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  1. To Infinity and Beyond!

    Such a huge obese heifer now!
  2. Weight Update 3

    100% my thoughts too Shar - stay true to yourself and be happy
  3. Weight Update 3

    Shar, your gain is truly monumental- your journey has been eye-popping from where you started out so please don’t feel down about not being 200 yet. Your curves are simply beautiful and bigger than most of us could have ever imagined they’d get when you first appeared on Curvage so slender and athletic. I’m sure this plateau will soon pass as your body is just adjusting to the huge calorie increase, you’ll soon be over the big 200.
  4. Shar, you should have entered that Davina McCall show “This Time Next Year” and when asked what you hope to achieve by the time you return in a year, answer “I will have gained 5 stone and be a size 18+ BBW”. 😍

  5. Fat Talk & Gaining Shake

    If there was more than 5 stars to give, I would - This is the biggest and best Shar has ever looked! This is also the first (in my opinion) time I’ve looked at Shar as a “proper” BBW as opposed to just plump/chubby. There has been such a jump in weight recently that is clear for all to see - Shar you are so big, jiggly, round and plush all over now that if I passed you in the street I’d class you as a “fat girl” immediately. That statement alone seems incredible given how slim and toned you were so recently. Cudos to your Mum for giving you bigger meals now to suit your massive extra weight and matching appetite! Keep the lbs coming Shar, what you’ve done takes courage and a strong mind - to defy the opinions/judgements of those that know you and completely, intentionally balloon!
  6. Pasta Project

    Shar just keeps getting better and better! The amount of food that passes those plush beautiful lips in this video is insane and is a great indicator of what’s in store for us this summer! Worth every penny as Shar delivers as always.
  7. Sophie's Dream

    Looking seriously close to the big 200 there Shar! Seriously going for it! 🐷
  8. Two Day Gainer Shake

    Oh my GOD!! 😍😍😍 look at the size of you now Shar! Your look absolutely HUGE in that clingy white skirt, so big and voluptuous all over now.
  9. They made me do it

    Look at the size of you now! 😍 Those big jiggly rolls are massive, hanging over your tracksuit bottoms as you rest your hands on your knees, your puffy soft arms and fat thighs, then your HUGE bum too - you are such a naughty greedy girl and more lusciously gorgeous with every new lb.
  10. Morning Glory

    Virtually unrecognisable from the skinny girl of a few months ago - look at this fatty! 🐷
  11. Kitchen Pig

    In my opinon, Shar is the hottest girl on the scene right now. For a "conventionally" attractive, slender and beautiful lady to deliberately balloon in weight by openly bingeing on huge and decadent amounts of food, then share her erotic and exciting journey to BBW status with us is simply mindblowing. This video does not disappoint, Shar looks more voluptous, feminine, huge and heavy than ever in it!
  12. Just Shar

    So glad I downloaded this today - worth every penny. Shar has absolutely ballooned! Her belly is out-of-control jiggly and her every curve has expanded noticeably even since recent clips, she’s definitely passed the plateau she hit a while ago and is blossoming into a true BBW! Enjoy the “smaller Shar” vids while you can because Shar is getting HUGE fast! 🐷
  13. Goddess Orders Room Service

    I cannot recommend this clip highly enough! Shar devours the whole lot relentlessly, her intentional gluttony a joy to watch. Her curves are the noticeably bigger in this vid, indeed she is starting to become truly fat! When she lays on her back later on in the vid, her tummy still sticks out massively, whilst being soft, jiggly and dimply. When she kneels side-on to the camera and grabs her belly, it is hanging enough now for her hands to grab it from underneath- that is SO hot to watch. Her tush is so wide, big and jiggly now and her face is noticeably rounder with the start of a cute double chin.
  14. bbwadeline.com - bare-bellied on a balcony!

    Such an incredibly beautiful woman with the most perfect huge erotic curves.
  15. bbwadeline.com - up-close belly shaking!

    God you are so lusciously erotically heavy, big, curvy and sexy Adeline - I'd give anything to get my hands on your gorgeous mounds