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  1. Kestrel

    Weight Gain/Curvy Girl advertisments

    Yeah, the worst part was it was one of the least awful for that product. I mostly shared it because the actress is cute.
  2. Kestrel

    Weight Gain/Curvy Girl advertisments

    A couple more good ones, found through youtube's increasingly impressive suggested videos feature.
  3. Kestrel


    My favorite has got to be Steph Cherrywell, aka SSakurai aka Supercake Studio, etc. Their comics hit the sweet spot for me, always having a good story to go with the weight gain. I'm also a fan of the humor and somewhat realistic pacing. Be warned though, a lot of Steph's older comics end on cliffhangers. For anyone who's interested I'd recommend checking out Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy or Intragalactic as good starting points for Steph's style. My second place favorite is the wonderful KipTeiTei, who always can be counted on for cute stories with plenty of fanservice. Kip does a pretty good job of including enough story to keep things interesting, and her latest No Lunch Break is her finest work to date.
  4. Kestrel

    Chanelle Hayes

    Looks like she ended up going for girl on grill action instead.
  5. Kestrel

    Natalie Sawyer

    Remember when the Sky women used to hide their bellies behind tablets? Devices are getting smaller as their users are getting bigger.
  6. Kestrel

    Kelly Brook

    I wonder what she's hiding under such a large and concealing scarf...
  7. Kestrel

    Weight gain schadenfreude

    Anna's wedding is great! Anyone who hasn't tried it yet should definitely give it a go.
  8. Kestrel

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Woah! I had been wondering why she wore such tight skirts before, but it looks like we have our answer. It looks like she was using tight leather skirts to hold her belly in, which turns out to be quite a bit larger than I would have guessed. Perhaps she thought she could get away with wearing something more forgiving as long as ti was in a dark color, but the studio lights are doing a good job of showing off every pound. Alternatively, perhaps she simply couldn't fit into her tight leather skirts anymore and had no choice but to pick something with more room.
  9. Kestrel

    Female wrestlers

    One from her younger days And look how much smaller she was even just over a year ago in the NXT, no way she'd fit into this outfit now.
  10. Kestrel

    Brittany Lincicome

    Woah! It's funny, a while back she looked like she was suffering from size denial, still wearing outfits from her thin days. Then, she appears to have bit the bullet and bought clothing that actually fit. Now it looks like the story is repeating only at a larger size. I'm sure when she bought these clothes she thought they were the largest she'd ever need, but fate (and fat) had other plans.
  11. Kestrel

    Online teasing/fat shaming

    Sounds like fun! I'm game.
  12. Kestrel

    Kelly Brook

    Call me suspicious but her recent "weight loss" might not have been as dramatic as it looked. She's been caught before photoshopping her candid shots to a frankly ridiculous extent and recently her instagram has been mostly throwback pictures. Combine careful dress, sucking it in, and flattering poses and she could have been hiding quite a few pounds.
  13. Kestrel

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    Sorry to doubt you, I just had a hard time believing so many amazing stories could happen to a single person.
  14. Kestrel


    Kind of ridiculous and over the top, I guess to be expected from the source, but the description here reads almost like some stories I've seen posted around these parts... http://www.nationalenquirer.com/politics/hillary-clinton-shocking-30-pound-weight-gain/