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  1. Thepizzasboy

    what is this comic ?

    It was Called Early Development I believe and was by https://kawaiidebu.deviantart.com But those are the only 2 pages they ever wrote. It was never finished
  2. Thepizzasboy

    bored bored bored

    So how about that weather we've been haven. Mighty strange it is.
  3. It's not every ones cup of tea, but im currently working on a cover of this for my band and it's all i can hear
  4. Thepizzasboy

    New Jersey Thread

    I'm in between central and south jersey by LBI
  5. Thepizzasboy

    are you ever just like omg?

    I was driving down the parkway in New Jersey and a car went spinning past my truck in front of me. I didn't brake but the car was going so fast I didn't have to. They ended up hitting a bunch of those barrels filled with water, right next to a state troop. So that was an OMG moment
  6. Thepizzasboy

    New Jersey guy here to say hello

    Thank you and Hello to you both as well
  7. Thepizzasboy

    Drumming thread

    Brooks Wackerman the Drum for Tenacious D when they play Live an amazing player
  8. Just saying Hi on the newish site. I've been visiting Curvage for nearly 5 years now. I'm from New Jersey,I'm 21 years old, I am happily taken and been with my beautiful girlfriend for almost 2 years. I love music, I can play Ukulele, Accordion, piano, Drums and I'm starting to play guitar. I go to school for film and I love Disney, I spent well over half a year working at Walt Disney World and I had a great time. Well with that I bid everyone Hello.