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  1. This site is disorganized

    that might be a good idea is that a separate thing from tags?
  2. This site is disorganized

    Say if there's too much overlap and disarrangement with the Pictures and Videos sections, maybe that could be a solution. It could also encourage more scouring, content, and threads with those things as the focus. Consider this thread buried at the bottom of the site with very few participants: If you had a forum/subforum (I'll let you figure out what I mean, idk the lingo) that was a dedicated Tumblr forum, more blogs would be given the attention they might deserve. It def beats a generic link dump where you don't even know what the hell you're clicking on. You can kinda encourage more desirable thread creation/posting behavior this way as well. People are more apt to seek out new youtubers, new instagram models, new tumblrs when you narrow it down this way. This is just my observation on how the internet has shifted these days. It pretty much boils down to Youtube - Tumblr - Instagram
  3. This site is disorganized

    That's just how I would do it if you were going to go with a "break up the busier forums" approach. Giving the other possible options more thought and consideration helps the process.
  4. This site is disorganized

    how about this proposal, the case for more "subforums", something like.. : Public figures- basically the same as celebrities, but merged with the models section. Anyone who goes by their real name and makes their personal life public goes here. Basically use the legal definition. Both get decent activity on their own but combined I don't think would be overwhelming. Renaming this would also eliminate the complaints/confusion over if this Z-lister nobody qualifies as a "celeb". Private figures- needs a better name but in essence this is the general section in spirit. People who want should have their personal identities protected. That doesn't necessarily mean that their online alias and blog should be kept hidden, but obviously facebook/ real names should NEVER be revealed unless they are a public figure. Then, you would make a couple "subforums" under this header, I think most people fall under these categories with little overlap Youtubers- people who use video streaming platforms. I don't know of many others besides youtube. Maybe camgirls should be included? Pornhubers? Vimeo-ers? Is that a thing? Tumblrers- people who do the shortform blogging thing. Same with youtube I don't know what else that people still use that's similar. Wordpress? lol Instagrams, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.- sorta unrelated grouping of social media but the trend these days is that if you have one you have all three, or there's a lot of overlap at least. Thoughts?
  5. What the heck happened to the forms!

    this is the cycle of feature updates the devs make improvements -> users complain that the layout changed and they can't find this and can't figure out that, cue mass hysteria -> over time they get accustomed to the new features and begin to prefer the new and improved thing -> repeat cycle
  6. Taylor Swift

  7. Taylor Swift

    remember to smack dat muddafuckin MUTEBUTTON
  8. This site is disorganized

    haha yea categories and forums I can type up a spec structure when I have time later
  9. This site is disorganized

    yeah categories is what I mean then
  10. This site is disorganized

    Just some decluttering would go a long way. Using Stickies and megathreads instead of a seperate sub. Fashion, Recipes, etc could just be a big thread. The less subforums = the better. People would be more apt to participate in certain sections if there's less to sift through on the main page.
  11. This site is disorganized

    i'm not the op so I shouldn't really speak for him some minor gripes I've had though is that separating videos from pictures seems to be an arbitrary distinction since many picture threads contain videos and video threads can be completely comprised of pictures. A solution might be to merge all of the non-celeb forums into one. Or maybe sort it by platform, aka youtubers, tumblrers, or instagramers. Also the plus size model forum and celeb forum is arbitrary and almost never really adhered to. Maybe the categories could be public figures and nonpublic figures since people complain about what the definition of a "celebrity" is in every other thread. Someone whose identity/personal information/social media should be protected would be a non-public figure. This is usually pretty easy to discern using common sense most of the time. And the familiar faces forum doesn't get much use and the honor is given randomly. For instance Lucy Collett and Katie Cummings are the most popular women here by far, yet they are not recognized. It's also one of the most inactive subs, where threads go to die. Seems unnecessary.
  12. This site is disorganized

    less subforums, more defined categories, better structure?
  13. Rihanna

    does the face imply you knowingly just posted a crappy morph?