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  1. Taylor Swift

    iJustKant, I love the comparison compilation! I was going to attempt one myself. Thanks for going through the trouble!
  2. Taylor Swift

    These recent pics highlight her thickening muscular legs. I realize that her recent gain has been mostly muscle, but if you, like me, like to see a beautiful woman gain muscle weight as well as fat, you may enjoy these:
  3. Taylor Swift

    I love the comparison pic. Thanks John Smith!
  4. Taylor Swift

    I love how she's muscling up!
  5. Steph Pacca

    Thankyou Hotty2Fatty for this amazing find. She had not an ounce of fat in your first posted pics, and she just filled out and rounded out ever since!
  6. Rihanna

    Fluctuating, but hopefully the overall trend is upward.
  7. Alicia Keys

    It's you. And it's her, the way her body gains volume and weight, and new layers of chub, and wider hips, thighs of greater circumference.
  8. Female wrestlers

    Kelly Klein is merciless with her superior weight adfvantage. She just runs them over!
  9. Chloe Green

    That body!
  10. Taylor Swift

    What is she eating?
  11. Rihanna

    frecklefactor, there were so many perfect pics in that Barbados update, and you put the cherry on the cake with your last:
  12. Incredible Manga with slow burn weight gain

    Very nice!
  13. Rihanna

    I agree, but I believe that Rihanna is a part of the BBW revolution. It is not happening without woman's intervention. I believe that Rihanna is a pioneer in womanly beauty ideals. She has been wearing very fashionable, but very loose, large clothes over the past year. It appears to me that she has been trying to keep secret a project that she was working on, that being the growing and shaping of her body!
  14. Rihanna

  15. Rihanna

    June 1, 2017 2017 > 05-31 - Attending the "Revolve" party in LA [HQ]