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  1. ninten13

    Tabria Majors

    Is it just me or is she looking bulkier, like not necessarily flabby, just generally wider and thicker lately?
  2. A friend of mine from uni has been slowly gaining weight for a while now, her family is Italian but she was raised here in the UK so has dark curly hair, olive skin etc. Anyway last summer she kept mentioning how fat her mother thought she had gotten, so she took her to the doctors and turns out she has some hormone imbalance causing weight gain - however she does also eat crap half the time and get a fair few calories from constant drinking. She also got a job in McDonalds so she gets free food now which also doesn't help. Anyway I hadn't seen her in a while and her hourglass figure has become really accentuated and has a bit of a 'mom-bod' now. Her face has become a little chubbier and you can see a hanging spare tyre belly now through her clothes and it piles up when she sits down pushing her already large bosom upwards, also noticed her thighs hang over the side of chairs now too, and her back seems a lot broader and her backside juts out a little more. She's not tall around 5'4ish, so could be around 230lbs - I'm really bad a guessing weight. Although of late I think shes really enjoying her weight gain, she's started wearing tighter clothes, and keeps dropping mentions of how fat shes getting - even mentioning it on her insta tags, twitter etc. And keeps posting snapchat stories of her eating food and that her friends are making her fatter, even one mentioned that she should become a camgirl lol. So I think she may be a closeted feedee I'm not sure, or at least enjoys being fatter. Shes a flirty type and we get on well together but I don't want to bring anything up without sounding weird.
  3. ninten13

    Diana Sirokai

    Videos always make seem a lot bigger than in her insta pics with good angles. Here’s a few screen caps of that video showing her belly hang, also she’s looking wide!
  4. Someone’s getting a lil thick again
  5. ninten13

    Latecia Thomas

    She’s very good at hiding her belly in some pics with good angles and then in others she looks like she gained 15lbs overnight.
  6. ninten13

    Gabifresh Bikini Summer 2013 Collection

    Yeah from other photo shoots they seem to be from higher angles, but this one either she’s packed a lot on in a short period of time or this is how she really looks.
  7. ninten13

    Gabifresh Bikini Summer 2013 Collection

    Haven't seen much activity regarding her on here lately, but damn shes got bigger. Around the 30 second mark is fantastic.
  8. ninten13

    Tabria Majors in Plus Sized Modeling Show

    She's certainly given me a major something. Love how cute she always seems, she also mentioned in one of her podcasts that if she didn't exercise she'd be as big as a house, so hopefully one day she might add a little more to her already major figure.
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