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  1. I swear Curvage models are ushering in a new era of prime bbw content! It's very exciting

    1. ted


      I agree. I can remember wondering if this place would ever amount to anything and now it's the PLACE to be a model. Everything else seems old. I am pleasantly surprised with how awesome this place has become.

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    lets see how big she can get!

    Far from where I would want it to be, but it's been one of the hardest morphs ever. Still, I hope you enjoy
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    Diana Sirokai

    I also checked in after a few weeks without seeing her and I can't deny she looks deliciously bigger in recent shots
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    make that ass nice and big please

    Some lbs later...
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    I don't feel quite as proud of this one, but here it goes, hope you guys like it
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    She might have outgrown her jeans...
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    Isabella Amara

    So I was scrolling through the infinity war cast and found this beauty that also appeared on homecoming. She's 19 so I doubt that there was a forum of her, but I thought I would share some photos
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    Where's Radiant Renee

    Does anyone know anything new about her? I hadn't checked her accounts in a few months, but I found them basically how I left them, she must've grown some more by now
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    College Body Ready

    P6: May Come on, don’t trick yourself, you’re too fat for this, thought Mary to herself while trying a pair of high heels. “You look radiant, own it girl!” said Jane when she she saw her outside, and she was right, Mary thought she had never looked more feminine and big at the same time. ‘Splat’ a loud creaking noise was heard inside the dressing room followed by what seemed to be a fall, Jane mostly knew what had happened, but she still asked Mary if she was alright. Inside the changing room, Mary was still turned on by the fall. When the heel broke, her ass touched the ground a few milliseconds before she even knew what was happening. When they left the store, the girls had purchased a few hundred dollars in new clothing, since nearly nothing was fitting well. It was now May, and because both girls had gotten used to the stress of university, they had visited their families more often during the trimesters, Mary had come home every three weeks, which kept her parents from seeing big changes on their daughter. She always brought clothes in her bag, because nothing in her room’s closet back home was fitting, and she didn’t want to upset her parents. She thought she looked hot in her old clothes, and sometimes brought them over as a gift for Jane to model in, or as a sort of lingerie to tease Karl about her progress. A few months had passed since January and both girls thought they were at the peak of their sexiness. Jane was doing really well with the modeling, and even had a thing going on with John, she had recently plateaued somewhere above the big 3, at least her fourth trimester card put her 12 pounds over that, and the scale back at the dorm had been giving errors for them both for a few days now. Mary on the other hand had grown the most, and was now reaching Jane really fast. It seemed that her old routine really slowed her metabolism down, so when she let herself go, she gained about 20 pounds just in January, and Ryan couldn’t had enough of her. Her last reading had been 264lbs a few days back. Back in campus they met with John, who had bought them the Pizza & Pasta Galore from the new pasta menu at the burger joint they now frequented multiple times a day. The meal was supposed to feed 6, but the girls tore down one of them nearly every day. They showed John some of the clothes they had bought, and he really liked them. Kiara passed by to say hi, and gave both girls a few cupcakes and brownies to make the Nutella shakes tastier. Gaby had kept in touch with Mary, and sometimes would send pictures of her and her new boyfriend while they traveled Europe, she seemed to have stopped gaining, but if Mary had to guess, Gaby was looking about 20 pounds heavier than she last saw her in the doctor’s office, so that had to put her at her heaviest or very near it. John also took the girls to make their weekly grocery shop, which looked like a monthly one, in it, they put just about anything they liked, and even a bit extra, for the midnight snacks. The trips to the kitchen after midnight had become more common for Mary, and Jane had also joined her, sometimes they would be hours eating while talking about classes. Finals week was now about two weeks away, and they were already planning what destination they would all go to, once classes ended. They decided to go to the Bahamas and booked two suites with an all inclusive, nearly always opened, buffet. The decision came down to Kiara, who had family who lived there, and since she was already traveling there on summer, she invited them. A few days later, they were packing their bags and dreaming about all the food that was waiting for them. The stress of finals had, once again, opened their appetites and it was still in full motion when the trip arrived. Kiara was the thinnest of the girls, but she was still heavy by normal standards, she was always looking for ways to maximize the number of calories both girls ate, she had been of great help to them both. Thanks to Kiara the girls had a weight gain shake every night before bed, huge discounts, an extra cupcakes and brownie with every meal, bacon put in the Wild Sides, and heavy cream (instead of milk) put in the Nutella shakes at the joint. The trip lasted for 10 days, and it was a blast, even the guys had returned with some added pounds. June was pretty peaceful, after John’s graduation, they all went home, but Jane decided to go with him. They all met again in July, because John told them that during the free month, the city went crazy with parties at night, both girls had plenty of booze and weed to sleep tight, every night. After the added pounds summer had left them, they once again needed to go shopping. John planned on visiting them once a month when classes started again. “Look what John bought me, a new scale and... guess where I’m at? Shut up, I’ll tell you, 324lbs!” Said Jane to Mary when they saw each other again in August. Mary’s scale broke down by the end of April, maybe because it was fragile and the girls were definitely not, so needless to say, they were in need of a new one. “Let’s weigh you!” said Jane, and after a few seconds changing up and down, the number finally stood still. Jane told her “Mary holy shit you’re exactly at 300, wow!” Mary was trying to hold her belly out of the way to see the number, and once she saw it, she knew it was a milestone she had to tell Karl about. Both girls were now closer than ever weight-wise, and Mary simply couldn’t believe she was now twice the woman she used to be a year ago. She was even more surprised when she remembered that two years ago she was barely 115lbs, I must’ve been a twig she thought to herself while she ate a jar of Nutella and celebrated with Jane. She could only imagine the experiences the second year would bring her, would they both continue to grow? And how would her relationship with Karl evolve, were they now ready for more? Her train of thought was interrupted when Jane opened two cans of coke, “To new beginnings!” said Jane as a toast.
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    College Body Ready

    Thanks for your suggestions, the story is almost over so some things are already set in stone. Previously, any time I skipped some amount of time, I broke the paragraph, but I'll try to better manage them in the future. Also, thanks for pointing out Freudian, I hadn't seen that one at all (but I can't edit the post for some reason). I'll admit that a 6th part wasn't all that necessary, but I still wanted to do some stuff and had some ideas I wanted to write about. P6 mostly jumps a few months and just tells us how every character ends up in the story, I also wanted to bring both girls above a certain weight, and after that I felt the story would just become monotonous. I hadn't thought about writing the story differently, so during the week I'll try to write the story from Karl's POV, which will also keep the thread active. Going forward, it's likely I'll keep his perspective and leave behind the intentional gaining and academic aspect of the story, and just focus on their relationship. My deviantart profile is curvesahead, I just posted a small story there I wrote today, but it was mostly rushed and not as neatly developed as CBR, so I doubt I'll post it here. Originally I wanted to write a story about girls that crossed paths weight-wise, but as I developed this story more and more, I left that behind. That 2nd story focuses mainly on that idea, but lacks any character development. Again, thanks for your feedback, and stay tuned for future updates!
  11. bigirlslover

    College Body Ready

    Last chapter is going up later today. I had an idea, if you guys want to contribute and continue the story , I'll accept suggestions and different scenarios for the girls to continue their gain, or have challenges during the trimesters. I'll even accept if you guys posted a different take on the story, please comment your opinion or suggestions, thanks!
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    College Body Ready

    Guys, I got too caught up writing P5. I find it extremely good, and can't reserve it from you guys until Friday, so here goes (it hasn't been checked for spelling errors or little mistakes, I'm giving it up hot off the press, be warned). Hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did: P5: Christmas Break (Explicit) Christmas break was finally here, Jane and Mary said their farewells until the next year, and Mary’s parents picked her up. They were now oblivious to her weight gain, just happy with their daughters academic success. Two days later, the night before the cruise, Karl gave Mary a surprise visit. He had told her he was going to be at his uncle’s farm during her vacation, so they were to see each other again by new years. When she heard her parents greet him downstairs, she quickly put on the lingerie he had bought her in November. Karl entered Mary’s room, only to find his girlfriend struggling to put on Victoria Secrets’ biggest sized lingerie. She destroyed the tiny little thing, but she was impressed by something smashing Karl’s pants. They barely said hi before they started making out, Mary quickly went down under and started sucking his cock. They then had sex, and after that, Karl licked Mary’s pussy until she came. After their first episode they were both exhausted, all they did was stare at the sealing and laughed every few seconds or so. “So you don’t have a problem with my body, I may return heavier from the cruise, if you have anything to say, now is the time” Mary warned Karl. “I love you, all of you, even the curves ahead” said Karl, that was the first time he said it, which made Mary blush. As they said goodbye, Karl brought up a dozen of Krispy Kremes he had bought her and had left in the car. “Sometimes I forget you don’t mind my weight” she said as she ate the first doughnut. A few moments later, as Karl was walking towards his car, she said “I love you too”, he ran to her again and kissed her one last time before taking off. That night, as Mary finished the last doughnut, she also touched herself. She had never done that before, but it felt like the closest thing to sex she could do, eating only got her hornier, and touching herself got her hornier still, the cycle continued until fireworks took over her mind and she fell to sleep. Mary hadn’t noticed that none of her bikinis were now fitting, so she just took the biggest one she had, and packed it along the rest of her tropical outfits. The cruise featured a 24 hour buffet, ice cream machines everywhere and also had a Guy Fieri burger joint that reminded her of the one in campus. She stayed in the ship the whole time, going down to the islands seemed like too much of a hassle, but her parents still went. She put on the bikini, and although she didn’t see the bottom half of it, she thought it looked really sexy to leave to the imagination what was under the belly. As she ate a burger by the side of the pool, a guy approached her from the right, he looked familiar but she couldn’t identify him just yet. “I see you still eat your burgers daily” he said, “Excuse me, who are you?” replied Mary. “I’m the one that recommended you the Wild Side, I’m John by the way”. “Youuu, you’re to blame I got this figure mister! But I don’t blame you, it’s mostly because of the stress” Mary replied. John confessed that although he had never liked bigger girls, he liked her from the first time he saw her in August, and as she grew, so did his taste in girls. “If you don’t mind by saying, there’s so many beautiful girls here, I’m constantly blown away by their appetite, but you’re still the prettiest” he said. Mary blushed and told him about Karl, but she needed male friends since Ryan was far away from her. So they began talking and getting to know each other, he was in his last year of Mechanical Engineering, he wanted to study the Master’s in another state and was now having his last vacation in his Bachelor’s degree. He also gave her his room number and told her that she could pass by at any time if she wanted someone to talk, or for company to go eat. She really ate a lot that day, and she noticed his point, most girls in the cruise were at least overweight but still looked really sexy. The cruise was now halfway through, and Mary was really enjoying herself more, the portions were growing bigger every day. From pizza and pasta, to burgers and fries, ice cream shakes and candy were all heading towards her plate daily. The Captain’s Night arrived and when Mary tried to put the dress on, to her own delight, she entered, barely, but she did. She thought she looked really cute, with her back fat spewing out, huge ass and thighs down below, love handles and gut easily visible in the front, and big arms by the side. The dress also made her face seem more rounded and symmetrical, which she thought would hide her cheekbones and made her look healthier. It was while waiting for her parents to finish preparing that she noticed she was beyond a doubt, fat, really fat, and the most interesting part, she had fallen in love with her body. Maybe a few months ago she would have screamed if she saw herself now, but that was the old Mary, always worried about what others were thinking and always trying to limit herself and her desires. New Mary was a busty brunette with a new and delicious hourglass figure that (to her surprise) most men found sexy and most girls envied (at least her confidence to rock the curves). At the end of the night she gave John a visit and they talked for a long time. As she was finishing a delicious shrimp cocktail that was delivered to the room, she heard a loud ‘snap’ followed by a weird sensation that rippled throughout her body. The dress had finally given up, and a big portion of her side belly was now showing. John got excited, but to prevent any further incidents or mistakes from happening, they said their goodbyes and Mary returned to her room. For the rest of the night she kept thinking about that moment, it felt really hot and liberating, like she was freeing herself from her old body. She touched herself and found pitty in old Mary for even believing she could’ve come down to 128, the new weight was here to stay, and she would follow her appetite to where it would lead her, 195 and even more, now seemed okay. The last day in the cruise was all day at sea, so her parents mostly stuck by her side during the day, and she had to at least pretend she was eating ‘moderately’, so she did. That night she looked for John and together they sat beneath the stars as she ate about five plates full of food. Her parents were now asleep and she had starved herself during the day to not make them think she had to diet or lose weight. “Gosh, how can I have eaten so little for all my life, how was I ok with that?” she said to John, who had now fallen asleep. When she noticed, she figured he was cold, so she snug up by his side and they kept in heat for about 20 minutes. “Mary I have to go, I couldn’t live with myself if I caused you a problem, you’re too tempting, sorry” said John when he woke up and saw her laying there, all of her. She was looking really beautiful and he couldn’t resist not touching or kissing her, so he knew he had to go. They said their goodbyes, exchanged phone numbers, and promised they would keep in touch during the next two trimesters. New Year’s Eve was now just two days away, back home Ryan wanted to go to the Mall and watch a movie together. As they were ordering their food Mary bought the biggest size they had in everything. “Mary you should really reconsider those portions, we could both eat from that and I would be more than full by the end” said Ryan to a happy Mary as she was starting to eat a Snicker. Mary tried ignoring him, but after two or three more comments she finally said “You don’t have to be a dick, just be my friend for once, we barely see each other now”. Ryan apologized, he understood that Mary had changed, and that apparently, she didn’t find anything wrong with herself, so he knew there was little he could do. As the countdown to New Year’s Eve was reaching zero, Karl and Mary were together. Mary had been the whole day at his house and his parents were much nicer than she remembered. His mother was very big but had a very soft heart, his dad looked mean but was actually nicer than his wife. They were both really happy Karl was happy and loved Mary’s energy and enthusiasm. After having made love in the new year, they laid to rest in his bed. She was thinking that maybe Frodian Psychology was to blame for Karl’s interest in bigger girls, if his mother (being a big woman) had cherished him during childhood, he must think that big girls must love him more. A few days later she was back home, and was now preparing to head back to the campus. Her parents lent her the car this time around, so she could go back and forth between classes more easily, it also made the exhausting daily walks to the dorm a thing of the past. As Mary was entering the apartment, Jane said “Mary you’re looking huge, that’s awesome, you look really sexy!”. Jane had to have gained no less than what Mary did, and she didn’t went on a cruise, so Mary knew her roommate was now all in with the bbw community. Most grades were put online, so they didn’t have to go pick them up, but they still had their doctor’s appointment to get the new ID. Jane had already went, “Guess where I’m at?” she told Mary with a deviant smile. “273, Mary I’m much bigger than I would have guessed, that puts 300 within May’s reach”, Mary replied “That’s awesome”. She had a reality check in that instant, those numbers were huge, but she couldn’t wait to reach them. Before leaving she weighed herself to not be so surprised at the doctor’s office. A few months back this would have caused Mary a lot of stress, but now it was like a challenge, how far could she go? She was now gonna let herself go, and couldn’t wait to see where she was at. 204lbs read the scale, she now was in a new territory, a new kind of hotness reserved for the enjoyment of a few. She got kinda wet, but she couldn’t think much about it, because of the appointment. She told Jane, and they cheered for a few moments, when Mary was about to get a coke from the fridge, she noticed there was nothing healthy anymore. “I figured we were both gonna indulge now, so I threw out your expired salads and bought us more sweets” said Jane in her pantys rocking her huge thighs back and forth as she came to also eat a treat. 221lbs read the scale at the doctor’s office, which nearly made her orgasm in that moment. “For your weight, you have healthy cholesterol, low sodium and sugar levels, however I would strongly recommend an intense exercise routine coupled with a diet” said her doctor looking worried. “I’m sorry sir, but the scale at my dorm read 204 this morning, how could that be?” asked Mary. “Well, sometimes the surface in which a scale is placed can alter the readings by as much as 10%, so maybe you just need to change where it’s located” said the doctor. Mary now knew how she could ‘magically’ lose 15 pounds in a day and how Jane had thought she was smaller. But she also realised that most likely she had been over 200 for at least a month now, and that really kicked off her imagination, she had gained about 80 pounds since she graduated, and Jane had to have gained nearly 60 pounds in just three months. When she was leaving and signing some documents a chubby girl entered the office, “Mary! How’s everything been, you’re looking great” said a bloated Gaby. Mary was even more excited to see that her old friend had found some comfort in food as well. Gaby apologized for acting weirdly all along, and said that her focus on her body had prevented her from seeing the beauty of the world. So she was leaving the campus to go finish her studies abroad, they hugged and both went their ways. While on her way to the dorm she passed by Kiara’s dorm. After eating with her, Mary asked her if she had more weight gain powder, Kiara gave her two XL mass gainers containers. Mary also had to ask if she enjoyed fattening up, to which Kiara replied that she had been drinking shakes for nearly a year now as her main source of protein and carbs, and she had blossomed into a “bootylicious”, as she said, girl. “Yes, sweet revenge, she deserved it Mary” said Jane while eating a banana split, only without the banana. Mary also told Jane she had a surprise for her, the weight gain powder! Mary knew she had some catching up to do, and Jane felt this was now the time for her to really grow as a bbw model on the web. Both girls looked forward to every new experience the new year was going to bring.
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    College Body Ready

    P4: Second Trimester As the new trimester began, the homeworks started coming in, alongside new pounds to both girls. Weeks later, the exams kicked in, but Mary didn’t felt the same stress as before. On one of her now normal feasts, Mary saw that there was now a girl in the burger joint. When she was about to order, Mary noticed she knew the girl. “Kiara? How’s everything going!” said Mary hugging her across the desk, “Looking sexy as ever Mary” replied Kiara. That phrase got stuck in Mary’s head while she was eating, could Kiara like fattening girls? She was doing it with Gaby, who Mary forgot to ask Kiara about, and she had weight gain shakes ‘laying around’. Before leaving, Mary had to ask Kiara about Gaby, and she told her that Gaby was offered a job opportunity abroad for the rest of the trimester. But she did confess that, before leaving, Gaby was looking thicker and got wind down more easily. “She must be my weight now” said Kiara, who wasn’t skinny, but had lots of curves. Mary got excited imagining a fatter Gaby roaming the streets of another country, maybe looking for a gym, or better yet, a fast food restaurant. By mid November, Karl visited Mary. He had bought her new clothing, even some lingerie that was much more comfortable than Mary’s ‘shrinking’ closet. They really got along now, and even studied together, but the stress from college prevented the relationship from going further. As November was coming to an end, and thanksgiving loomed ever closer, Mary found herself back with the stress of finals. In one of the burger orders, the transaction failed, but how could it have!? Her parent’s account always had money, Kiara let it slide, and bought the plate of food, for which Mary was grateful. “We’re sorry sweetie, we wanted to keep the Christmas vacations a surprise, but now that you partially know, we’ll tell you” said Mary’s mom, “We’re going on a cruise!” screamed both of her parents over the phone. “Also, I was wondering if I could pack in your Prom dress for the Captain’s Night onboard?” asked her mother. She heard her mother far away, as she was mostly thinking how would she keep any self control on a cruise. She also knew she wouldn’t fit back in her Prom dress, but what could she do! Finals were now three weeks away! She needed to start an intense diet, and couldn’t go to the gym, because the membership had just expired. “Luckily I’m still below 190” Mary said to her roommate as she told her about the cruise. “How could you know your weight?” asked Jane. Mary showed her the scale she kept mostly under the bed. Jane weighed herself for the first time since the new ID, she had overindulged for over a month now to get a propper bbw body. She was surprised when the scale only read 221lbs. “Honestly Mary, I’m bigger and heavier than ever, feel extremely powerful and sexy, but it looks like I haven’t gained that much, so it must all be fat settling down”. Mary then asked her “And your clothes, how are they feeling?”. Jane had bought huge sizes when she became a bbw model, but her clothes still hadn’t filled out. “The turkey is really good mom” said a hungry Mary as she ate her thanksgiving diner. Her parents hadn’t seen her in more than three months, and they were worried for her, but just dropped slight comments to see if this was a health problem, or simply stress. Mary told them she was feeling fine, in fact the trimester was going awesome. “Jane gained even more weight, it’s natural for girls to gain significantly due to the stress of college life, I feel great, in fact I feel more energized to do homeworks”. Of course that was a lie, she starved herself daily and still had gained a lot, so she couldn’t imagine how fat she’d be if she just truly let herself go. Her parents decided that if their daughter was doing fine, then the weight wasn’t a problem. Ryan was also visiting his parents on Thanksgiving, so he came by Mary’s home to say hi. “Mary your ass is huge, your boobs barely fit in that t-shirt, I wasn’t expecting to see so much more of you, is everything fine? has Karl been unfaithful?” he asked her worried, and tried to hide the fact that he was seeing about 60 pounds more on his best friend. “Yeah, like I told my parents, grades have never been better and Karl and I are going strong, in fact, at the beginning of the semester I lost about 15lbs!” said Mary while eating her fourth Thanksgiving plate. Before leaving, her mom left her a bowl of turkey meat, “I would have given you more, but you ate it all” said her mother laughing. When her parents left she decided to go to a Pizza Hut, since the campus was still closed, she ordered the biggest meat lovers pizza they had. She thought to herself, It’s great I only ate one, last time I had two, but now I’m in a diet before the holidays. When Jane arrived, her belly was poking underneath her tank top, which also had grease in it, she really looked like a big girl now. “Mary, it’s fantastic, these guys pay for your food. In fact, just in the weekend, I received over $30 from these guys”. She had done live cam videos of her eating, all break long, even after eating the Thanksgiving dinner. During the next three weeks, Mary only ate a salad with a triple burger deluxe and the usual shake at the joint. She reasoned that one enormous burger was better than 3 big ones. Her weight had plateaued for the last week at 193lbs, and her clothes stopped getting tighter (they were all flexible, so that’s questionable),so she thought she was doing a really great job with this diet. I can’t lose weight during finals, but at least I’ve kept my weight the same, she thought.
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    College Body Ready

    P3: October As the first day of October rolled in, also did Mary's plate of minimal breakfast, two pancakes and three cinnamon buns, she thought it was decent, after all Jane had three pancakes and five cinnamon buns. Speaking of which, Jane was looking bigger recently, now Mary thought she was downright fat, but the study sessions surely helped Mary get her A's and even one perfect score on a test. Finals week was around the corner and the stress started creeping into Mary, she cut her occasional chats with Karl to study more, and her feast grew to 4 Wild Sides. A week later the first trimester was now over. They now had some time to relax until classes began again in 5 days. Karl was coming over the day before the trimester started, so Mary was excited to see him, maybe even get lucky. During those free days she had to go to some offices and pick up papers and grades from the trimester, and also renovate her student ID. As she sat with a doctor in the medical services department of the college, everything was checked really fast, they now only had to weigh her... 176lbs Mary froze in shock, as the doctor told her she was now clinically 'obese'. I can't let Karl see me like this, how come I hadn't noticed I was out of shape she kept thinking. Soon she remembered that the clothes she had bought to exercise were now the only thing that fit her comfortably, and only because they were flexible. Some shortd that Jane had given her, which initially were too big to even put on, were now tight; even the biggest pair of jeans she had bought in a store were barely fitting. "How can this have happened! I'm obese" said Jane to Mary when they saw each other that evening, me too replied Mary. “No Mary, you don't understand, I'm 215!" said Jane with watery eyes. Mary only had a day before Karl’s arrival, she needed to run between the offices, go to the gym in the afternoon and only eat once during the day. She thought she could at least magically lose 5 pounds in a day "171 isn't bad, you're actually rocking these new curves" Mary kept telling herself as she ran from office to office. When she arrived at the gym she was already sore, didn't stretch and started jogging right away, "I'll put this in max settings, be here half an hour and be on my way out". She couldn't go on for more than 5 minutes, she was seriously starving and soaked in sweat after running all day long. "Mary is that you!" said a familiar voice behind her, when she turned around a bottom heavy girl, with a remarkable firm stomach was waving at her. "Gaby, gosh you look fantastic!" said Mary impressed but also kinda grossed out by the excess of muscle Gaby was showing off, "you don't look bad, after all, you're in the gym again" said Gaby looking Mary from head to toes. "Wow it has been nearly two months since I last saw you!... Hey Kiara, this is Mary, a friend of mine from summer classes" said Gaby, followed by a tight lip phrase that she whispered closer to Kiara 'you get fat when you bail on me', Mary mostly heard that and felt more ashamed than ever. "Look Gaby, I gotta go eat and finish my homework" said Mary, to which Gaby replied "Oh, of course you have to go eat, before you do, why don't you girls exchange numbers so you can both stay motivated!" Gaby then sprinted off to her yoga pad. "How can you resist her, I don't remember her being a bitch!" said Mary as she was giving her number to Kiara, to which she replied "I love my curves, I'm only here because she wouldn't shut up in History about being at her thinnest ever, and I told her I was to make a membership, but even though I made one, I'm leaving before Christmas and not coming back". Mary felt sorry for poor Kiara but before she went away Kiara told her the real reason she was there, "I changed her protein shake to a weight gain shake I had laying around, because I switched the containers, she hasn't noticed. Yesterday, when she told me to meet her here with a 'protein shake; not only did I put in the other one, I scooped ice cream in it, lots of it". "And she hasn't noticed, how long it's been?" Mary said with glowing eyes of revenge, "Only about a week, oh and yesterday she told me that although at first she hadn't liked the shakes, they had grown on her, and now tasted better" said Kiara rapidly as she saw Gaby calling for her. On her way home, Mary bought a scale, to keep her weight in check. Back in the dorm, she placed it on the room’s carpet and weighed herself, and to her own surprise, the scale read 161lbs “Wow, I outdid myself!” said Mary. She quickly remembered she hadn't eaten in all day and now deserved a treat, she went to the kitchen and finished everything that was already opened. She had a piece of meat from a burger that she had brought home a few days back, half of a jumbo sized Nutella jar, and about three quarters of the half gallon of Häagen-Dazs Butter Pecan that was in the fridge. When the food coma kicked in, Mary passed out, only to be awoken by Jane later in the night. "Hey, wanna get the bags ready? Tomorrow you don't want to think about this when Karl arrives" said Jane as she was about to start preparing hers. Mary just threw all her things in the bag and went to sleep. While falling asleep she noticed she was still eating too much, and needed to limit her daily feasts. During that day, Jane had come to terms with her own body. As she was walking through the campus, she noticed she was one of the curviest girls around, the other ones were either fat without much of a figure or just a stick without meat. Her parents also visited her during the day, and they didn't said a word about her appearance. Mary was already awake when Karl arrived, he picked her up at her place and together they went to have breakfast. He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek as she was entering the car, Mary felt the seat belt cut into her belly, but didn’t said anything to Karl, since he still hadn’t said anything about her added pounds. On their way to IHOP, they got up to date, and Mary told him the horrible stress she was feeling nearly every day, but didn’t mention the gym since it would only point his interest at her body. “Yeah, I’ll have a Country Omelet with the offered pancakes and hash brown please” said Mary thinking she had made a healthy choice, and besides, she thought to herself, Karl hasn’t said a thing about the weight and once classes start tomorrow, I will keep a better eating routine and will try to eat less burgers or shakes. After she noticed one too many times Karl looking at her, she was finally ready to talk about it, but in that second, Karl went to the bathroom, leaving his phone behind. While Karl was in the bathroom, Mary looked through his phone and found that his recent Google Now searches were about plus size lingerie and ‘bbw’ clothing. “Look, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, yes, I’ve gained weight, but except for a C, I’ve gotten straight A’s, so don’t judge me!” said Mary. Karl tried to hide his nervous smile, but after a few seconds, he told her “Mary, I love your curves, and I won’t deny that I like you better curvy”. Mary then asked him what ‘bbw’ meant, because she had seen a search with that word on his phone. Karl asked her for privacy, but he explained it to her. Mary didn’t like her boyfriend comparing her to fat girls “I’m curvy” she nearly yelled, to which Karl replied “Woah, I’m sorry babe, it’s just that I still find you equally as attractive, that’s all”. She didn’t talk much after that, and in fact, wanted to cry. After the breakfast she wanted to go home, but Karl wanted to see a movie in the theater, “Mary, please don’t do this, we’re both extremely close to going back to classes, don’t ruin this day, I just want to be with you”. Mary wanted with all her heart to strip naked and do it with him anywhere, but she also wanted to slap him, how could someone have such twisted likings, I need to lose weight, she kept thinking. Mary order a big combo in the theater, she wanted the XL one, but she knew she had to cut down on the portions of her food. Dunkirk was great, but now, she wanted (again) to go back home. Karl convinced her to go watch the sunset together in a place he knew that was about halfway between both colleges. As the last rays of sunlight were falling, Karl tried to kiss her, but she pulled him away. She had been cold with him for most of the day, but it wasn’t entirely his fault, Mary wanted to believe he found her attractive, but the idea kept clashing with everything she had been taught about beauty, and she didn’t want to let herself go. Back home Jane was hungry, and because Mary had eaten a lot the previous day, the fridge was looking empty (it still had lots of things, but most were either healthy or drinks). Jane invited Mary to go eat and to buy new food for the upcoming trimester. Mary was actually getting hungry, after all, popcorn doesn’t fill you up very much, so she accepted Jane’s invitation. They both knew they had to eat less, so they ordered the Duo Combo for them both, with a Nutella shake to share between the two. As they were eating Jane heard what Karl had told Mary, and she thought that was great “Mary, you can loosen up on dieting and even exercising, I’m actually interested in seeing how the community works, I didn’t know there were guys that like fat girls, that takes a huge pressure off us, it’s a constant win win”. Mary hadn’t looked at it from that perspective, she had just thought about herself during the whole day, she didn’t see how the relationship could, in fact grow, alongside her waistline. In the supermarket Mary put a few salads, and lots of sugar free treets, while Jane bought her normal food, just less of it. The next day Jane looked up bbw sites and online boards and she was fascinated, she couldn’t wait to tell Mary. “Wow these girls are... surprisingly sexy. Yes they’re obese, my God, without a doubt, they’re obese, but their confidence and courage kinda inspires me” said Mary getting turned on by the girls in Jane’s computer. Jane reminded Mary that they were technically obese now, so it would only add to that, they wouldn’t break new medical terms. Mary also remembered she was actually lighter than at her appointment earlier in the week, so she could in fact loosen up on her diet plans and still be under the new weight that appeared in her record. She would weigh herself every two weeks, to allow the fat to settle and to make the occasional workout more prominent in the readings. Mary would only allow herself to get to 195lbs, if she surpassed that, she needed to cut back or at least check her daily meals again to prevent the stress from dominating her in November and later, in finals. Jane on the other hand, embraced the idea entirely and started web modeling for bbw forums and social networks. Guys, leave me feedback, how am I going, what can I do better. Have you liked it? Part 4 is basically done and I'm starting P5 later today, they'll be up by Friday.
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    College Body Ready

    P2: First Trimester Mary kept thinking about the dream while having breakfast, during which, Gaby called. Her friend asked her if she was still going to make the gym membership. For a second there Mary had completely forgotten about the gym, but she thought that Karl would find her more attractive the next time they met, so Mary confirmed she was going to make the membership later in the day. Jane, who still didn't get along with Gaby, warned Mary about it, previously she had a membership and it was horrible; when it was over, Jane vowed to never set foot in a gym again. Mary told her a few years back she used to jog in a gym near her school that had no membership, and she enjoyed the workout. By the end of the first day she met with Gaby, Mary chose the three month membership in case she didn't have time by the holidays to keep her planned routine. Gaby told her to step on the scale to see how often they would be exercising; In that moment a chill went through Mary's spine, she was definitely chubbier than prom, and even back then, she was already worried. "148lbs, your BMI is 25.4, so you're technically overweight" said Gaby, but Mary didn't gave much thought to that and sensed it was a bitchy thing to say. "We're gonna be coming here three times a week, and by October, you'll be at 128" said Gaby. October reminded Mary of Karl, she had to look good for him. Two months seemed like too little time to lose that much weight. But if she had managed to gain 16lbs in about three months (plus the senior year weight), losing 20 by the end of the trimester wasn't impossible. Gaby began stretching and showed Mary a few moves to help her get flexible. Only about 10 minutes into it, Mary was already exhausted, so when Gaby told her to step in the jogging machine for 25 minutes, she felt she was going to die. Gaby was very upset when she saw Mary buying a coke and laying to rest on the ground, however, she didn't tell Mary anything, she thought to herself, let her get fat. Jane was doing homework when Mary arrived. "Jesus are you alright, you look like you just got out of the shower! Was someone chasing you?" said Jane worried, "No, I was at the gym with Gaby, we had a very productive workout" Mary replied. But really after she drank the first coke she just stood in a corner for half an hour to later barely jog 12 minutes and drink another coke. Mary felt really bad because after they walked out of the gym, Gaby poked her fat and told her she had just undone her workout with those two cokes, if she was serious she had to cut calories and carbs, and plan when and where to eat. For the rest of the trip back to Mary’s dorm, Gaby couldn't shut up about the number of calories she had just burned off and how she planned to get back to her former weight by the end of the month. The next day Mary was relieved she didn't had to go to the gym, so she decided she was having a cheat day, but only after classes. During the day she wouldn't eat, and only by the evening she would feast. Jane missed her during breakfast, and already by noon Mary was starving, she wanted one of those burgers from the joint like never before. When she finally got there, she noticed they were now serving a new 'Duo Combo' that had two large burgers, fries, and sundaes. She asked if the burgers could be XL, so the guy taking the order recommended her the 'Wild Side' which had an XL burger, fries supreme and a Nutella milkshake, and to double it to match the Duo order, Mary loved the suggestion, specially because she hadn't had Nutella in a long time. She felt full after her feast, but not like she had expected, so before leaving she asked for a third Nutella milkshake, and that at least calmed her appetite. When Mary arrived home she went to sleep, only to be awakened by hunger shortly after midnight. She remembered she had to finish a paper for her chemistry class, so she decided to first do the homework and then have a treat. Two hours later Mary opened the fridge and decided to treat herself right before 'gym day' started. She only ate a pack of the new Oreo Golden Fudge Cremes that were laying around. As she tried to fall asleep again she was impressed with her appetite after the gym, could that workout really have caused her that much hunger? Gaby was already at the gym when she arrived the next day, and this time she decided to stay by Mary's side the whole time. "Alright girl, we're going to do 5 minutes of stretching followed by two sets of 15 minutes jogging, you're not quitting on me today, and don't even think about getting a coke, you're on my watch now!" said Gaby as a greeting to an already overwhelmed Mary. That day she finished her routine, and Gaby felt proud for her, so they didn't talk much when they left the gym. Mary had found a routine she thought was healthy and delicious. 10 days had passed after Mary's first workout, and Gaby thought it was time for a new weigh in. As she stepped back in the scale, Mary still felt nervous. "147lbs, Mary you haven't lost shit! We’ll need to come everyday now" exclaimed Gaby as she felt she had lost valued time from her own workout to help Mary lose just a pound. Mary was exhausted just hearing Gaby say that, how could she not have a cheat day between gym days! So later that night she came up with a solution; every day she would have a minimal breakfast, at noon eat her cheat day feast, later go to the gym, and at night have a small dinner or midnight snack. The first exam came faster than Mary had anticipated, and bodywise she was still equally as tight in her clothes. The stress from the test made her portions bigger that week, she now had 3 Wild Sides. The guy taking the order looked grossed out, but also impressed, because he knew she was going to eat that by herself. What worried Mary was that from now on, nearly every week had an exam, September was packed full of them. A week later the test results came in, 71, Mary's first C ever. "Just study more, we could do study sessions you know, but you need to take a break from the gym and study in that time” said Jane explaining her 98 on the test. Jane continued “Gaby doesn't take the same classes we do, she could be in her second year, but we're already taking harder courses". Jane had noticed Mary slightly chubbier, but hadn’t said anything thinking it was muscle mass. Mary agreed, and so she called Gaby and told her she couldn’t keep going to the gym because she was losing focus from her exams. Over the next few weeks the girls studied every day after classes ended. Mary had found an eating routine she thought was going to keep the weight off even while leaving the gym. She knew her diet was dead, so everyday she tried to eat as little as possible during the morning, had some snacks in the afternoon, and only allowed herself to have one big meal in the evening before going back to the dorm. The big meal mostly consisted of the 3 Wild Sides Mary had grown accustomed to. Most nights she also allowed herself to have a midnight snack, which not even Jane saw, so she didn't feel ashamed. Mary felt an unknown excitement when having her midnight snacks, like they were actually helping her, she knew it was bad, but how else could she stop her hunger? If she ate less, she feared fainting during the day.