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  1. Female wrestlers

    Because she's still a female wrestler? I get your point though.
  2. Female wrestlers

    This is clearly a lie 😂 but DiGiorno is clutch
  3. Female wrestlers

    She's clearly got a nice muffin top and she's getting a double chin
  4. Female wrestlers

    I checked her Instagram and she used to post body shots all the time and now she barely posts period lol
  5. Female wrestlers

    Gotta love Twitter
  6. Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    Don't thread bump unless you have new content please.
  7. Female wrestlers

  8. Female wrestlers

    Honestly I have no idea, I'm in a WWE podcast group on Facebook and I'm guessing that was from a live event in Chicago last night
  9. Female wrestlers

    Looks like Jojo has gained weight a bit of weight
  10. Female wrestlers

    She might be self aware, but from her twitter she's got like the worst diet ever. Doughnuts, burgers, pizza.
  11. Female wrestlers

    Liv Morgan from last nights Smackdown
  12. Female wrestlers

    You beat me to it, but yeah she's self aware.
  13. Female wrestlers

    She's making some nice progress
  14. Lauren Jauregui

    Probably snapchat
  15. Trisha Paytas

    She might as well just accept it and get fat. er...