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  1. Just discovered your thread. You're amazing and incredibly beautiful! 😍

  2. Shout out to Carmen Lafox for amazing custom work. She answers within a couple hours, she's patient with specifics, and she gets it done in two days. She is a straight champ! Long story short highly recommended!

  3. Carmen you are so perfect



    1. mary25



    2. Carmen Lafox

      Carmen Lafox

      Thank you both cuties <3

  4. wow, I just LOVE your look! hair, tattoos - were you a model before you started gaining?

  5. Hey where can I get the clips?

    We're trying to open a studio in c4s and we don't understand these

    International Fees For Wire Is $45 And Payout Minimum $150.
    Domestic Fees $20 And Payout Minimum $50.???

    We Think It's Abusive That We Have To Pay To Upload Videos There! Do You Know How It Works?
    How Much Do We Have To Pay? We Have Tons Of Material That We Want Up And The Application Is A Bit Difficult (Plus We're Spanish And Don't Understand Some Stuff!)

    Thank you!

    1. crankgrandma


      I'm failing to see how a website trying to keep its members from wasting bandwidth with bad content could be considered abusive, but ah well.

    2. KFD


      419? Nigerian Prince? I'm confused ...

    3. S77


      See PM I sent