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  1. Jay Rock

    Here I am...

    Congrats on the "birthday" and hitting your first goal! 😁
  2. Jay Rock

    Etae's honest opinion

    From what they've said, I don't see how she was manipulated.
  3. Jay Rock

    Emma Stone

    Yeah, she could maybe pull off Donna or Cassie, but definitely not Diana.
  4. Jay Rock


    Finished The Heist as part of Spider-Man's "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC season pack, and really enjoyed it. Not only was it just more of the great game that I loved playing, it actually had a storyline that I thought has very interesting potential for the character.
  5. Jay Rock

    Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing)

    Sheesh. Next episode they're probably going to give up and throw a burlap sack over her. And she'll still look fine.
    Such a sexy video -- both of you look incredible, and Blonde is a great teaser and feeder. I'd love to see more videos like this, especially as you get bigger and bigger...
  6. Jay Rock

    Shannon Purser (Barb from Stranger Things)

    Wow, she was pretty before back in Stranger Things, but now she's just gorgeous! 😍
  7. Jay Rock

    Anne Hathaway

    I wonder what this movie is? She looks great there.
  8. Jay Rock

    Christina Aguilera

    Uh...I think you posted the wrong photo. You can only see her hair and her hands.
  9. Jay Rock

    Billie Faiers

    Daaaaamn...! 😍
  10. Jay Rock

    Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing)

    Suddenly Orange Is the New Black has jumped up a bit on my "ought to watch" list. How is it, anyway?
  11. Jay Rock


    Welcome! Hope you like it here.
  12. Jay Rock


    Welcome! Hope you like it here.
  13. Jay Rock

    New Curvage model - Lola Rodriguez

    Gorgeous! Welcome!
  14. Jay Rock


    I have played a bit of Overwatch. I'll mostly jump between Soldier 76, Mercy and D.Va.