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  1. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    I appreciate you pointing out the date on the photo. However, the poster never claimed it to be recent. She did have a belly filling out her dress in that photo. Taylor has had "fluctuating" weight. I think her high points have just been getting higher more recently.
  2. kirsch

    Chrissy Teigen

    Is John Legend a "feeder"? Did Chrissy know what she was getting into?
  3. kirsch

    Chrissy Teigen

    So now she's switching from careers fashion modeling to (often fattening) food sampling? This is a pivotal time in her career on her way to being a top BBW model and food connoisseur!
  4. kirsch

    Daisy Ridley

  5. kirsch

    Uzo Aduba

    She looks great with more weight, beautiful smile, skin, arms. ...
  6. kirsch

    Caroline Dolehide

    "That characteristic" must be that she gains muscle and fat, gaining power to move that growing body.
  7. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Nice video, shows her juicy thighs and beauty smiling, sweaty face!
  8. kirsch

    Steph Pacca

    She looks bigger and softer now more than ever. Slowly inflating.
  9. kirsch

    Slim-Thick Blonde on the Train

    She dresses hot in both sets. Maybe you will see her again and again? Maybe ask her out?
  10. kirsch

    Greek Babes in Bikinis

    Nice, soft, Mediterranean olive skin.
  11. kirsch

    soft blonde coed in bikini

    She looks like one of the "normal" types that has had a few too many caramel lattes or drive-through burgers or whatever. She looks great with the weight, but it just looks like a product of a surplus of calories coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. It's nice to see that the average woman is chubby now.
  12. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Live in Philadelphia on July 13th They keep carrying her around, saving her calories, helping her to bulk up.
  13. kirsch

    Demi Lovato

    To me she looks very content with her life, smiling and moving like knows she's sexy with tree-trunk thighs. I don't foresee a meltdown, md2069. But it's an interesting consideration, what with all the meltdowns by the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.
  14. kirsch

    Female wrestlers

    The same thing has happened to me when I posted a link to a picture recently, it didn't enlarge from the thumbnail.
  15. kirsch

    Keira Knightley

    I agree, and couldn't have stated it better. I guess there will always be some people who feel they should decide for everybody who belongs here. I would say that a person triggers your fantasy about fat or weight gain, real or imagined, belongs here. And yes, I agree that there is a special "circumstance" in cases of "A-list" celebrities such as Taylor Swift or Keira Knightley. I would say Keira's gain is even more noteworthy because she has been almost like "skin and bones" for a long time, whereas at least Taylor Swift has had a more muscular physique. For me this is a "jaw-dropping" event, to notice that Keira has such a gorgeous, chubby body, and in a pear shape!