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  1. jarhead78

    You spying me with a fake mirror

    Getting some serious heft on you now! 🐷
  2. jarhead78

    BBWs Can Twerk Too! (Twerk/BootyShaking)

    Such a sexy video of sublime curves in motion. My favourite part is at 31 seconds in, where we see Candi’s huge jiggly ass and thighs in full motion from behind on the bed but also get to see her huge belly hanging down to the duvet in between those thick sexy thighs.
  3. jarhead78

    Big Belly Taking A Shower

    Getting THIIIICK!!
  4. jarhead78


    I’d rate this 10 stars if I could - 5 for each huge jiggly cheek! (__)(__) Packing on the pounds so fast but most importantly, they’re being so beautifully distributed. I love the way you seductively jiggle that massive tush on all fours
  5. jarhead78

    Fat Tutor

    This video is incredible. Two stunning ladies bingeing on such a huge amount of food, Shar (who is fatter than EVER) openly talking of her desire to get massive whilst Kitty proudly states that the amount of food on the table is a “normal meal in a day” for her. So decadent and erotic.
  6. jarhead78

    My goal to 250

    Absolutely beautiful words Shar, so candid, honest and open. Your transformation has not only been THE most erotic, decadent, exciting and beautiful I have ever seen but also an extremely courageous and brave thing to do too - to fly in the face of convention and acceptance of “normality” and deliberately binge yourself from slim to a gorgeous BBW is mindblowingly exciting to see. Thankyou once again for sharing your delicious journey with us - good luck with reaching 250, stay healthy and happy!
  7. jarhead78

    Through the Mirror

    OMG Shar, you announcing you’re going for the big 250lb is incredible, exciting news! Looking so alluringly plush and voluptuous
  8. jarhead78

    Back When I Was A Bimbo

    Got a feeling the next weigh in vid will be along shortly - Such a fatty now!!
    This is such a generous offering from Shar - $9.99 for 15 minutes of incredible footage of this stunning, huge, heavy, growing BBW. The big 220lb goal must be in sight now and I’m certain that this gorgeous lady is going to carry on way past that! The way she devours that huge gaining shake and talks about how she’s trying to get BIG as she makes it up, is so exciting. Her thighs are each now the size of many people’s waists. You will be gobsmacked by her measurements, it’s insane to think how recently she was really slim!
  9. jarhead78

    Psycho Gem

    You will not believe the size of Shar in this vid. Even just since the recent “mega fat day” vid on the beach, Shar has totally ballooned! Such a funny lady too - I loved the posh lady impersonation in this vid, such a character as well as a true BBW
  10. jarhead78

    Psycho Gem

    God you’re such a massive fatty now!!
  11. jarhead78

    Mega Fat Day

    How curvy has this beautiful goddess grown?? 😍
  12. jarhead78

    Mega Fat Day

    Shar is HUGE!!!! This is hands down her best vid yet. That dress only accentuates her huge obese sexy jiggly mounds - that belly is SO big and saggy now - jutting out proudly, jiggling wildly as she moves her sublime BBW body so sensually. The sight of this stunning 15-stone lady greedily, deliberately stuffing her (once slender) bloated pretty face with portion after portion of fish and chips to get as fat as she can is the most erotic and arousing sight ever.
  13. jarhead78

    House Chores Pt 2

    I could never leave Shar any less than 5 stars for her relentless, generous documentation of her incredible gain. The only thing I would have liked more of in this vid would have been more standing side & frontal views of that huge, sagging jiggly belly in those bikini bottoms! It still blows my mind that you’re pretty much 15-stone now, despite being so slim and petite so recently. Such an erotic, decadently arousing transformation.