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  1. Master WG

    Sometimes the baby weight stays

    Double down buddy and force her to accept it. Start offering a small 5th meal.
  2. She will think it too weird. She’s from a very different culture to western ones.
  3. That’s pretty much what I’m doing. Is there anything wrong with just being an enabler? I don’t force anything?
  4. Yes you understand it 100%. She always said she’d hate to be fat. If her former self could see her now, she’d cry. Now she just tries not to think about it. One day soon, she’ll outgrow her jeans and then she’ll be really upset. Maybe. I don’t know how it will go. But it’s still really hot
  5. Master WG

    Inconveniences at various weights

    That does sound hot. I wonder what they’re thinking and what expression they had on their face. Last time I went to a theme park, that kind of thing was unheard of.
  6. It didn’t actually take very long for her to start pigging out without my help. She just loved her body before and now she can’t stop eating every evening. She even tries to convince herself it’s not happening saying “these jeans have shrunk”. Obviously I’m very turned on but I feel sorry for her.
  7. She was conventionally hot. USA size 00 - 0 with a perfect hour glass. I kept giving her more and more food every meal time. She constantly complained that she was too stuffed. Then she gained around 10 lbs and I felt bad then stopped. Since then, her appetite has only grown and she can’t seem to stop herself. She’s a bit of a hedonist and I think I’ve really flicked a switch in her brain which she doesn’t want to switch back. I’m a big guy and she now out-eats me every day. I’m watching her outgrow every item of clothing and it’s a turn on but I also feel like I caused this. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know when she’ll stop or at least slow down. She never wanted to be fat. Since I stopped trying to stuff her, she’s gained about her 20 lbs on her own.
  8. Master WG

    Input on my girlfriend

    That’s awesome. Try to fatten her up faster. Christmas is soon. Get her stuffed daily!
  9. Master WG

    Input on my girlfriend

    Is she fat yet?
  10. Master WG

    Office Co-Worker eating her way to immobility

    Pics please! Video would be better! But I’d settle for just more stories. Do you see her eat ever for example?
  11. When I see large people in the street and online, I try to imagine what things are hard for them to do and what things are literally impossible? for example, a standard single duvet is 50” wide so it wouldn’t actually completely cover IVannaEatALott I’m a kinda numbers guy but I’m bad at estimating how a body will compare to an item. What does someone look like when an airline seat gets to be a slight squeeze? How does so look when she gets wedged in? When is it impossible? How would someone look when she would barely squeeze into TWO airline seats? What size does someone look when they would only JUST fit into a single bed? And when she outgrows it? What about chairs, booths, security gates at train stations and airports? How fat does she look the moment she outgrows every single “normal” part of society and needs to use outsized everything? I figured I can’t be the only one here who is curious about this so I wanted to through it out there? Post some photos with what things that person would find difficult and/or impossible?
  12. Master WG

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I agree. Don’t understand what it is about this thread that someone needs to mention her “getting smaller” on every page.
  13. Get a house with a basement. Then you'll need a strong chair and a rope.
  14. Master WG

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    There are 3 embeds of full tv episodes on this page alone. This thread has dozens.