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  1. dj2k1357

    Whipped cream & Ice cream

    Another sexy vid pouring whipped cream into your mouth with ice cream added for even more gluttony. I love how you look at the camera and play with your porky gut throughout. Amazing stuff!
    A piggy in pigtails pigging out on a dozen donuts and dipping them in chocolate milk. It's no wonder you are porking up so much. A sexy display of greed as you eat donuts and then chug chocolate milk from a big bowl like only a fatty could. These kinds of videos will never get old. Great clip!
  2. dj2k1357

    Wobbly Workout

    Very Wobbly indeed. Every inch of your body is so soft and jiggly and round, and it's perfectly displayed here. Surprised as hard as you was bouncing that your boobs didn't come out of your skimpy bra that was on overtime containing your every growing full of fat knockers. And of course I didn't forget about your ever growing fat ass that was on full display in my fave color in leggings that just accentuated the fact that your bum and thunder thighs is completely covered in celly jelly. And your belly is so big that its stopping you from doing a sit up and it almost touches the ground when you are planking, which you only held for 10 seconds. What an out of shape beauty you have become. I hope you decide to show your mouth and speak more in future vids, and also loved seeing your face briefly while you was trying to sit up. I hope you will also consider making the outgrown panties 3 part vid like the Tight bras one.
  3. dj2k1357

    Vacation got Me Fat

    Very Sexy Stuffing clip! Eating a ton from the Fat Ass Capital of the World, McDonalds. Your belly just continues to grow softer and doughier and I love your bronze skin complexion. Outgrowing your shorts that you recently bought in record time hehe. No way those are ever gonna button again with that massive gut that won't quit
  4. dj2k1357

    Fat Tutor

    So glad I was able to finally check this out and happy that it did not disappoint. Once again, you two are awesome together wearing skimpy skin tight bikinis and gorging while looking absolutely gorgeous in shades. Looking like a couple of overfed movie stars. I greatly enjoy your chemistry and cant wait to see what you both come up with next as you grow greedier and fatter with the help of your new BFF 🐷🐷🐷😊
  5. dj2k1357

    Burps In Bed

    Very lovely view of your big beautiful tum and pillowy thighs as you let out some sexy massive burps as you bloat your belly. It would be fun to see what would happen if you make it a diet coke or coke zero next time and add some mentos to the mix. Or possibly a bananas and sprite bloat 😉😊
  6. dj2k1357

    Cake Addict 2: Double Stuffed

    Absolutely incredible to watch from beginning to end. Wearing matching outfits and taking turns eating from a platter of cakes on all fours while spraying cream in their greedy mouths like proper pigs. Lovely views of all your growing curves, epsecially your sexy wide bums as you bend over and eat cake with no hands. Your work solo is already stellar, but when you two get together, its otherworldly levels of good. Double the sexiness, double the greed, double the soft jiggly goodness. A true winning combination and proof that good things come in pears, I mean pairs 🍐😉😂. Love the matching outfits. Thanks for making such awesome content and I hope you two stay BFF (Beautiful Feedee Friends) for a good while, because Im addicted to the two of you like you are to cake 🤤🤤🤤. PS. Love the ending of this. So cute
  7. dj2k1357

    Fat Tutor

    Omg Im so mad I cant get this right now 😫😫😫
  8. dj2k1357

    Wet Wednesday

    Even though out of your 3Bs your big sexy bum is my fave, your jelly belly and huge boobs are really showcased lovely here. They look so soft and juicy like a pair of cantaloupe at a grocery store. I love how your nipples show through and it's so hot seeing you rip your shirt open (you know what you are doing hehe). Its quite funny that you cooling off makes me quite hot PS: I really would love to see you do a vid like this again in this same outfit but with oil and an emphasis on your 3Bs jiggling and bouncing around covered in baby oil from various angles on your chair. Please consider it! Along with the 3 part tight panty try on tease
  9. dj2k1357

    Brooke's Beer Belly

    You make for quite the sexy overstuffed secretary and I love hearing your sexy accent and voice. I really wish you would start including your lips in videos, but still a nice clip nonetheless. Speaking of butt, I like how you still found a way to throw your ass into the camera for a beer belly focused clip hehe. Also, I am now convinced you have a thing for ruining your own clothes lol. Keep sitting on your fat ass and making it fatter
  10. dj2k1357

    Burping and beers.

    Sexy outfit and incredible burps! I like how you play with your belly throughout in various angles letting out massive burps. Perhaps next time you can push 8 cans into your massive gut 🐷🐷🐷😉
  11. dj2k1357

    Forced stuffing II

    Even better than the first. Love the sexy big burps you get from beer and how your feeder fondled your fat and fed you pasta and beer with no mercy. Your gut got so big and i love how you moan and groan at the end too full to get up. Also love the blindfold addition.
    Can definitely tell you outdid yourself by the way your belly spilled out of your shirt onto your lap and you couldnt stop burping which was very sexy. And then you stripped and showed off your full gut and boobs that are about to pop out of your tight bra. Such a porker you are becoming. I hope you never stop growing 🐷🐷🐷
    Very sexy clip! Love the outfit and the way you take turns pouring cream into your mouth and also on your body with a can in each hand looking very sexy and greedy doing so 🐷🐷🐷. Love seeing your belly get bigger and bigger as you stuff it and enjoyed watching you attempt to fit the outfit again after you bloated yourself. More whipped cream in your future please!
  12. dj2k1357

    Female wrestlers

    I wonder if the whole attitude change on women wrestlers from divas to actual talented workers is whats allowed alot of them to soften up without much concern about their figure. Since its less about looks and more about actual work ethic, it seems that theres not as many defined abs and muscles anymore. If it was ten or so years ago, Liv Morgan might be getting the "Piggy James" treatment