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  1. Do you by any chance have any updates on this girl?


  2. Curvy politician

  3. Curvy politician

    ANgela Rayner only noticed her big chest and softnes now
  4. WHO IS THIS!!!!??? (pretty.young.gainer)

    I really hope the idiot who downloaded this lovely girl to tumbler is ashamed. They have let us share their journey then someone does that
  5. WHO IS THIS!!!!??? (pretty.young.gainer)

    Here she is http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?topic=23840.0
  6. Has anyone got these?

    Hi does anyone have the rest of this group?
  7. Kim KardASShian

    very tight, cute pudge round the waist
  8. Jodie Gasson

    is is that thick crease of chub on her side grrr
  9. Fat WTA Tennis Players

  10. Being teased about being fat

    you mirrored my post in chit chat- yeah I love it!
  11. Hi Just a guy in the Uk who was fit, got chubby, likes being teased and food. Anyone out there
  12. I like being teased... weird?

    anyone on here enjoy it? Or enjoy teasing?
  13. I like being teased... weird?

    Hi I know it is weird, but wondered what others thought. In about a year I put on a lot of weight, and when folk saw me they were shocked... gasped etc. I love it.... does anyone else?
  14. Button shirt

    a few