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  1. jarhead78

    Back When I Was A Bimbo

    Got a feeling the next weigh in vid will be along shortly - Such a fatty now!!
    This is such a generous offering from Shar - $9.99 for 15 minutes of incredible footage of this stunning, huge, heavy, growing BBW. The big 220lb goal must be in sight now and I’m certain that this gorgeous lady is going to carry on way past that! The way she devours that huge gaining shake and talks about how she’s trying to get BIG as she makes it up, is so exciting. Her thighs are each now the size of many people’s waists. You will be gobsmacked by her measurements, it’s insane to think how recently she was really slim!
  2. jarhead78

    Psycho Gem

    You will not believe the size of Shar in this vid. Even just since the recent “mega fat day” vid on the beach, Shar has totally ballooned! Such a funny lady too - I loved the posh lady impersonation in this vid, such a character as well as a true BBW
  3. jarhead78

    Psycho Gem

    God you’re such a massive fatty now!!
  4. jarhead78

    Mega Fat Day

    How curvy has this beautiful goddess grown?? 😍
  5. jarhead78

    Mega Fat Day

    Shar is HUGE!!!! This is hands down her best vid yet. That dress only accentuates her huge obese sexy jiggly mounds - that belly is SO big and saggy now - jutting out proudly, jiggling wildly as she moves her sublime BBW body so sensually. The sight of this stunning 15-stone lady greedily, deliberately stuffing her (once slender) bloated pretty face with portion after portion of fish and chips to get as fat as she can is the most erotic and arousing sight ever.
  6. jarhead78

    House Chores Pt 2

    I could never leave Shar any less than 5 stars for her relentless, generous documentation of her incredible gain. The only thing I would have liked more of in this vid would have been more standing side & frontal views of that huge, sagging jiggly belly in those bikini bottoms! It still blows my mind that you’re pretty much 15-stone now, despite being so slim and petite so recently. Such an erotic, decadently arousing transformation.
  7. jarhead78

    House Chores

    Listening to Kisstory too - 👌🏻😎
  8. jarhead78

    Food Baby

    Please do a vid of you walking down stairs in just a thong and bra - it would be mindblowing to see that huge jiggly belly unleashed!
  9. jarhead78

    Food Baby

    Worth every penny as always! Shar is simply huge now, the way her huge belly jiggles against the straining fabric of that dress at the start of the vid is mesmerising. Then the sheer, unashamed gluttony that follows is so erotically exciting. The extra weight is really showing in that plump pretty face now - such a cute double chin.
  10. jarhead78

    Super Jug

    I wish I could leave more than 5 stars - Shar is simply huge in this vid, it’s mind-bending to watch this BBW with a huge sticky-out belly, massive thighs, big butt and flared feminine hips in all her jiggly majestic best. Watching her chug that gluttonous shake, (knowing what those thousands of calories will do) is a sight to behold.
  11. jarhead78

    Super Jug

    That’s 15st of curves all day long - sumptuous, sensual, erotic and mindblowingly alluring
  12. jarhead78

    **Cream Special** Pt 5

    Your gain is THE most sexy, exciting and mesmerising to have ever graced this site (in my humble opinion) - such a wildly decadent, erotic transformation 😍
    SOOO cute and so articulate with such a sweet voice too
  13. jarhead78

    Introducing you to my rolls!

    What beautiful words from a beautiful lady - I’m so happy that you’re finally free of feeling you have to conform to society’s mainstream standards and am now embracing your gorgeous womanly curves. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.