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  1. S77

    Top 3 Curvage.org Flame-Outs? Share Yours.

    All three of those people have posted recently here.
  2. Please stop buying clips directly from models. This isn't good for anyone. Here is another example. (They keep coming in)
  3. S77

    Admin Needed

    Hi can you send me a PM i can help thank you 😊
  4. S77

    Height preference?

    I didn't read the members name. Fail
  5. S77

    Party Stuffer

    Wow!! Shar stuffs herself silly in this one!! You can visibly see the tightness in her gut near the end of the clip. Massive food stuffing. Fatter Shar soon!
  6. S77

    Height preference?

    What exactly is this supposed to mean?
  7. S77

    Hey Curvage World!

  8. S77

    Top 3 Curvage.org Flame-Outs? Share Yours.

    Ok, flame out sounds a bit morbid to me. I will choose to just think of this as Curvage members or Curvage models we miss. Also picking a top 3 seems difficult, I might just post here when I think of someone I miss. I think @EmberRose was a great pick! Good news about @dreamgainer returning though What about @Imogenieze Or @ostepop AKA Otoni or @reiinapop ?
  9. S77

    Top 3 Curvage.org Flame-Outs? Share Yours.

    I am moving this out from the Abyss. I think this is a great thread idea, and actually I was thinking of making a thread similar to this myself. RULES: Let's keep it about Curvage models/posters that way it doesn't need to live in the abyss.
  10. S77

    Threads Deleted

    Hi SS123, Thank you for your patience, you're right we have been pretty busy. As a general rule we aren't big fans of removing whole threads that folks have contributed to. It tears holes in the fabric of the entire website and does a disservice to everyone. We make exceptions when folks have posted pictures of themselves or other very personal content. For this reason we went ahead and removed entirely the thread that was about you personally and filled with pictures of you. It appears the rest of the threads are not you or even public figures in some cases. Help us to understand why we are being asked to remove all of these threads in whole? Seems to be great content that folks are enjoying. Thank you
  11. S77

    Sucking Cob

    Lexxyy’s dancing impresses me every time. She is really a Curvage model to keep your eye on!
  12. S77

    Dreamy's Back!

    Simply phenomenal!! One of the most epic returns ever! Dreamy looks incredible and this video is jaw dropping! ‘Nuff said!