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  1. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ Look at those curves!! 😍
  2. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    At this point you have to think that there have to be girls who love wrestling Nicole as it gives them the opportunity to feel her beautiful doughiness
  3. SapphicCurves

    Jorja Smith

    Oh my... 😍
  4. SapphicCurves

    Lauren Wray

    They love your curves, sweetie! 😍
  5. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ Just keep eating, sweet Hayley😍
  6. SapphicCurves

    Oprah Winfrey

    I don’t think she was ever quite as heavy as in that pink dress....gawds she was MASSIVE! And from the looks of her latest video she’s well on her way to putting back the weight she’d lost over the last couple of years....might she get there again?
  7. SapphicCurves

    Kim KardASShian

    SilverBlonde!Kim is by far my fav Kim...now if only she would get pregnant with that hair colour, omg 😍
  8. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    I think everyone wants to touch it
  9. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    Wow...hopefully she'll continue to find work in Canada and Europe!
  10. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    ^ Oohhh, so nice to see Nicole go back to a bare midriff! And she’s looking noticeably softer, too, the added thickness really enhances the quivering of her arms — she’s looking incredible! ❤️
  11. SapphicCurves

    My friends Will Think I am FAT. Part 2

    Dayum, girl! Watching you struggle to shoehorn that magnificent booty into that too-tight skirt is a sight for the ages! And the way it enhances the bulge of your beautiful tummy is a bonus -- you deserve to be worshipped ❤️
  12. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    And goes sleeveless at least once late in her pregnancy!! 😍
  13. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    If they're looking for ratings they should flaunt her magnificent midsection. not hide it ❤️
  14. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    Omg she’s got to be inching close to 190, maybe even 195 now....wow!!
  15. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ Purrrrr ❤️