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  1. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ Sleeveless Hayley!!! *faints*
  2. SapphicCurves

    Female wrestlers

    She's definitely gaining...I'm guessing she's packed on maybe 15-20 pounds in the last year
  3. SapphicCurves

    butt belly hips arms Boobs ass compilation ( butt from today

    Same....I'd eat there every day She really knows how to flaunt it...as if her shape alone wasn't enough, she wraps the apron around her hips to FURTHER accentuate her muffintop...no way that's incidental With my luck though, it's probably too far to be feasible for me
  4. SapphicCurves

    butt belly hips arms Boobs ass compilation ( butt from today

    G Gods she's incredible...the perfect muffintop...and the denim of her pants is stretched so tight it almost seems like rubber...wow... Best of all is that she's obviously working at some bistro somewhere...I would be a regular customer for sure Dayum, but this gal might just be my new all-time fav! Did you see her face? Because if she’s pretty on top of everything else I think I’m gonna build a shrine to her lol
  5. SapphicCurves

    DV FURYous Candids

    Wow! That is one of the best booties I’ve seen — what a find! Am just wondering if she’s a customer or works behind the counter? If the latter, it means you can see her again and again and again
  6. SapphicCurves

    No Hiding the Belly!!

    I’m not sensing pregnancy in her shape — just a swelling of her paunch caused by a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and a gradually slowing metabolism. Would so love hug her from behind and gently pat it...it looks so pattable
  7. SapphicCurves

    No Hiding the Belly!!

    Oohhhh, I was hoping we’d see more of her — I just didn’t expect we’d see more in the literal sense Her paunch has definitely swollen — and she has what appears to be a sweet-filled drink, too! So happy to see she isn’t trying to work it off! Is that the first time you’ve seen her since two months ago?
  8. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ She’s a growing girl!
  9. SapphicCurves

    Friend who’s gained a few..

    ^ new pics aren’t loading
  10. SapphicCurves


    That gal is AMAZING! She’s just the perfect combination of firmness and thickness — her arms are divine! The way the store apron enhances her curves is delicious — and she gets bonus points for wearing a white top And her hair is sexy af — was she pretty on top of all her other qualities?? Please tell me you need to shop there again
  11. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Let's hope it holds true! And please let there be sleeveless wedding pics!
  12. SapphicCurves

    Friend getting fat

    Love the curvature of her throat And her boobies And her midsection roll Are you in a plane?
  13. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ *faints*
  14. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Oohhh, she’s almost sleeveless, too...