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  1. This appears to be in the correct forum. I’m confused 😐
  2. S77

    Weird symbol

    Means they are awaiting approval and cannot yet be seen or purchased by the general public. You should click on the clip to read our comments to gain insight as to why they are still pending approval @AshaKayx3
    Absolutely astounding! 100 out of 5 stars! Mind blown!!!
    I think for an introduction video BlackBarbie crushed it. She has quite a great dialog with the camera through out all while eating a large meal. Lovely curves, looking forward to more.
  3. S77

    How to delete account

    yes, just let us know and we can cancel your request.
  4. Curves are looking great!
  5. S77

    Belly Plops/Play and Fat Chat !

    Amazing come back video. What a belly. Wow!!
    Great clip 👍 lots of curves on display. I must say Nicole’s booty is looking outstanding lately!
  6. S77

    Curvage links appear when my user name is googled!

    Link me to those posts and I can remove them for you. Then soon after google will remove them from the search results. Then change your user name.
    This is actually a great video. Lots of jiggly belly shots, great lighting and she talks throughout.
  7. Hi folks,

    Please help report this account.


    follow the steps outlined below.





  8. S77

    How to delete account

    yes, you can request it in your account settings. Thank you