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  1. jarhead78

    House Chores

    Listening to Kisstory too - 👌🏻😎
  2. jarhead78

    Food Baby

    Please do a vid of you walking down stairs in just a thong and bra - it would be mindblowing to see that huge jiggly belly unleashed!
  3. jarhead78

    Food Baby

    Worth every penny as always! Shar is simply huge now, the way her huge belly jiggles against the straining fabric of that dress at the start of the vid is mesmerising. Then the sheer, unashamed gluttony that follows is so erotically exciting. The extra weight is really showing in that plump pretty face now - such a cute double chin.
  4. jarhead78

    Super Jug

    I wish I could leave more than 5 stars - Shar is simply huge in this vid, it’s mind-bending to watch this BBW with a huge sticky-out belly, massive thighs, big butt and flared feminine hips in all her jiggly majestic best. Watching her chug that gluttonous shake, (knowing what those thousands of calories will do) is a sight to behold.
  5. jarhead78

    Super Jug

    That’s 15st of curves all day long - sumptuous, sensual, erotic and mindblowingly alluring
  6. jarhead78

    **Cream Special** Pt 5

    Your gain is THE most sexy, exciting and mesmerising to have ever graced this site (in my humble opinion) - such a wildly decadent, erotic transformation 😍
    SOOO cute and so articulate with such a sweet voice too
  7. jarhead78

    Introducing you to my rolls!

    What beautiful words from a beautiful lady - I’m so happy that you’re finally free of feeling you have to conform to society’s mainstream standards and am now embracing your gorgeous womanly curves. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.
  8. jarhead78

    The Big 200

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about!! 😍😍😍 Shar you absolutely immense goddess!
  9. jarhead78

    The Big 200

    Shar you have totally outdone yourself here! You are out of control. I LOVE the glimpse of your huge sagging, jiggly belly as you start to attempt putting those jeans on. You must be a true size 18+ now! Only 9 more pounds until the big 15-stone 😍
  10. jarhead78

    Weight Update 4

    Welcome to true BBW status Shar and massively well done! To deliberately change your appearance so drastically (and going against society’s idea of slender being beautiful) is an immensely brave step and shows incredible strength of character - good luck and all the best for the rest of your journey to jiggly joy! 😍
  11. jarhead78

    Swimsuit Season

    Would love to see a pic of you walking on a beach in public in that bikini - looking HUGE!
  12. jarhead78

    Slutty Susan Part 2

    This video is so erotic and decadent with Shar is at her alluringly beautiful, voluptuous best. The sight of her burgeoning hefty curves stretching that black skirt to the limit as she mercilessly devours all that food is mindblowingly arousing. The look Shar gives the camera at 7:44 will make you go weak at the knees - smouldering!
  13. jarhead78

    Slutty Susan Part 2

    The best yet! Shar you are blooming into such a beautiful BBW
  14. jarhead78

    Fully Creamed

    As always, Shar delivers! 😍 Looking so hefty, chunky and irresistibly curvaceous now - so tantalisingly close to the big 200!