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  1. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    Liv looks hella thick in that picture
  2. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    I'm surprised that many people called her out for having a belly
  3. Bellyfan2017

    Trisha Paytas

  4. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    What a gut 😛
  5. Bellyfan2017

    Taylor Swift

    God damn 😍
  6. Bellyfan2017

    Trisha Paytas

    She's way bigger now then when she was before her lipo, this is amazing
  7. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    When I first saw her in nxt she had a bigger belly sadly 😕
  8. Bellyfan2017

    Trisha Paytas

    Honestly probably, a week ago she had like 5 videos where she just had burger king videos lmao
  9. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    I doubt they'd ever do an angle like that again. But let's hope she keeps going in the right direction
  10. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    Cause she probably is 😂
  11. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    Yeah Nikki isn't as fit as she used to be, she's got a belly going now a bit 😛
  12. Dude don't even try to risk anything. It's just gonna backfire horribly and you'll end up with nobody.
  13. Bellyfan2017

    Big Brother weight gain

    Nope the season ended. If anyone watches BBUK then there could be something but it anything american wait until the winter for Celebrity big brother or next year for season 21
  14. I have nothing against her and her career or her as a person. Because we don't know her, but i'm with what Lightfoxx said. Yes it actually is very weird that we or other people do that. But... First of all we don't use this site to make fun of them/her we actually are attracted and find her very beautiful, or anyone else that's on this site. But she should expect stuff anything crazy like this to happen because she's famous. YES it's weird but some people like what they like and she should just ignore it and not keep looking this up if she hates it. I've noticed recently that she's lost some weight from way back when.
  15. Bellyfan2017

    Female wrestlers

    True, but at least you can see how big she is still 😛