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    Yeah she's pretty but it is kind of depressing she is a model and influencing women that her size isn't an early, painful grave. And she's Canadian, so her compatriots pay for what will likely be exorbitant medications and procedures later in life with health care by their taxes. Whatever, seems clear she is very unlikely to change. RIP
  2. DailyDose

    RIP tumblr

    okay WHAT now I would never expect that...where will the fetishists go lol
  3. DailyDose

    RIP tumblr

    Oh the humanity, alas! What cultural treasures have now been crushed under the boot of censorship! This is worse than the burning of the Library of Alexandria! What shall we do without Mr. Yang's hard-hitting interactive visual masterpiece of digital penises? O tempora, o mores!
  4. DailyDose

    RIP tumblr

    A part in an article I found - the projection is so thick it could post pictures on this site. If tumblr just collapses, I shall shed no tears. The app was slow and buggy anyway. If tumblr deserves any thanks at all, it sometimes had cool aesthetic blogs and interesting diamonds in the rough (who weren't brainwashed), and I must praise it fir inspiring the REACTION against its insanity. Please let the ship keep sinking, though one wonders where the rats shall hop to next.
  5. DailyDose

    RIP tumblr

    Please also keep in mind that because of advertisers, 4chan is splitting in two sites as well, one for regular discussion and one for NSFW (including political, take a guess). This is momentous and the Internet is changing.
  6. DailyDose

    RIP tumblr

    Corporate meddling by Yahoo their owners, advertisers, and radical feminists. I'm not parroting rhetoric here, that is literally tree main causes. I was there for many years. Oh well. All empires decay and fall.
  7. DailyDose

    Weight gain effect on libido

    This may be true, though we must realize lowering of libido itself after years is natural from aging. At such an age I would find fulfillment in my real life activities and hobbies, faith, children, whatever and in the case there's an imbalance I would try to tame in and convert that energy into something productive. I am a firm defender of marriage itself as a concept and realize the sacrifices behind it.
  8. DailyDose

    Gia Sinatra

    She has inner thigh rolls and everything....what a woman
  9. DailyDose

    Diana Sirokai

    She's what the gypsy from Hunchback of Notre Dame should have looked like.
  10. DailyDose

    Proud to be fat

    Du bist absolut wunderschön!
  11. Hello, I just wanted to say I hope you update soon, if not I understand but we really enjoyed your posts about your gf, she was adorable and carrying her weight so well!

    1. Fusanosuke Takahashi

      Fusanosuke Takahashi

      I second that.

  12. DailyDose

    Emily Walden - Model and cosplayer

    Eyebrows as THICC as her hips
  13. DailyDose

    Katalina Gorskikh, another Russian model

    She must overflow every chair
  14. Hi QueenB, um if you're feeling like you need a break from here that's fine,  but we miss your updates here and hope you consider letting us know what's up recently since your last post!  you're seriously wonderful and I hope you update us soon, you're great in every way.

  15. DailyDose

    Sweet Tea

    This post is unexpectedly hot too, you're getting her addicted to sugar