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  1. WhoDat

    Cheesecake chub

    So much for losing the baby weight! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e at any size but esp. this one!
  2. WhoDat

    Proud to be fat

    you are ripe and round and wonderful.
  3. LMAO "Pack it all in and pack it all on." OMG if she was mine I would just spoil the dickens out of her and she would be a butterball in no time.
  4. WhoDat

    Delusional Lex

    I have nothing to say about whether you should gain or lose. You just look beautiful.
  5. Without giving away too much - We were both on a retreat in a country far, far away, and she came by one night into my cabin wearing just a print dress with no panties. That takes confidence, I'd say.
  6. It was really touching and a total turn-on, the experience. We met through mutual friends and I'm thinking someone told her "He likes big girls!" though neither one of us mentioned it. We got into bed and she was so short and so blown-up, a little butterball. and I just feasted on her like an animal, gently squeezing her fat while obviously getting more and more excited. She finally cooed "You really DO like it!" which made me crazy, because yes, I do like it and second, I felt damned lucky. I felt even luckier when she maneuvered me into this or that position and finally said "I was a gymnast in high school!" which may sound made-up, but it wasn't...she twisted like a fat pretzel! She has since lost all the weight, though, so...another one bites the dust, I guess. But that is one of my all-time favorite fat girl experiences.
  7. WhoDat

    Weakness and weightgain

    I work out seven days a week and I adore women who are completely, ridiculously flabby, out of shape, mushy, saggy and so on. Once saw a bodybuilder on a beach on Long Island holding the hand of a completely gelatinous young fat princess in a bikini whose every step and move made her jello-like, quivering form be more jello-like and more quivering. Provocative image indeed.
  8. PS To me there is nothing hotter than a slim woman who puts on weight because of partying, drinking, and then Taco Bell at 3 AM for a few years in a row post-high school, and zero workouts, and for quite awhile she still thinks of herself as 110 pounds with a 25-inch waist even though she's 130 pounds with a 35-inch waist and when she takes off her clothes, it's all complete mush, no more waif!
  9. WhoDat

    Is Feederism a Type of Sexual Sadism?

    It is complicated. One very well-known web model not only gets off on overeating and having gained an enormous amount of weight in the last 7 years, but gets off on going to clubs where she was once surrounded by hot guys and seeing men look at her now, look her up and down, and look away, as in "Not hot anymore." Just makes her wet, plain and simple. Me, I'm with you, weight gain enhances sex appeal. But there are those who get off on humiliation - men and women - any size, any age. It's a thing...not just relegated to the fat community.
  10. WhoDat

    Getting my husband on board

    Tell him up front! This is the most romantic thing I can think of, wish it were me.
  11. Even though I'm a guy, I will answer for my ex, who was a gainer for the two years we were together. She was exceptionally confident and popular as a waif, and she was totally up front with people about eating more and gaining weight. She is not the sort of person who lacks for confidence, in fact sometimes she goes overboard with it. But that's the way some people who stupid goodlooking are. Anyway, she wasn't shy about the new fat, even put her bare thigh up on a chair at a party once and said "Look how big they're getting" and she got a "Wow!" from the assemblage. The only thing she didn't like about getting fat was cellulite and stretch marks, and blowing out the thighs of her favorite jeans. Now we are broken up 4 years and she is back to waif. She still loves food but has embraced a total health-conscious lifestyle, vegan, quit smoking, yoga, the works. I still have the fat pics, though...nice while it lasted!
  12. This is indeed really sweet...best sentence: "I self-consciously pull my shirt away from my belly so it doesn’t get sucked into the rolls." And it reminds me, too... I had a GF from age 21-22, who was thin as stick in high school and natural blonde, the object of every boy's fantasy and completely unattainable, so I thought. Ran into her in a club when we were both 22, and with partying and her metabolism slowing down, she now had a belly roll, a fuller face and big butt. AND she was wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes. I thought I'd died and went to heaven, both because of how much she'd put on and that she said "Yes" when I asked her out. She soon found out that I LOVED her fat, esp. picturing her at 110 pounds in the 12th grade, and now, about 160 pounds. I remembered her wearing bare midriffs and her waist was just TINY, like 25 inches, and all the girls hated her (in a nice way, she is really a nice person, not a snob or stuck-up) and all the guys were crazy about her, but she was dating this gearhead at the time - KEEP BACK 500 FEET. But in the car one day, she made me smile. She was driving and she said to me "You know, every time I ride in a car with a guy and I'm driving, I pick up my thighs a little so they don't spread out and look huge. But not with you!"
  13. (Further elaborating) My biggest GF was 314 pounds at 5'6. I will never forget the sight of her walking around my apartment without her clothes on and just being gobsmacked at all the beautiful rolls and folds, the dimples and the sheer size of her 60-inch belly and 33-inch thighs and extra-large butt. I felt like the king of the world. It's cool when any beautiful woman will come home with you and be naked with you, but to have a BBW or SSBBW is like "Wow! Look who's here!" I have so many truly beautiful photos of her but to post any, even headless, would be a major dick move, esp. since she made me promise not to share them. I made her breakfast one morning and she sat on my couch in bra and panties enjoying it. She placed the bowl on her belly, using it as a table. Hot hot hot. She also was not shy whatsoever about her big body, which was an extra turn-on. I've had girlfriends in the past who will only undress with the lights off - or worse, won't let you touch or adore their bellies because they are ashamed. Not my honey...plus she is smart and funny and wicked and witty.
  14. WhoDat

    Bikini & Jeans II

    Absolutely adore the look of when an attractive woman (like yourself!) puts on a pair of jeans and you can see the belly hang underneath them...hot hot!
  15. WhoDat

    Slow Motion in a sports outfit