley Graham

    she looking thinner of its just me?
  12. extra_m13

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    looks like you are a genius, so far, you think this path and strategy is sustainable long term ? are you prepared for a true setback?
  13. extra_m13

    Skinny Girls Who Get chubby

    from skinny to chubby of even 'normal'. is a delicious change, of course, an FA will always want some more
  14. extra_m13

    What if all fat chicks became skinny....

    what? if all fat chicks became skinny? well, simple, that would be horrible