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  1. Content is king and we are grateful for your contributions. No need to chill
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  3. S77

    Heavy Lasagna stuffing

    Great clip. Lots of stuffing and great views of her curvy body. Loved it
  4. Hi Nicole,

    Seems you are really popular with the folks here on Curvage. Have you thought about being a Curvage model.

    Could be a big win for you :)

    Thank you :)


    1. Nicole Passat

      Nicole Passat

      Thanks! I'll consider it. 😊

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  6. S77

    Night mode

    Humm interesting idea


  8. S77

    Ember Rose Weigh In 4 Not Playing

    That’s a good thought, not sure. Maybe an expert in the group will chime in and explain
  9. S77

    Ember Rose Weigh In 4 Not Playing

    It’s weird within the mov format there seems to be different ways to encode. For example Shar uses mov and nobody has any issues. I am not a video format and codec expert so I can’t explain why this is the case.
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    1. Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      Jabba Desilijic Tiure

      But she's standing perfectly still...? 🤨

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  12. Hi welcome. We will work on a definition list for you 😀 and yes , your type is here
  13. S77

    Ember Rose Weigh In 4 Not Playing

    go ahead and give it a try now Thank you
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    1. BBWLover312


      Indeed you are !!