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  1. I'm a student in New York, but live in Indiana during breaks. (which I get a lot of) Looking for a feedie or plus-sized girl. PM for more details (photo, etc...)
  2. asdflol

    Muscular Chubby Woman

    Trying to get the gf to go to the gym and bulk with me. Any images of chubby women with muscle under their curves for inspiration? Preferably images of skinny women who got chubby, but gained muscle at the same time.
  3. asdflol

    Pictures I found On Curvage a Month Ago: Source?

    Thanks. I am glad I remembered right when I thought it was a gain.
  4. Hi, I found these images on Curvage a month or so ago and was wondering if anyone knows where on curvage I found them, or even better, the original source. ;D
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