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  1. oh my dear lord this pic is hot hot hot hot hottttt!
  2. I talked to one male therapist who was an absolute boob, making jokes about "more cushion for the pushin'" when I told him. My current doc is a BBW and when i bring it up, she nods but does not ask further questions. Any question about sex other than in general terms discussed with a therapist must take into account the therapist's own experience with going deep into talking about it - or not talking about it. It depends on the therapist. Some of them haven't done any kind of deep work around sexuality, their own or yours, and thus you can only go so far. With my current doc, I accept that I will get, at best, a nod when the subject comes up. She's great in other areas, though, so it balances out. One must figure it out for one's self in the end, methinks.
  3. (Gently...) People who are attracted to the mainstream usually have no need to bring it up. Those who have been shamed or, in my case, tortured and beaten and harassed about their own weight as a child and then grew up to find a world completely hostile to their preference for fat women might have the need to talk about it with a therapist. You of all people, I would think, would get this...
  4. WhoDat

    Italian boys and girls into Fat-Admiration

    This is like when a person knocks on your door, you open it and they stand there saying nothing. :):)
  5. love you, sweet squishy Tay!
  6. WhoDat

    Grey Shorts - Video

    u are an adorable butterball I just want to hug you
  7. WhoDat

    Girls who freely show you their fat

    Then, of course, there was that completely wasted girl walking around the club at 3AM with her button-down shirt slightly open, no bra, "accidentally" letting people glimpse her breasts and, by rote, her chubby belly. This is going WAY back, though.
  8. WhoDat

    My GFs just keep getting bigger

    Like I said, it's a lot to get used to! But when you figure out where everything goes and what you can do (missionary, with a pillow under her butt and legs in the air, and doggie doggie!) and what you can't (side by side, a few others) it's like any other experience with someone you are extremely attracted to, a love-fest...
  9. WhoDat

    Girls who freely show you their fat

    Sounds cute as hell. My "gaining girlfriend" would sit up on the bed, on her knees, pull up her shirt and say "Look how fat I'm getting!" with glee, and, wow, yes she was!. But that was in private. Those are moments we remember!
  10. I was making the rounds on behalf of a company to several offices in my town, checking in at the front desk of each. At one receptionist's desk there was a young lady who was, shall we say, rather plump. Of course I started talking to her about this and that, turning on the ol' charm. (LOL) So she mentions she quit smoking several months ago, and I say, "Hey, good for you, keep it up," etc. She says "Not good, I've gained 23 pounds." "Awww, you're fine, some of us guys love women with some extra." So she quickly pulls up her shirt right to underneath her boobs and this thick, fat roll of belly fat spills out, like fuckin' jello, boing boing. I'm stunned, of course, and turn red, and mumble something, and eventually leave. No, I didn't make a date with her or anything, for a variety of reasons. Just let it be one of those OMG moments. One time, too, I had a gaining girlfriend who would show her friends how big she was getting - she put a thigh up on a chair at a party once, grabbed the fat hanging off her thigh and said "Look at this!" Everyone said "Wowwwwww!"" Her best friend said "You're getting big, mama!" I've also had experiences at BBW dances where someone I knew from awhile back would hold up an arm and wag the fat, showing an appreciative man (me) her "progress." Not so much in the civilian world, though! Any you guys have similar experiences with extroverted females showing off their fat?
  11. WhoDat

    My GFs just keep getting bigger

    Thanks...it's a lot to get used to, but she keeps sending me pics of herself in bed on Snapchat, which i think is pretty adorable, and she's almost as big as the bed. Lotta woman!!! She is like a human comforter, and the best part is she is very confident and has tons of dudes after her, which makes it fun. She says she has never had a problem attracting men despite being "overweight" her whole life.
  12. WhoDat

    CurvyKitten in public

    Soooo cute that we can see you jiggling under your clothes. :):):)
  13. This is not a "brag," but something I just realized this morning and wished to share. S, high school - 5'0 and about 140 J - 5'6 and about 225 K - 5'6 and 314 Currently, T - 5'3 and 475 pounds. The older I get, the bigger woman I need. I've only had one date with T and who knows where it's going, but...wow. She is beautiful, with raven hair and almost three times my size, a jiggly-jello girl who loves her size and has tons of dudes chasing her, which is ok with me. Thanks for listening...merry Christmas if i don't see ya.
  14. WhoDat

    Cheesecake chub

    So much for losing the baby weight! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e at any size but esp. this one!