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  1. Naughty Piggy

    Really well done video -- great audio and video, sexy content. Worth the price.
  2. Gaming

    I've been jumping around on a lot of games this past few months -- Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham Asylum/City, mainly. I think once I finish one of those I'll then move on to finish Uncharted 2.
  3. Gaming

    I have been playing the Fallout 4 as well--really taking my time and exploring and doing a bunch of fights--like, I'm at level 47 and still haven't finished the main story. I'm hoping to have it done in time for the Automatron DLC.
  4. New here :)

    Absolutely beautiful! Welcome to the site, hope we get to see more of you soon--figuratively AND literally.
  5. VICE documentary on Feedees/Feeders

    Yeah, it's rare to see someone talk about this stuff who isn't INTO IT into it, but kinda gets it and is totally chill about it.
  6. Help summon Ayumi!

    Bigger than Curvage? Hersey!
  7. heyo

    I've seen you at FF! Welcome! Hope you dig the place.
  8. writing

    Same, though as of late I've been horrible at writing regularly. I'll have a busy week, then two weeks go by. It's annoying.
  9. My illustrations and stuff

    Great work. The figure (Heh) is cute and the dialogue is just...just great.
  10. What's up?

    Hello! I hope you enjoy the place.
  11. My illustrations and stuff

    Great tribute!
  12. Help summon Ayumi!

    Only one bowl of rice?! My friends...we may have to declare war on Japan to get her back.
  13. I want to gain!!! Help!!

    On the heavy cream idea: if you find yourself unable to drink it straight and you make your own food, you can have it substitute for regular milk.
  14. Female Equivalent of Boobs vs Butts?

    I would guess abs versus...well, butt.
  15. Help summon Ayumi!

    I know she's pretty regular on Tumblr.