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  1. engineermeister

    "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" TV show

    There are some good shots of her in a tight black dress in the latest episode which are worth looking for. Also first episode that has been of a decent quality this season I would say, with the exception of a few of the songs in earlier eps this season has been a bit weak thus far.
  2. engineermeister

    Weakness and weightgain

    There is absolutely nothing finer than the former 'it girl'; the hotness standard,, lying on the sofa in her old workout clothes which are now too snug and all that fits; making excuses about why she doesn't need to go to the gym, a can of coke or a glass of wine in hand.
  3. Would love to chat about weight gain, unfairness and laziness etc. With you as I think we have similar interests that way :)


    unfortunately my curvage messenger is broken- do you email? mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com if you do! 

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    2. engineermeister


      Upon the last collapse of the Curvsge Server (or maybe the one before the one before that - it has certainly been a while), when the site rebooted it split every single conversation I had had into individual messages rather than chains and was suddenly frightfully upset that I had over 13,000 messages which is way over the limit (I have used 1,423% of my allocation or something) and so people can't send me and I can't send messages until that is reduced. But there is no sensible wy of going about that so kind of...stuck, lol.

    3. scosc@yahoo.com


       can you not delete them or ask the staff to look into it?

    4. engineermeister


      Had a chat with them about it. Basically I will have to go through them all 1 by 1 was the broad conclusion. Which will be quite a long-winded task so I'm just kind of working around it instead st the moment ,- putting off having to do so, even if going through some of the old messages might be rather good fun I suppose! 

  4. engineermeister

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    Wow. That is a round face indeed. Wonder if the picture on her ID is still an old publicity one from her slimmer days?
  5. Hey! Hope you're well - drop me a line at mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com - be good to catch up! (And my Curvage inbox is still broken alas!)

  6. I absolutely adore the insidious kind of weight gain; the sly fattening of a 'friend' is one of my favourite things - both in reality (where i have done it!) and in fiction. Unfortunately my Curvage inbox doesn't work (long story) but if you have an email we could perhaps talk about it and explore it together? I'm mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com


    I'm also a long-term fan of your stories so it would be great to chat!  

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    2. engineermeister


      Good fo hear regarding the new stories! Shame you aren't game for a chat as i think we could share a lot but i understand :) Privacy on the internet is of course much cherished!

      Keep on keeping on :) x

    3. S77


      Your Curvage inbox is broken? 

    4. engineermeister


      Yup. Has been since the last site collapse. Rather than 3 conversations or so each message got saved separately and so i am now at approximately 5,000% of my approved storage and thus unable to send/receive anything alas! 

  7. @engineermeister Can you please delete your netflixnfood's quote, please? I mean, very soon?? I cannot join you inbox.

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    2. engineermeister


      Erm... Happy to but...why? 

    3. engineermeister


      Having said that, it doesn't seem to be an easily accessible option on my browser. Any clues to both the how and the why? 

    4. John Smith

      John Smith

      The owner of these pictures ask that we remove her pictures from there. 

      Can you report your post, please?

  8. engineermeister

    Do YOU hear YANNY or LAUREL?

    Apparently it's to do with frequency. There is 'Yanny' in a higher frequency and 'Laurel' in a lower - see the Beeb here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/blogs-trending-44136799
  9. engineermeister

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    It must be said the immediate comparison with the headshot on the table really helps emphasise quite how much she has packed on.
  10. Hey, I think you and I have very similar interests and it would be great to chat them.through if you fancied it? Unfortunately my Curvage inbox doesn't work (long story) but if you have an email we could do that? I'm mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com 

  11. Hey. Don't suppose (probably not since you haven't been around in a while) you have an update on this beautiful blonde? How gave the last 6 months or so treated her? 


  12. Overall I agree that the system wasn't particularly working (who was a legend? How did one qualify?!) etc. but I think the idea was sound - having a way of carving out the most popular/long-running threads is quite useful. However it's done now so hey ho. But then I was against the Social Networking sub-forum disappearing....what, 10 years ago now and the site staggers on so I'm sure I'll get over it!
  13. engineermeister

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    That cardigan hasn't buttoned in a good few pounds (stone)...
  14. engineermeister

    Hayley Mcqueen

    That last one shows a delightfully impressive belly sitting on her thighs.
  15. engineermeister

    Hayley Mcqueen

    I see they chose not to give cartoon Hayley the doublechin she now sports. Shame.