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  1. Artresay

    Audio for feedees/gainers

  2. Artresay

    Fattening the Personal Trainer

    i love this
  3. download the base data zip, extract the files to a folder. download the mac base files and extract them to the same folder. run either the chubbyCalculator, or the chubbyDatabase.
  4. Artresay

    Anorexic Girlfriend?

    This is a fantastic post. OP, you would do well to pay attention to this fellow.
  5. Artresay

    smart phones

    I've had an HTC One M8 for a year and a half now. No complaints at all. I use it a lot so the battery won't last me a whole day without some charging, but I feel like that's fairly typical across the smartphone market. I'm behind the current gen and I've heard that HTC are lapsing, so YMMV with the newer lineups, but I do love my M8.
  6. Artresay

    just saying hi

    wonderful! are you back to gaining again?
  7. Artresay

    Poll: Do you prefer FFs new layout

    HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA No. It's awful. That's my initial reaction, at least. I get what they were trying for, but the functionality/ease-of-use is just atrocious.