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    Erica Lauren

    Unfortunately that photo is morphed, here is the original, still a beauty! 😍
  3. maybejames

    Who is this stuffer?

    That is our very own Kyra Kane, you can buy her content here
  4. maybejames

    Face/Upper Body

    Is she 18? 🤔
  5. maybejames

    Face/Upper Body

    No problem! I can do this with this one:
  6. maybejames

    Face/Upper Body

    How is she meant to read that book with the pages dog-eared like that? 😋
  7. maybejames

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    2014 Calendar Cover vs. 2019 Cover Spot the difference:
  8. maybejames

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Slightly higher resolution image: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2338/5063/products/Lucy_Collett_2019-PRINT_Page_14.jpg
  9. maybejames

    Eva Simons

  10. maybejames

    Wife/girlfriend vs porn/fat websites

    In answer to one of your questions, I agree with you, I think for most guys being in a happy relationship and looking at porn online is fairly normal. Guys don't normally form emotional bonds to the plethora of “perfect” models they sees online, not in the same way that your boyfriend has formed a bond with you. I think you are close to the mark by saying he is probably 'just blowing off steam', by acting out fantasies in his head with a little help from the 'net. If he is having sexual conversations with other women online then that is obviously crossing the boundary of trust a couple in a relationship have together. Without hard evidence you have to assume he isn't, if you start wrongly accusing him you risk becoming the overly paranoid girlfriend. The best solution is probably to talk to him openly about this. Communication & trust are the foundation of a healthy relationship. If his involvement in this community is hurting you then let him know. Try asking him those six questions 😋
  11. maybejames

    Anyone know who this is?

  12. maybejames

    Maybe/maybe not bbw model

    Yes, on this site as a Curvage Model 😍
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  14. maybejames

    Amber Nova

    No problem, I've moved the thread to the plus size model subforum.