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  1. ijustkant

    Sophie Turner

    I think there's a thread of her on here but I'm not sure where.
  2. ijustkant

    Sophie Turner

  3. ijustkant

    Sophie Turner

  4. ijustkant

    Hunter McGrady

    Before pic is probably at around 200 lbs and she probably weighs 280 lbs now.
  5. ijustkant

    Sophie Turner

  6. ijustkant

    Misha Barton

    Some more recent pictures.
  7. ijustkant

    Hunter McGrady

    Sorry if the video is a repost. I usually check for that stuff but I couldn't get vilecoyote's video to load on mobile, so I didn't notice. My video is from YouTube, so no you won't find that comment on Facebook. And although the original commenter was probably fat-shamimg, I noted it because it would be hot to see her eat four big macs. There are tons of people on this thread calling her 'fat,' but they obviously mean that in a good way.
  8. ijustkant

    Hunter McGrady

    One of the comments: "... edited out the four big macs she had for lunch."
  9. ijustkant

    Jessica Simpson

    I want a Christmas centaur sweater.
  10. ijustkant

    Ellie Warner

  11. ijustkant

    Ellie Warner

  12. ijustkant

    Ali Cutler

    I agree, animals are great ... tasting.
  13. ijustkant

    Taylor Swift

    Her weight on this website recently changed from 139 lbs to 152 lbs, which seems more accurate even if she hasn't gained any weight in the past month or so. Anyway, here are some pictures of her performing with the Bryan Adams guy.
  14. ijustkant

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    She looks like she weighs more than that.