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  1. Progress will eventually come, don't you worry.
  2. Curvage Entry in Encyclopedia Dramatica

    ^ My thoughts exactly.
  3. Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    I see a little bit of belly.
  4. Who's Excited for the Olympics?!

    And then, Rowan Atkinson.
  5. Who is this beautiful girl?

    As I said many times, nobody knows who she is and quite frankly, I doubt we'll ever know who she is.
  6. Favorite Part of the Female Form

    Yeah, and that massive thread of his is gone too.
  7. Time to step out from the corner!

    Welcome to Curvage Kodaavborn. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist after seeing your avatar.
  8. Shooting Incident in Aurora, CO

    This country was founded by atheists. KFD I thought they were deists or something like that. Maybe I need to re-read my American History.
  9. Shooting Incident in Aurora, CO

    The US will ban firearms for the general public when the country elects an atheist for a president.
  10. got an email from stuffer31?

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. Kate Upton

  12. Your Favourite Weight Gain Story

    My friend's literary work was pretty good before he deleted it all from dA...although he did have a habit for rushing his work.
  13. Copyright Policy

    There are active mods...right?