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  1. It totally is, and it’s incredible.
  2. thadrou90

    Jessica Simpson

    That's great, but it's probably more swelling than fat, too.
  3. thadrou90

    Raven Goodwin

    Some new Raven stuff in the pipeline, from SMILF (season 2 preview and all of S2E01 online for free) and this upcoming show American Soul
  4. thadrou90

    Kelly Clarkson

    Man, I miss the chubby Kelly of years past
  5. thadrou90

    Diana Sirokai

    That’s why the candidate from her friends’ instas are the best we’ve got. speaking of which, anyone have any more of those?
  6. thadrou90

    Lardi B - Performer Jenn Whitlock's alter ego

    Still fat. (The quality on that vid was shit to begin with.)
  7. thadrou90

    Tess Holliday (Tess Munster)

    I doubt it. From these shots, especially the last, her belly still looks huge.
  8. thadrou90


    That pool video is fucking amazing. I made it a gif.
  9. thadrou90

    Mindy Kaling

    This is just a reminder to me of how hard she works to pick slimming insta photos. In real life she's thicker than that!
  10. thadrou90

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    If the Black Mirror days were her biggest, she's got to be in the same ballpark these days, right?
  11. thadrou90

    Christina Aguilera

    Some more shots of that NYE double chin
  12. thadrou90

    Amber Tamblyn

    Pics since May 2017, and a video from August that has some tight lounge clothes and movement (and a couple other fat women)
  13. thadrou90

    Kelly Clarkson

  14. thadrou90

    Samhita Mukhopadhyay - Journalist and Activist

    Showing off that belly