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  1. SapphicCurves

    butt belly hips arms Boobs ass compilation ( butt from today

    Gawds she's incredible...how do you resist going there every single day??
  2. SapphicCurves

    butt belly hips arms Boobs ass compilation ( butt from today

    OMG!! Is that the same barista goddess from your May 18 post?? Please tell me it’s her, pleasepleaseplease
  3. SapphicCurves

    Caroline Dolehide

    Busty 19 year old pro Tennis player, currently playing Venus Williams at the Rogers Open today First, pics from 3-4 years ago: Then pics from this year: I think I've just discovered my fav new WTA player -- wow! And watching her match with Venus, it's astonishing that despite her girth and boobs, her mobility is actually really good...she outhustled Venus on several shots! Hopefully she keeps the weight going forward...
  4. SapphicCurves

    Natalie Sawyer

    She's looking so gorgeous....can't imagine that Sky let her go, omg
  5. SapphicCurves

    Friend getting fat

    ^ She's really starting to develop some lovely rolls 😍
  6. SapphicCurves

    Chubby Couple On Vacation

    Niiiiccceee! She almost looks like she could be that muffintopped goddess in Alexalexalexalex's coffee shop pics
  7. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    Oohhh, could this be why she's been bulking up of late? In hopes of making an impression?
  8. SapphicCurves

    Kim KardASShian

    Still fantasize about her getting pregnant again one day...
  9. SapphicCurves

    Gym Babes(and non-gym candids)

    Gawds that booty is amazing -- is she doing the Kim K workout plan to try and make it even bigger??
  10. SapphicCurves

    fat backsides and bellies

    Dang, so many curvy cuties on that subway!
  11. SapphicCurves

    Lauren Wray

    Leggggssss ❤️
  12. SapphicCurves

    Friend getting fat

    Her tummy is growing out of her top -- love it! ❤️
  13. SapphicCurves

    Kris Williams

    ^ 5' 8"
  14. SapphicCurves

    Kris Williams

    So she crept back up to 202.2 😍 She's determined to lose weight...but I figure if she didn't do it for her wedding (when she had a year to do it), and packed it all back on (and then some) afterward, she won't this time either. She's so gorgeous at anything 180+....the extra weight give her some lovely softness Also, she's said many times she wants to have kids....but hasn't started yet, and she'll be 38 soon. Even if she does whittle her way back to the 180s she'll put it right back come her first pregnancy...
  15. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    I’m drooling....damn what I wouldn’t give to oil her up *melts*