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  1. kirsch

    Mia Khalifa

    I love this story line. A gourmet-quality chef has an obsession with food. What could go wrong? It depends on your definition of "wrong." What is certain is that her body expands to accommodate her passion for food. She happens to be beautiful, and she expands her beauty with each new cell.
  2. kirsch

    Alexis Nunes (Sportscaster for ESPN)

    I love BBBWs like Alexis Nunes!
  3. kirsch

    My long sims4 weight gain story

    I love this! I don't often visit this area of the site, but I stumbled upon some fine art! I don't know what else to call it. It is pornographic, to the extent that it is sexual in nature. Of course, all of the renderings are rated PG-13. It is a work of art. I have watched SIMS videos on YouTube that centered on female weight gain, but they are few and in between, and the ones I have seen were fairly limited in terms of variety. It is as if they were just stretched out to approximate the body change associated with gaining weight. But you take it a step further and add variety, the costumes, the scenery, etc. And it is all very sexy. I would love to see more! Have you a web site, or like a place like Deviant Art?
  4. kirsch

    Steph Pacca

    Yes, indeed, I love to go back to old photos of women that have gained, and then re-follow their weight gain progression. It is like watching a movie the second time, so you are more certain of the outcome. It is amazing to think that such a lean fitness buff could get fatter, even though she is "still" considered of more "average" weight. She had beautiful muscles exposed in the early days, but I'm glad she covered them up with a layer of fat!
  5. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    I appreciate you pointing out the date on the photo. However, the poster never claimed it to be recent. She did have a belly filling out her dress in that photo. Taylor has had "fluctuating" weight. I think her high points have just been getting higher more recently.
  6. kirsch

    Chrissy Teigen

    Is John Legend a "feeder"? Did Chrissy know what she was getting into?
  7. kirsch

    Chrissy Teigen

    So now she's switching from careers fashion modeling to (often fattening) food sampling? This is a pivotal time in her career on her way to being a top BBW model and food connoisseur!
  8. kirsch

    Daisy Ridley

  9. kirsch

    Uzo Aduba

    She looks great with more weight, beautiful smile, skin, arms. ...
  10. kirsch

    Caroline Dolehide

    "That characteristic" must be that she gains muscle and fat, gaining power to move that growing body.
  11. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Nice video, shows her juicy thighs and beauty smiling, sweaty face!
  12. kirsch

    Steph Pacca

    She looks bigger and softer now more than ever. Slowly inflating.
  13. kirsch

    Slim-Thick Blonde on the Train

    She dresses hot in both sets. Maybe you will see her again and again? Maybe ask her out?
  14. kirsch

    Greek Babes in Bikinis

    Nice, soft, Mediterranean olive skin.