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  1. thadrou90

    Shannon Purser (Barb from Stranger Things)

    A reminder of how short Tess is - and how fat she is
  2. thadrou90

    Tess Munster

  3. Lots of good dancing in this one... ...and just plain old walking:
  4. Watching her arms move in this one... 😍 gif
  5. thadrou90

    Rebel Wilson!!

    How have we not head Rebel content for 2 years? Here's a few things.
  6. It clearly doesn't bother her, at the very least, the way she flaunts her body.
  7. It's been ages since I made a Raiza gif, but I think it's time again. Watch her shake the earth.
  8. thadrou90

    'This Is Us'

    Chrissy on tour A little snackin' at the end of this one, too: Plus some old ones I'm not sure ever made it here
  9. thadrou90

    Carrie Baker Reynolds

    Not sure I agree - when the movie came out, the creator published this in Salon, basically outing himself as an FA: https://www.salon.com/2010/04/12/de_felitta_9/.
  10. thadrou90

    Carrie Baker Reynolds

    She is most famous for her role in City Island, which is maybe the closest thing to a mainstream FA film I've ever seen. Apparently she had a couple roles after that but I haven't heard about her in ages. Anyone know if she's been up to anything? Share barely appears in the City Island trailer, around 2:08: And there are some clips of her waddling and talking from shooting:
  11. thadrou90

    Trisha Rae Stahl

    Of Glee fame, among other things. I have no idea wtf this kevin hart stuff is, but whatever.
  12. thadrou90

    Nicole Byer

    Just realized Nicole Byer doesn't have a thread, which is crazy! She's a comedian who was on the MTV show Girl Code, has her own show (Loosely Exactly Nicole), and hosts the MTV comedy baking competition show Nailed It!. She might've even appeared on this forum before in these clips from the Steve Harvey show (I think they would've showed up in the Hunter McGrady thread): But here are some others, in roughly chronological order: And in this wonderfully tight shirt: There are a lot more vids and pics out there, too.
  13. And a couple screencaps from the second!