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  1. dullek

    Greek Babes in Bikinis

    the first girls looks nice, but you should get yourself a zoom cam, quality wise there is a lot of room for improvement
  2. dullek

    picture perfect blonde in bikini

    rella cute! More of this please 😉
  3. dullek

    Chubby Bellies at the Beach

    last girl looks nice, but quality of all pics is awfully bad . What were you taking pics with? A cellular phone from the 90ies?
  4. dullek

    Female wrestlers

    just stumbled upon this girl with amazing butt und nice belly, Tequila Rose aka Rosalie the Maekup Queen
  5. Update: Found a few new pics from last year (2017, so about 1,5 years later than the pics I posted before). on the left here with shirt: In the front:
  6. dullek

    Hayley Mcqueen

    how did those pics leak? how old are those?
  7. dullek


    what do those words written on the pictures mean?
  8. dullek

    Hayley Mcqueen

    even better visible if you lighten the pic up a little
  9. dullek

    Basic Posting Guidelines

    What avout creating some posting guidelines. I find it a bit annoying, when people start new threads with no real information in the title, and no text, infos nor pics in the opening post, just a link. Just like this: title: so hot, must see!!! initial Post: "link to external video site" I think it would be helpful to have rules, that 1) Thread title must include at least some rough information on the content (like e.g. "asian bbw" or "belly stuffer girl" ...) 2) in a new thread, you mustn't just post just a link, but add at least either some information what you will find if you follow that link, or preview pictures.
  10. dullek

    Sasha Pieterse

    how did it go? is the show avaiable to watch online?
  11. dullek

    Sasha Pieterse

    This was the German Lets dance winner a few years ago, Maite Kelly from the Kellly Family: According to some press, she lost 9 kilos during the show. I doubt that Sasha wil make it that far and stay as long in the show, though.
  12. dullek

    Sasha Pieterse

    much bettter footage in this vid: From what you can see there she looks nicely chubby, but also her movements look like that of a lazy chubby girl (not that of a sporty one) so I guess she won't make it very far in the show. In Germany once a chubby girl won the show, and this year curvy Model Angelina Kirsch made it into the Top 3, so it's possible, but Sasha doesn't appear very talented to me.
  13. dullek

    Sasha Pieterse

    where did you get those pics in that quality from? Those on isntagram are always smaller resolution
  14. dullek

    Sasha Pieterse

    It's funny how she tried to explain her weight gaine with some medicale excuse. When you look at what seams her main hobby (cooking, baking etc.) it's pretty obvious what's the real reason, and also what she direction she's gonna take in the future.