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  1. PostModernPoster

    Girl in blue thread?

  2. PostModernPoster

    Your favorite celebrity gain?

    My pick is Claire Richards. She was a stick-thin popstar who ballooned pretty much right after Steps split up in a fairly short amount of time. She got BIG. Claire was a self-admitted "slave to food" and couldn't resist indulging herself. Her young age, although also a young mother, makes her gain more impressive. She is thinner now but she yo-yo'd HARD during her peak of weight infamy. Now let's hear your thoughts!
  3. PostModernPoster

    Charlize Theron

    I have been waiting for a major actress to gain for a role. It's been a while
  4. PostModernPoster

    Amy Adams

    She's just got to get bigger! You can tell she's perfect for it.
  5. PostModernPoster

    Anne Hathaway

    She's knocked up! ;D http://www.eonline.com/news/700794/anne-hathaway-is-pregnant-oscar-winner-expecting-first-child-with-husband-adam-shulman-see-her-baby-bump Take a few years off, Anne. Relax...
  6. PostModernPoster

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    This is incredible. :thumbsup: I <3 Lucy
  7. PostModernPoster

    Face gains

    You guys turned on by face gains? I used to think it was a lose-lose situation. But they can be so adorable. And it's the ultimate indication of weight gain, although everybody gains different. I met a girl at work recently who's always talking about her face fat. Never noticed it until I guess she has gained some 15 pounds during a trip and it's like... almost all in her face. Very nice. anybody got some good pics? cause I don't lol
  8. PostModernPoster

    Marguerite Moreau/Amy Poehler from WHAS

    So this Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp miniseries has all these actors who were age 20-25 playing 16-17 in 2001 still playing 16-17 y/o's. Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks are the only ones pulling it off. Two guys, Showalter and Orth, have really let themselves go. None of the women look drastically different, but Marguerite (Katie) has a cute little pooch despite looking fit otherwise. Slight bellies are awesome, she looks great in a t-shirt and jean shorts. Amy Poehler is wearing a very unflattering mini-dress thing with a belt right on her upper waistline. Her arms are looking thick too. Poehler: http://cdn2.business2community.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/amy-poehler.jpg Moreau: http://images.intouchweekly.com/uploads/posts/image/62240/wet-hot-american-summer-trailer.jpg?crop=top&fit=crop&h=800&w=1200 (there are better shots) If you have Netflix, check it out.
  9. PostModernPoster

    Kelly Brook

    Kelly's television show was axed. Hope she takes the news well with some cheating on that stupid diet.
  10. PostModernPoster

    Anne Hathaway

    Hopefully she's end up like my avatar
  11. PostModernPoster

    The widening roommate

    Update (2 months later) February was her "fit month" as she called it. This I believe was instigated by a visit from her mom (milf btw), who rather bluntly said, "Honey, you got BIG!" and so forth. Sadly she lost ten pounds. :-\ But she wouldn't shut up about it! Which to me is extra annoying/stupid because she's still noticeably heavier than her starting point. Love, love, love seeing her in gym clothes with the tummy hanging out and her butt jiggling freely. The exercise kick lasted a full two weeks, then it was Girl Scout cookie season, and she went in for the Do-Si-Dos. This put her back on the WG track but we also started stocking many Hostess/Entemann's items such as oatmeal pies, donut holes, and of course twinkies. I'll just say I've had maybe two twinkies total and we buy 3-5 boxes every week. At least she says thank you, but I think that reminds her of her gluttony. I mean, girl has a serious thing for junk food. Now, about the gain...well now she's probably 15 above her original 30, for a total of 45. She mentioned being close to 160 (i think she's heavier). She looks in the mirror and blushes, holding her tummy from the side or running her hands over her big ol' bottom. I've seen her sitting on the couch playing with her tummy fat, poking it, rubbing it, oh my... she'll never need to pay rent again if she sticks around. Still mainly wearing sweatpants, but sometimes when her girlfriends (all thin) take her out I see her in "date" clothes. Really sexy when she stuffs herself into tight jeans, or even better a sundress which really shows how wide her hips are getting. Her friends always look her up and down like "Really?" And that face, my god, it's the best part. The cheeks are chubbifying, but it's that gorgeous double chin- her mom muttered to me it was the face of hungry, lazy girl and mulled over the idea of sending her to fat camp!
  12. PostModernPoster

    Kelly Brook

    What the hell is going on with this chick? She gets wider everyday but she's a gym junkie...
  13. PostModernPoster

    Zoe Saldana

    She is looking incredible. Hope she keeps it. Stupid Hollywood though.
  14. PostModernPoster

    The widening roommate

    Don't know where the scale went. She probably sold it for Cheetos $$$
  15. PostModernPoster

    The widening roommate

    So I live with another guy in a small apartment, we have a third rotate in every few months for the rent cushion. I won't lie, we eat like pigs, but we're young with incredible metabolisms. Fast food, sodas, mexican, candy, ice cream; whatever a small influx of cash can supply us. Recently we decided to try out a girl as our third. She's someone he knows, but when I met her I knew she's be a decent roomie. She's about 5'6, 125 by my estimation. Brunette, girl-next-door type. She worked as a clerk of some type but is "in between jobs." As long as she pays rent... ANYWAY she put a scale in the bathroom and in the first week chided us for being lazy (we do get out for runs and hikes) while she went to yoga or something. A week or two passed until she stopped trying to bring in healthy food and started joining us for meals (take-out) and watching more tv. We smoke maryjane as well, so she gave into that and her munchie problem increased, as well as her outright laziness. The past days I've seen her get out for a walk or social activity but only two hours at the most. The rest of the time she lays around in sweats. Big portions, Reese's after every meal, and inactivity have snuck up on her quickly in 2 months. (Can't say I haven't been stocking up extra at the store.) She removed the scale but I'd venture to say she's ballooned 30 lbs. The taut stomach is now a jiggly mini-pot belly peeking from under her shirts. Her butt is officially badonkadonk status as her hips grow accordingly. The sexiest part of her gain is actually the double chin, which exists without a laugh or look down. It's so cute I wish I could show you but I'd feel like a creep. When she first started stuffing herself with us, she'd make the comments: "Oh, I'm such a pig." "Can I try those chili cheese fries?" "If my ex saw me..." Those kind of phrases dried up as her size increased, other than "Nothing fits me." All she wears is sweats or leggings. I adore when she subconsciously pats her belly or belches with embarrassment. Maybe I can cover her rent...
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